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Road Standards
The purpose of the Okanogan County Road and Street Standards and Guidelines for Development is to establish, in the interest of health, safety, livability, and sound project design,general minimum standards and recommended guidelines that shall be utilized for all public and private roads in residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional development projects within Okanogan County that are reviewed according to the land use regulations and building codes. Such development projects include but are not limited to subdivision, short subdivisions, planned developments, planned destination resorts, conditional use permits, and binding site plans.  For further information please click the Road Standards 2007 link below.
2007 Road Standards (pdf)

Road Approach Standards
Prior to construction of your Road Approach contact Public Works at (509) 422-7300.
Okanogan County Public Works Department will issue Permit Applicants written authorization to construct proposed Road Approaches.  Applicants shall be required to inform this office when said road approach has been completed.  The County will perform a final inspection to assure that all requirements have been met.  When applying for a Road Approach Permit you will need to have the following information:

What type of approach you will be applying for (see Road Approach Standards (pdf) link below).
Existing County Road Name.
Township, Range, Section, and Parcel Number.
Which side of the County Road the Approach will be on.
Mark the Approach location with stakes and ribbons.
For further information please click the Road Approach Standards link below.
Road Approach Standards (pdf)

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Please click the link below to open Okanogan County Public Works fee schedule.

Okanogan County Public Works Fee Schedule (pdf)

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