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Property Owners may appeal a decision made by the County Assessor regarding real or personal property to the Board of Equalization. The Taxpayer Petition to the Okanogan County Board of Equalization for Review of Real Property Valuation Determination is located here. 

The Board of Equalization (BOE) meets in open session annually beginning on the 15th day of July or within fourteen days of the County Assessor's certification of the county assessment rolls, whichever is later. The BOE must fairly and impartially examine and compare the returns of the assessment of the county and proceed to equalize the same, so that each tract or lot of real property and each article or class of personal property is entered on the assessment list at its true and fair value, according to the measure of value used by the county assessor in such assessment year, which is presumed to be correct under RCW 84.40.0301. Members shall not be a holder of any elective office nor be an employee of any elected official.

The BOE hears citizen appeals/petitions for property values placed upon their property by the County Assessor.  The members of this Board are appointed by the Okanogan County Board of County Commissioners. 

Currently there are two At-Large vacancies on the Board.  Please contact either Lanie Johns or Crystal Hawley at 509-422-7100 for more information.
         Board Members

  • Sara Carlberg, Winthrop, WA
  • Salley Bull - Oroville, WA
  • Fred Noyes - Winthrop, WA
  • At-Large #1-Vacant
  • At-Large #2-Vacant
  • Lanie Johns, Clerk of the Board
  • Crystal Hawley, Deputy

Appeal forms are available by either downloading the appeal form, or by requesting a form to be mailed to you by calling 509-422-7100.  Return a fully completed form within 30 days of the date on your Property Assessment Notice or by July 1, whichever is later RCW 84.40.038 to the address below. 
Note:  You need to provide one form for each parcel. 

Okanogan County Board of Equalization
123 5th Avenue North, Rm 150
Okanogan, Washington 98840   

For more information please contact Lanie Johns at ljohns@co.okanogan.wa.us or 509-422-7100.