County of Okanogan
Requests for Proposals
Housing Needs Study

The County of Okanogan in collaboration with the Housing Coalition for Okanogan County is requesting proposals for a housing needs assessment for Okanogan County.

Summary County of and Background:
The Housing Coalition for Okanogan County (the Coalition) was formed in 2006 to share knowledge of housing resources and to work together in addressing housing needs. The membership of the Coalition includes the Okanogan County Community Action Council, the Okanogan County Housing Authority, the Oroville Housing Authority, Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare, the Support Center, and Room One. Ensuring that Okanogan County has housing for all its population is a shared goal amongst the members. In order for the Coalition to direct its efforts and resources where they are needed most, the Coalition needs a County-wide housing affordability, market, and availability study.

The County of Okanogan has received a Planning Only - Community Development Block Grant.

Study Purpose and Description:
The Coalition is seeking a professional independent analyst to pursue the following study objectives:

• Complete a professional assessment examining and defining housing availability for all income levels: workforce housing 
   60% to 80% of the county median income level; low income 40% to 60% of the county median income level; very low below  
   30% of the county median income level; seasonal farmworkers; and homeless.

• Okanogan County is the largest county in Washington State, with the low population density of 5 to 10 persons per square
   mile. The size of the county requires that the study be divided into five sections: the Omak-Okanogan area; the Methow
   Valley; north Okanogan County (Tonasket/Oroville); southeast Okanogan County (Elmer City/Coulee Dam and southwest
   Okanogan County (Brewster/Pateros).

• Provide the Coalition with specific housing recommendations and strategies to address existing and future housing needs,
   including emergency housing.

Scope of Services:
• Executive summary and comprehensive written report of needs assessment data, key assessment findings, and
   recommended housing strategies.

• Presentation of assessment findings and recommendations to the County Commissioners and community at-large.
• A summary of available grant or other funding resources tied to the report recommendations.
• Incorporate voices of individuals who have faced or are facing housing availability or affordability issues.
• Collaborate across County organizations and sectors in recognition of the fact that available and affordable housing impact
   all sectors of our community (social service, education, business community, government agencies, etc.). Employ
   participatory research methods and provide ample opportunities for community participation and involvement.

• Incorporate housing needs analysis for the County’s workforce to assess the gap of supply and demand in stock for existing

• Coordinate focus groups discussion with specific populations

Selection Criteria:
Proposals will be rated and ranked the following items:
• Amount of qualifying work experience includes working with rural communities.         20 Points
• Availability and capacity to accomplish the work in the required time frame                20 Points
• Experience with federally funded projects, especially CDBG projects.                         20 Points
• Qualifications of personnel that will be working on the project.                                       15 Points
• Professional references                                                                                                      15 Points
• Cost                                                                                                                                       10 Points
Total                                                                                                                                        100 Points

The Contract terms and conditions will be fixed price and will include scope, budget, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.

Project Timeline
November 30, 2019     Deadline for submitting proposals
January 17, 2020         Contract awarded
July 1, 2020                   Draft study due date
July 30, 2020                Comments from Okanagan County submitted to contractor
August 21, 2020           Final study due date

The County of Okanogan is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

Minority- and women- owned firms are encouraged to submit proposals

This project is partially funded through the Washington State Community Development Block Grant program with federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Please contact Sue Edick at with questions or for further information.

Submit proposal to:
Sue Edick
Oroville Housing Authority
PO Box 1242
Oroville, WA 98844