Protection Orders

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You can do all of the following online:
1. Determine what type of protection order is right for your situation.
2. Prepare court forms.
3. (Optional) Have an advocate review your forms.
4. Electronically file with the court.
5. (Optional) Receive text or email updates on the outcome, hearings & service of process.
6. (Optional) An advocate may be able to refer you for free legal help. (Not all types of cases are eligible. Your advocate can tell you if you qualify for this free help.)

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Get Help                If it is an emergency, dial 911.
The Support Center
Room One
These local providers can assist you with court paperwork, finding an attorney or finding other resources. They can put you in touch with free legal help for certain types of cases that qualify.

Apply In Person
Step 1: Fill out a Protection Order Worksheet to determine what type of protection order petition to ask for. 
Call District Court at 509-422-7170 or email and we can help you get the proper paperwork. Make sure you are using a safe and secure phone or email.

Free App to Collect Evidence of Abuse
Document, store and share evidence of abuse.

Get Protection Order Notifications
VINE Washington  Victims & Survivors can receive notifications on the status of their protection orders.
Informational Brochure

Victim Resources
D.V. Legal Advocacy  
Legal help via Seattle University Law School's Domestic Violence Protection Order Clinic.
Inmate Custody Status Notifications
 Survivors receive updates on Offender's custody status.
Angel Flight West
 Free flights to those in need (such as D.V. survivors or those needing medical assistance).
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

Legal Self Help
Legal Self Help Resources
Washington State Court Forms
Washington State Protection Order Laws
 RCW 7.105

Abusive Partner Intervention Programs
Northwest Family Services
Pathways to Family Peace

Alternative Education Solutions

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