Okanogan County solicits interest from consulting firms with expertise in code review and technical writing to perform a review of the county zoning ordinance and draft necessary revisions to the zoning ordinance that are developed in a manner consistent with the requirements of a county partially planning under the Growth Management Act, RCW 36.70 Planning Enabling Act, Water Resource Inventory Area 49 Watershed Plan, WAC 173.548 Water Resources Program in the Methow River Basin, WRIA 48 and the newly adopted Okanogan County Comprehensive Plan. The qualifications of responding consultants will be considered for the following project scope of work.


The work to be performed by the CONSULTANT consists of a periodic review and revisions to the county zoning ordinance as noted above. The scope of work to be performed includes:

  1. Review the zoning ordinance to determine where revisions are required or needed.
    1. Review RCW 36.70 to ensure continue compliance with the a partially planning county under GMA and make amendments to OCC 17A, zoning needed to maintain compliance.
    2. Review changes to the comprehensive plan, Water Resource Inventory Area 49 Watershed Plan , WAC 173-548 Water Resources Program in the Methow River Basin and development regulations to determine if the County zoning ordinance policies and regulations remain consistent with them. Document the consistency analysis to support proposed changes to OCC 17A, zoning or Findings of Adequacy. 
    3. Conduct additional analysis deemed necessary to address changing local circumstances, new information or improved data.
    4. Produce a review checklist documenting consideration of statutory amendments, and internal consistence review.
  1. Draft revised zoning ordinance goals, policies and regulations, or prepare Finding of Adequacy.
    1. Prepare amended goals and policies or regulations identified through the review process. Use the checklist to identify where in the zoning ordinance changes are made to address applicable statutory or regulatory changes.
    2. Where the review concludes that no changes are necessary, prepare draft Findings of Adequacy
  1. Develop a Public Participation Plan
    1. Prepare and disseminate a public participation plan to invite and encourage public involvement in the review and update to the County zoning ordinance consistent with RCW 36.70 Planning Enabling Act. The public participation plan will include applicable local requirements such as planning commission review and formal hearing, as well as applicable state notice requirements.
    2. Prepare SEPA checklist according to WAC 197-11
  1. Conduct public participation activities
    1. Implement the public participation plan throughout the course of the County zoning ordinance review and update.
  1. Assemble final draft amendment or Findings of Adequacy
    1. Assemble a complete County zoning ordinance Final Draft amendment in preparation for review and approval by the local jurisdictional governing body.
  1. Desired completion of scope of work by June 30, 2023.


Submittals should be limited to 10, 8.5 by 11 single-sided pages and must include the following information: Firm name, phone and fax numbers; Name of Principal-in-Charge.

1)Key personnel to perform work; 2) Firm experience with same or similar projects; 3) Familiarity with relevant codes and standards; 4) Past performance/references; 5) Ability to meet schedule including projected timeline for completion of key steps.

OKANOGAN COUNTY encourages disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned consultant firms to respond.  Please submit TEN copies of your Statement of Qualifications to: Pete Palmer, Director, Okanogan County Planning, 123 5th Ave. N. Suite 130, Okanogan, WA 98840 by June 22, 2022 not later than 5:00 PM.  No submittals will be accepted after that date and time.  Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Pete Palmer at (509) 422-7218 or  Persons with disabilities may call and request this information be prepared and supplied in alternate formats. 


Code Amendment Revisions to OCC 17A.290/OCC 17A.220, SEPA 2022-10
Threshold SEPA Determination

Project Summary

The Okanogan County Department of Planning & Development; working with the Okanogan County Regional Planning Commission, has proposed an ordinance that would amend Okanogan County Code 17A.290 Cannabis Operations and OCC 17A.220 District Use Chart. If adopted, the revised codes would impose new regulations on Cannabis Operations throughout the county and amend the District Use Chart to identify by zoning the areas compatible for various cannabis operations.

The SEPA Responsible Official has prepared an Environmental Checklist and has issued a Threshold Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) on this proposal in accordance with WAC 197-11-340.

Project Location:

If adopted the new code sections 17A.290 and 17A.220 would be applicable county wide.

Comments must be submitted in writing to the Okanogan County Office of Planning & Development, 123 5th Ave N Ste. 130, Okanogan, WA 98840, no later than July 29, 2022. If no comments are received or the comments received do not provide probable, significant, and adverse impacts from the proposal, the DNS will stand. Information is available at the Office of Planning and Development. Direct questions to Pete Palmer Director of Planning, (509)422-7160 or . Direct comments to: Pam Wyllson, Planner I, Okanogan County Office of Planning & Development, 123 5th Ave. N, Suite 130, Okanogan, WA 98840, (509)422-7122 or .

Proposed changes and SEPA documents


Recruiting for Methow Valley Sub Area B and C Advisory Groups


Notice is hereby given that the Okanogan County Board of County Commissioners are seeking interested individuals to volunteer on an Advisory Committee for the Methow Valley Sub Areas B and C.  The Advisory Committees will be charged with sub area planning, review and comment on projects within the sub area, update to sub area plans which are part of the Okanogan County Comprehensive Plan, and make recommendations to the Okanogan County Planning Commission on these and other issues in their respective sub area.  Other duties may include:

  • Aid the legislative body when formulating public policy and help transform policy decisions into action
  • Address issues of interest or conduct background work on technical or politically sensitive issues
  • Serve as a way to build public consensus on controversial issues before elected officials decide
  • Give the community a forum for discussion in greater depth than is possible before a legislative body

If you are interested in volunteering to participate on an advisory committee, please request an application by sending your resume and letter of interest to Pete Palmer, Director Okanogan County Planning and Development, 123 5th Ave North, Ste 130, Okanogan, WA 98840 or email it to