Oral Examination


Oral panel evaluations - A limited number of top qualifying applicants from the written exam are often invited to the oral panel evaluation. The oral panel evaluation is designed to elicit responses that will demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the position for which you applied. Oral evaluation exams are used to test for interpersonal and communication skills, and for content knowledge. The questions are often asked, and the answers rated, by a panel, usually comprised of several subject matter experts.

Civil Service register - Candidates who successfully pass all portions of the testing process are placed on a list with other candidates eligible to be hired for positions in that job classification. This list is called an "eligible register" or "eligible list", which is used to fill vacancies that occur in that classification over, typically, the next 12 months. Candidates are listed in the order of their final composite grade, which includes final exam scores, plus any points added for veterans' preference (RCW 41.04.010 as amended).

Eligible list - If a vacancy occurs and your name is listed in the highest group of scores being considered, you will be contacted and informed of the next steps in the hiring process.