Ordinances, Codes, Plans,
 and Applications

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Land Use Permit Application
(Includes Shoreline Permits, Variance, Short Plat, Subdivision, Binding Site Plan, Code Amendments ) 
Open Space Open Space
Open Space Timber Application

Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) 
JARPA Sample Drawings
Shoreline Development Permit (SDP)
Floodplain Development Permit 

Exempt Segregation Application 
Large Lot Segregation Application 
Boundary Line Adjustment Application/Parcel Consolidation 

Binding Site Plan
Short Subdivision
Long Subdivision

Planned Development
Public Purpose Segregation
E-911 Address Application 
Road Name Application
Temporary Address Form

Site Analysis Application 
Temporary Use Permit
Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

SEPA Checklist
Forest Practice Waive and Forest Practice Lift
Festival Permit
Nightly Rental License

Additional Forms

Access Indemnification Form
Request for Public Records Form
Landowner/Agent Consent Form
Statement of Adjacent Landowners Form

Complaint/Inquiry form
Right to Farm Certificate of Acknowledgement




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