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Noxious Weed List 

The Washington State Noxious Weed List is updated every year by the State Weed Control Board.  It contains all of the Statewide Class A noxious weeds.  The Class A weeds are of very limited distribution in Washington State and are in a category of mandatory eradication of the entire plant. 

The State List also contains a Class B category of weeds and it is from this portion of the list where each county gets its list of Class B Designate species.  The Class B Designates are a bit more widespread, but still considered required control.  However, currently this means that you are only required to stop seed production.

Class C noxious weeds are fairly widespread and it is not considered feasible to require eradication.  We do recommend that you do control these species to stop further spread, however we do not require control unless we get complaints from adjacent property owners.

Those species on the State list known to be in Okanogan County:

Okanogan Class A—Eradication required.

Garlic mustard Mirabilis (Wild Four o'clock) Syrian bean-caper  
Meadow clary      


Okanogan B Designates—Required to stop all propagative parts.

Common bugloss Leafy Spurge Tansy ragwort Yellow Starthistle
Hawkweed (Non- native) species Perennial pepperweed Musk Thistle Scotch Thistle
Hoary Alyssum Rush Skeletonweed  Plumeless Thistle Scotch broom

Okanogan County Select

Puncturevine Longspine Sandbur Spurge Flax  
In all public Right of Ways (ROW) and parking areas


For a complete list of Washington State noxious weeds, go to the State Noxious Weed Control Board Web site.