Corrections / Jail

We are very proud of our Corrections Center which has been a show place in Washington State with innovative programs. Originally built in 1983,  the jail housed 67 inmates.  Construction PhotosBefore and After  

The Corrections Center has undergone several expansions in 2000, 2002 and 2003 that increased bed capacity to its current level. The Corrections Center is now a comfortable 194 bed facility, that houses all individuals that are arrested in Okanogan County by any law enforcement agency.

Some of the services offered to individuals during incarceration in the County Jail are listed below:

Volunteers & Community-Based Service Groups:
Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and numerous Religious Service Groups. These programs are scheduled weekly in groups and or individually. 

Educational & Literacy Services: GED Certification and Basic Education Classes are available to both men and women, who have not completed their high school requirements.

Health Education Programs: In conjunction with Okanogan County Public Health, STD, HIV, HEP C awareness, testing, and counseling.

Alternative Programs: Okanogan County Corrections provides local user agencies several alternative programs to meet community needs. An electronic home monitoring program (EHM), work release program and work crew program.
The EHM and work release programs allow low-risk inmates to maintain employment while holding them accountable for their misconduct. The work crew program allows low-risk inmates to work off fines and/or jail time by providing services back to the communities while also holding them accountable for their misconduct. The work crews assist in cleaning up illegal dumpsites, picking up litter along roadways and in cleaning up the fairgrounds, local parks and certain public facilities. The operation of the alternative programs saves user agencies several hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, based on the cost of full incarceration. Okanogan County Corrections partners with National Forest Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Okanogan County Public Works for noxious weed pulling.