Emergency Communications Improvement Project

  • Improve the talk capacity of the radio network
  • Improve the efficiency (Make the radio network easier to use)
  • Improve the effectiveness of the radio network (improved coverage)
  • Maintain low cost of operation
  • Implement infrastructure and facility life cycle management
  • November 2019 - Okanogan County voters authorized the Emergency Communications sales tax 2/10 of 1% with 69% voter support.
  • April 2020 - Start of the sales tax collection.
  • Revenues generated from the sales tax are utilized for the expenses associated with the operation and improvement of the emergency communications radio network.
Project Reports
  • February 2022 - ADCOMM Engineering presentation of Phase 1a findings and recommendations:
    • Remaining in the VHF band and achieving the improved goals is not realistically possible.
    • Partnering with and investing in the expansion of and leveraging of an existing 700/800 Mhz radio systems is the most cost-effective way to achieve the improvement goals.
Project Activities
Task  Status  Date Description
Issue Consultant RFP  Completed  Oct 2020 Seek vendors to consult and assist in project work
Award Consultant Contract
 Completed  Feb 2021 Award consultant contract to ADCOMM Engineering
Project Kickoff
 Completed  Feb 2021
Project kickoff meeting
Phase 1A
 Completed  Dec 2021
Stakeholder interviews/needs, coverage analysis, FCC frequency availability, review governance agreements, communications site assessment.
Phase 1A Findings  Completed  Feb 2022 ADCOMM Findings and Recommendations report:
Phase 1B Work  In Progress   Development of partnership with WSDOT; Site visit & Analysis (4 sites); RF site designs & Submit for 60 FCC License applications; Final Findings & Recommendations report
Early Adopter
In Progress
Fall 2023 Install improvements at 1 site, work with EMS agency to resolve operational details,