Search and Rescue

SAR Recovery Operation'So That Others May Live'
The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office provides a search and rescue capability through the volunteer Okanogan Search and Rescue Association.
While the Sheriff's Office is responsible for search and rescue as a service, all of the technical skills required for this high risk response service are trained and executed by dedicated volunteers.

High Angle TrainingThe Okanogan County Search and Rescue team has been around since 1998 as a volunteer group working for the Sheriff’s Office.  As in most parts of the US, SAR responsibilities fall upon the county sheriff, who decides how to perform these missions and interacts with the state's Emergency Management Division for mission support.  

The team fluctuates in numbers but typically has around 50 active members of all levels of experience and expertise. This amazing group trains and organizes into incident specific and specialized teams including the Technical Rope (High Angle) Rescue Unit, Search Dog Team, ORV team, Horse Search Group, Ground Search Unit, Communications, Incident Management, and Swift Water Rescue.

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