Safe Food Program

The Environmental Health division of the Okanogan County Public Health District (OCPHD) works to ensure food safety for the public through education and the enforcement of WAC 246-215 as referenced in Washington State Retail Food Code Working Document.

Food & Beverage Worker Permits
All food service employees in Okanogan County who handle unwrapped foods or beverages are required to hold a current Washington State Food Worker Permit. For fees and details how to obtain your Food Worker permit or "card", please go to our Food Workers Class Info page.

If you are looking for information about an Alcohol Servers Permit, click here to visit our Safe Food Program Information & Reference.
Retail Food Service Establishments
Retail establishments serving food to the public in Okanogan County are permitted and inspected annually. Annual food program permit fees vary based on the type of establishment.
  • A Food Establishment Plan & Menu Review for a proposed remodeling or new construction of a food establishment is conducted by the OCPHD Food Program staff to help ensure code compliance to safeguard the public.
  • Following an approval of a Plan & Menu Review, a Food Establishment Permit to Operate application must be completed a minimum of 14 days before opening day.
Temporary Food Events
Temporary food establishments at events also require a food permit and are inspected to help ensure food safety. This includes all food vendors at events open to the public. Temporary food event permit fees vary based on the length of the event and type of food served. A valid permit must be obtained before operating a temporary food event.

To apply for a temporary food event permit:
  • Complete a Temporary Food Service Permit application packet.
  • Provide details about the types of food to be prepared, how the food will be prepared and methods planned to keep foods hot and cold. Include information about how you plan to operate your booth safely and efficiently.
  • Submit your completed application with payment to the Okanogan County Public Health District (OCPHD) at least two weeks prior to the event. Applications received with less than 14 days prior to the event will be subject to the late fee.
  • Food Program staff will review the application and work with you to make any necessary changes, well in advance of the event.
Food events offered to the public, which are sponsored by schools, private groups and others, are also permitted and inspected. Other events that are only open to members are not considered to be public events.

Refunds must be requested in writing within 90 days from the date of application. An administrative fee will be charged. If field work has been done, the fee is not eligible for refund.

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