Solid Waste Program

Protecting the public’s health and safety, as well as the public’s drinking water supply are the primary objectives of the Solid and Liquid Waste programs, operated by the Environmental Health division. Proper waste handling helps prevent pollution and problems with animals and insects. (509) 422-7395.

All solid waste facilities and septic tank pump trucks in Okanogan County are licensed annually and periodically inspected by Environmental Health staff.  This includes facilities and organizations involved in solid waste storage, collection, transportation, treatment, utilization, processing and final disposal. Fees are assessed, based on the type of facility and/or solid waste activity.

Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, ashes, industrial wastes, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles or parts, discarded items, wood waste, medical waste, tires, recyclable items, sewage sludge and septage (from septic tanks).

Complaints of improper or illegal solid waste, animal waste or garbage on the ground are investigated. The Environmental Health division works closely with the Department of Ecology to ensure solid waste regulations are followed. Call (509) 422-7155, to file a complaint.