Historical Aerial Photos

Historical Aerials Now Available!

 Thanks to a grant provided by the Washington State Secretary of State’s Office and the Washington State Archives we are happy to announce that digital copies of aerial flights taken in 1940 - 1943, 1954, 1964 and 1974 are now available upon request.

Due to the large size of the files (over 180 GB of data) we are unable to post the entire contents for your review.

These aerial flights are in black and white and provide a snapshot of an aerial view of the county, section by section. While most areas are represented within these aerials, not all of Okanogan County is portrayed through these aerial photographs.

The 1940 - 1943 aerial flight has anywhere from four sections to twenty five sections per aerial.
The aerial flights for 1954 and 1964 have four sections per aerial.

When using the 1954 and 1964 flights, you must also print a copy of the section chart within each township and range. There are typically 36 sections per township and range. Get a copy of the chart here.

The aerial flight for 1974 has one section per aerial.

One section is approximately one square mile and contains approximately 640 acres.

The Okanogan County Assessors Office makes no warranty or claim as to the accuracy or information contained in these aerials. The users of these aerials must make their own assumptions and decisions based upon their own investigation.

To request a specific section, please request it by township, range and section and the year you would like.

Make your request via e-mail here: assessor@co.okanogan.wa.us . This is a free service provided by this office.

We can also make a copy of a specific aerial for you upon request. Depending on the type of map you would like, their will be a monetary charge. Please call our office at 509-422-7190 to discuss this further.

We hope that these aerials are useful to you and provide some insight into ‘the good old days’ here in Okanogan County.