Stream Gauging

A stream gauging network has been implemented by Okanogan County on many streams in the watershed.  Stream gauging is useful for gaining additional insight into the characteristics of a river system including such things as:

  • Hydraulic Continuity;
  • Water Use; and,
  • Flow/Habitat Relationships.

Stream gages can be installed as continuous, non-continuous staff or manual sites.  Some gages collect other information including temperature or even water quality.  Historically the USGS has operated a number of gages throughout rivers in the County.  The County has installed additional gauging stations for some of the programs listed on this web site in order to gain additional understanding.

In the Methow Watershed approximately 14 new continuous and non-continuous gages have been installed to capture streamflow characteristics at various times of the year.  These gages are operated by the USGS and Okanogan County.

In the Okanogan Watershed 12 continuous and non-continuous gages were installed in cooperation with the Washington Department of Ecology.