* Planning Commission

The Okanogan County Planning Commission is composed of seven members. All members are appointed by the Okanogan County Board of Commissioners. The Planning Commission advises the Board of County Commissioners on future growth and development issues. The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Commissioners on Comprehensive Plan items, redevelopment plans, changes in development regulations, requests to rezone property.  The regularly scheduled meetings fall on the fourth Monday of the month.

Planning Commission Members                                          District                             Term Expires
Salley Bull                                                                                         3                                   3/01/2028
Phil Dart                                                                                            3                                   3/01/2028
John Crandall                                                                                    2                                   2/28/2026
Charlayne Knapp                                                                              1                                    3/01/2025
Dave Schulz                                                                                      2                                   3/01/2025
Stacy Storm                                                                                At Large                            2/28/2027
Verlene Hughes                                                                                 1                                   3/01/2025

Upcoming agenda items, minutes and decisions on projects
There will be a joint Special Meeting with the Board of County Commissioners on Monday May 13th 2024 @ 7 p.m. This is in addition to the up coming Special Meeting on May 20th 2024 @ 7 p.m. 
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Join Zoom Meeting FOR REGULAR MEETINGS (For the link to Special Meetings, please see the agenda below.)
Meeting ID: 958 6427 6891
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2024 meetings

05/20/24 Special Meeting   Agenda      
05/13/24 Special Meeting   Agenda      
04/22/24   Agenda   Packet     Video
03/25/24   Agenda     Minutes  
03/04/24 Special Meeting   Agenda     Minutes   Video
02/20/24 Special Meeting   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
2023 Meetings

12/11/23 Special Meeting   Agenda     Minutes   Video
11/27/23 Cancelled   Agenda      
10/23/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
06/26/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
05/22/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
05/08/23 Special Meeting   Agenda     Minutes   Video
04/24/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
03/27/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
02/27/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/23/23   Agenda     Minutes   Video
2022 Meetings

12/19/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
11/28/22   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
10/24/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
09/26/22   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
08/22/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
06/27/22   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video
05/23/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
04/25/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
03/28/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/24/22   Agenda   Packet   Minutes   Video

12/27/21 Planning Commission Special Meeting   Agenda      
11/29/21 Planning Commission Special Meeting   Agenda      
10/25/21 Planning Commission   Agenda      
06/28/21 Planning Commission   Agenda   Packet    
06/01/20 Regular Meeting   Agenda       More...
02/03/20 Regular Meeting   Agenda       More...

06/10/19 Special Meeting   Agenda      
05/20/19 Special Meeting   Agenda      
02/25/19 Regular Meeting   Agenda      
01/28/19 Regular Meeting   Agenda