The 911 Dispatch Center is location in Okanogan, WA, while radio network equipment is located through out Okanogan County.   911 dispatch centers require a great deal of computer hardware and technology to meet the needs of the public and agencies.  Managing the operation, hardware refresh and replacement of hardware is a continual process that ensures critical systems are reliable and functioning properly.
  • Emergency Communications Improvement Project - A long term project to improve the emergency communications radio system with more capacity, improved operational efficiency and improved system effectiveness.
  • Radio Network Improvements: Establish two radio channels in each area of the county (North, Central, South, West).
  • 2022 Fire Hardening of the Tunk Mountain Communications site. Summer 2023
  • Install backup power generator supporting County Central Services (IT) and agencies relying on / connected to radio, telephone and data systems 08/2022.
  • 911 Call Handling Hardware refresh.  Improved system redundancy and resiliency reducing opportunities for 911 calls to fail. 03/2022
  • Mobile Communications & Command Trailer as backup dispatch facility and/or command post supporting major events in the field. Delivery Spring 2023.