* Horticultural Pest & Disease Control Board

pesttreeThe tree fruit industry is a vital part of Okanogan County's economy.  Okanogan County has over 28,000 acres of deciduous fruit trees producing many varieties of apples, pears, cherries and stone fruits.  The tree fruit industry is by far the largest industry in the county generating over $250,000,000 in revenue, dollars that remain in the community.   The tree fruit industry provides employment for 30% of the population in Okanogan County.  Apple growers produce as large a crop as the states of New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California and equal to the combined production of Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Idaho and Oregon.

Washington State tree fruit growers are world leaders in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  In Okanogan County growers are proactive in their management practices to reduce the use of pesticides and provide abundant, inexpensive and healthy fruit.

It is imperative that we protect these valuable crops from injurious pests and diseases.  The Okanogan County Commissioners signed an Interlocal agreement between Okanogan, Chelan and Douglas Counties to form the Tri-County Horticultural Pest and Disease Control for the purpose of sharing resources. Visit the website here:

For more information or questions please call Okanogan County Pest Control Agent, Will Carpenter at the office 509-667-6677 or  by cell phone 509-393-0975.