Shoreline Master Program Update

Okanogan County Shoreline Master Program has been approved by the Department of Ecology.  You can find more information on The Department of Ecology's website at
Final Okanogan County Shoreline Master Program:  Effective Date 06/26/2018

Appendix A:  Inventory and Analysis
Section A.1:  Shoreline Characterization Report

     Section A.2:  AU Characterization Summary Reports
     Section A.3:  Tables
     Section A.4:  Map Portfolio
Appendix B:  Characterization Data Sheets
Appendix C:  Characterization Map Book
Appendix D: 
Final Shoreline Designations Mapbook
Appendix E: 
CIA Report
Attachment 1:  Cumulative Impacts Analysis Summary Table
Attachment 2:  Descriptions of Stream and Lake Groups
Attachment 3:  Key Area Alterations Maps
Attachment 4:  No Net Loss Report
Appendix F:  Data Tables
SMP Designations Per Group
Current Landuse
Current Buildable Lots
Buildable Acres Summary
Future Use Summary
Appendix G: 
Restoration Plan
Restoration Plan Mapbook
Appendix H: 
Recommended Plant List

Appendix I:  Critical Areas