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Monday, September 25th, 2023

Join Zoom Audio & Video: Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430 Or

Join Audio Only: +1 253 205 0468 Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430

   9:00 AM        Review Commissioners Agenda and Consent Agenda

   9:15 AM        Public Comment Period

   9:30 AM        Discussion-Public Safety Testing Software-Sherriff Budrow

 10:00 AM        Commissioners Staff Meeting

11:00 AM         Discussion Accessory Dwelling Units-Commissioners



Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Join Zoom Audio & Video: Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430 Or

Join Audio Only: +1 253 205 0468 Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430

   8:15 AM        Update Superior Court-Dennis Rabidou

   9:00 AM        Review Meeting Minutes September 18th, September 19th 2023

   9:15 AM        Public Comment Period

   9:30 AM        Public Hearing-Budget Supplemental Appropriation LATCF-Dispatch HVAC

   9:30 AM        Discussion Noxious Weed Staff Reclassification Request-Larry Hudson

 11:00 AM        Public Hearing-Utility Franchise U5-23 Kellie Davis-Water Line on Vista View Dr.-Jo Ann Stansbury

 11:05 AM        Public Hearing-Utility Franchise U6-23 Marva Junea-Water Line on Vista View Dr.-Jo Ann Stansbury

To  Follow      Update-Public Works Engineer-Josh Thomson

   1:30 PM        Commissioner to set Wednesdays Agenda if needed

   2:00 PM        Department Head Quarterly Meeting

   4:00 PM        Approve Commissioners Proceedings September 18th, September 19th 2023

   4:30 PM        Approve Consent Agenda

  1. CDBG CV-1 Grant Request #32 $19,068.49
  2. CDBG PS Grant Request #14 $7,550.36
  3. ARPA Req #2 Mobile Command Unit
  4. ARPA Req #10 Tunk Mtn Fire Hardening
  5. LTAC Contract #23-025 Winthrop Ice & Sports Rink
  6. DAHP Grant Agreement Courthouse Phase II-Exterior/Interior Renovations
  7. Consultant Services Agreement-MJ Neal Associates-Justice Building Engineering
  8. Resolution 127-2023 Budget Amendment Fairgrounds


   5:00 PM        Public Hearing-Barnholt Loop Speed Limit Change-Jo Ann Stansbury


Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Join Zoom Audio & Video: Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430 Or

Join Audio Only: +1 253 205 0468 Meeting ID: 856 3255 1430

   1:30 PM         To be determined by BOCC Tuesday



State, Community and Other Meetings or Notices

(The meeting location follows the meeting name. A commissioner may attend one or all of these meetings.
Meetings where a quorum of the board will be present are noted above.)


Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

   8:30 AM        Economic Alliance Meeting-Commissioners Hearing Room

   1:00 PM        AFSCME Union Negotiations-Commissioners Hearing Room

   4:00 PM        Noxious Weed Board Meeting-Public Works 1234 Second Ave S. Okanogan

   5:15 PM        Community Action Council Meeting-Okanogan Community Action


Thursday, September 28th, 2023

10:00 AM         Hearings Examiner-Commissioners Hearing Room No Hearings scheduled


Friday, September 29th, 2023

   8:00 AM        LTAC Meeting & Required Presentations-Commissioners Hearing Room

 11:00 AM        Council of Governments Meeting-Lincoln County Courthouse



October 2nd-Solid Waste Advisory Committee-Public Works Conference Room

October 4th-Safety Committee Monthly Meeting-Commissioners Hearing Room

October 5th-Juvenile Family Therapeutic Courts-Commissioners Hearing Room

October 5th-LEOFF Board Quarterly Meeting-Commissioners Conference Room

October 5th-Fair Advisory Committee Meeting-Commissioners Hearing Room


Note: All times, are estimates to assist in scheduling and may be changed subject to the business of the day at the board’s discretion. The board may add and/or delete and take any action on any item not included in the above agenda. The board may act upon any subject placed on the agenda regardless of how the matter is stated. All matters listed within the consent agenda have been distributed to each member of the board to read and study. The items are considered routine and will be enacted on by one motion by the commissioners with no separate discussion. If separate discussion is desired, then that item may be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda by request. Items discussed during Citizen Comment Period shall be limited only for issues not otherwise on the Agenda or scheduled discussion topics.