Frequently Asked Questions

When are Property tax bills sent to the taxpayer?
They are mailed annually, generally within the month of February; however, tax bills may be sent later than February if there has been a delay in the County Treasurer receiving the tax rolls from the County Assessor.  The Okanogan County Treasurer's Office mails the tax statement out to the last known address on file.  If you do not receive your statement by the first of March please contact this office to make sure we have your correct mailing address.  If property has been purchased after the tax statements have been mailed in February, it is up to the new owner to contact this office to receive a current statement.  Failure to receive a tax statement on property does not excuse any penalty or interest charges.
When are Property taxes due and payable?
Taxes may be collected as soon as they have been certified to the County Treasurer.  Under state law, they are considered payable at that time but may be paid in one half installments with first half due no later than April 30th and second half due no later than October 31st.  Half payments are valid for only the current year amount until October 30th.  Prior year delinquent taxes and current year property taxes paid after October 31st must pay the full year's balance with interest and penalty.  Any tax or assessment under $50 is due in full on April 30th.  Taxes are payable in U.S. currency and/or check, money order or cashier's check only.  Two party checks will not be accepted.  Payments must be for the correct amount or the payment will be returned.  We cannot accept post dated checks.
Can I pay my taxes with a credit card?

Yes, property taxes may be paid online, by telephone or in the office with a credit card.  You will need your parcel number, tax payment amount and your credit card.  Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If paying by telephone, call 1(877) 737-4772 for US residents or 1(888) 891-6064 (option #1) for International residents.  If paying online, go to okanoganwa.taxsifter.comThere is a nominal fee for this service.

Is my payment on time if I mail it on April 30th for first half/October 31st for second half taxes?
Yes, a payment is on time if it is postmarked on or before the due date.  Postmark (Federal Post Office cancellation) is used to determine the payment date for mailed payments.
If the due date falls on a Holiday or a Sunday, what is the due date for postmark?

The due date would then be the next business day (RCW 1.12.070).

Why, if I come in the day after taxes are due, do I still have to pay interest?  If I'd mailed the payment it wouldn't have reached your office until then anyway.
The legislature purposely made the rules about late payments of taxes strict.  Taxes are actually due when billed but there must be clear deadlines that are fair to everyone.  Payment in our office by 5:00pm on the date due, or postmarked that date if mailed, are the clear cut off times.  In order that everyone be treated fairly, there are no exceptions made. (RCW 84.56.020)
If I pay late, why do you return my tax payment instead of keeping it and billing me for the interest?
We cannot accept partial payments.  Your payment would be considered a partial payment if the interest and penalties are not included.  We cannot bill you for just the outstanding interest amount.  If your payment is late it must include interest and penalty at the time of payment or it will be returned to you.
If I owe taxes on multiple parcels, can I combine the payment into one check?
Yes, you may add the amount due for all parcels and pay with one check.  Actually, we prefer that you do it that way.  Please make sure to double check your figures before mailing.
Is it helpful to staple, scotch tape, paper clip or otherwise connect the statements to the check when sending it in the mail?
Actually, not really.  Simply inserting both statements and check(s) is adequate.
If I have delinquent taxes, when will the County begin foreclosure?
Real property foreclosure occurs when taxes become three full years delinquent.  Personal Property taxes are subject to immediate distraint proceedings if unpaid on May 1st of the current year.
Our mortgage company pays our taxes but we are getting the bill.  Why is that?
You are legally the taxpayer and we work directly with you.  You have a contractual relationship with your mortgage company that does not involve our office.  We do help facilitate passing along the information your mortgage company needs to make the payment.  It is always your responsibility to ensure that taxes are paid in a timely manner.  We encourage you to check the payment of taxes online to see that yours are current. 
How do I get a senior or disabled property tax exemption?
Please contact the Okanogan County Assessor's Office at (509) 422-7190 for all the details on this subject.