OCTOBER 7, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for a Regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on October 7, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy Hover; and Clerk of the Board, Laleña Johns, present.

The full detail of the commissioners’ proceedings was captured via AV Capture video and is available to the public on the county’s website.

Commissioner DeTro called in and said he would join the meeting closer to 10:00 a.m.

Commissioners Work Session Shoreline Master Program-Planning
Director of Planning Pete Palmer, Senior Planner Angie Hubbard

Director Palmer introduced herself and stated the purpose of the meeting today. Information was provided from Chapter 173-26 WAC and a letter from the Department of Ecology dated March 2, 2018 regarding the Okanogan County Shoreline Master Program Update-Conditional Approval with Findings and Conclusions for proposed comprehensive update to Okanogan County’s Shoreline Master Program. (attached)

Commissioners went through the WAC sections within the submitted chapter. The Commissioners also went through the shoreline program documents. Public Access to the shorelines and limitations to private property were discussed.

Comprehensive Plan was discussed due to goals and policies of the Shoreline Master Program that were submitted to Ecology during the amendment timeframe and noted there. The goals and policies the Planning Commission were cutting and pasting into the Comp Plan, but after the Nation and others suggested condensing them down same with the recreation plan. They have the same affect as they used to have and are dependent on what we do with our shorelines plan. To be consistent modification to one would also have to modified in the other. Generally condensed goals and policies in the Comprehensive plan was good, said Commissioner Hover. Commissioner Branch said if it is a general statement in the comp plan there is still an interplay between the plans. They did not want to create inconsistencies if one was modified only.

After the discussion, Commissioner Hover stated he was satisfied with the results.

Commissioner Branch discussed the Watershed Plan and the prior approval process. The process sometimes moves around depending on what is being served. The Planning Unit members did move to approve it. There was also an agreement that he made that would need to be approved. The planning unit would still have a presence. The commitment would be to continue with that advisory group to provide advisory compacity. The resolution states those advise would be considered. There was a request in the agreement to put that in there. There were four pieces to the resolution which is being considered as joint resolution between the initiating governments of City of Omak and Oroville Tonasket Irrigation district. The Farm Bureau was upset about their name being left off of it. That is the crux of it and the decision was made and there is no process to withdraw. The Farm Bureau asked that Dick Ewing’s name be removed from it. (letters attached)

Commissioner Hover discussed his thoughts of water for water and different projects with the main stem of the Okanogan and added tributaries that contributed. He discussed there not being a process to reallocate.

Commissioner DeTro joined the meeting at 10:05 a.m. Commissioner DeTro’s concern is the WRIA 49 advisory group is not allowing the Minority report to the Ecology and the Planning Commission. They agreed to that in the beginning but that did not get into the minutes. Commissioner Hover said for the BOCC public hearing we have those in a comment. Most of our projects are water for water, said Commissioner Hover and happens to be the allotted. He explained the offset scenario.

Motion Agriplex Boiler Replacement Proposals
In consideration of the two proposals received from Salcido and Divco for Agriplex boiler replacements to address the COVID public health requirements, Commissioner Hover moved to accept the proposal from DOVCI as the lowest quote and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioners discussed the landfill waiver for Cold Springs fire debris disposal at the central landfill to discuss reasons why the Pearl Fire Douglas County residents were not included. It had to do with FEMA reimbursements for the individual county’s service areas.

Emergency Manager Goodall answered questions about the land fill waiver working or not working for Pearl hill Fire and how Okanogan County FEMA reimbursements work. Douglas County would also receive their own FEMA reimbursements even though some Douglas County residents are within our service area. Commissioner Hover asked Mr. Goodall to draft a letter regarding the acceptance of fire debris for Pearl hill residents and ask if that is what they want. Mr. Goodall will call and ask the Douglas County Emergency management and get back to commissioners. Commissioner DeTro stated he had a call from Chelan County as it was thought that the south end of Pearl hill fire debris would go to the Chelan County land fill.

Mr. Goodall briefed the commissioners on Chelan county and Douglas County landfill situation with regards to individual county’s landfill.

Budget Work Session Superior Court, Juvenile Etc…
Leah McCormack, Pam Johnson, Cari Hall, Lisa Schreckengost, Dennis Rabidou, Judge Henry Rawson, Christina Ortiz

The group went through the current expense revenue expected for the Juvenile department as there is a $20,000 shortfall. The group then reviewed the corresponding expenditure lines funded by the block grant revenue. A Stipend would need to be authorized and budget provided once determined for University of Washington revenue and expenditures.

The portion of the expense, about $75,000 is not being covered by grant revenue.

Judge Rawson explained research done by Mr. Rabidou about our court commissions that are paid $89 per hour and what other counties provide for their “full-time” commissioners. He requested an increase to $110 as the last ten years inflation has been just under 10%. Currently all three commissioners have variable billable hours at $89 per hour. The per year variable is 500-871 hours. Mr. Rabidou is requesting a budget of $70,000 but it would not cover the request to increase to $110 per hour.

Judge Rawson brought up the court facilitator who is bilingual. When she deals with Spanish speaking clients, an interpreter is not needed for those Spanish speaking people thereby lessening the cost due to not needing the interpreter. He suggested increasing the stipend amount, however.

Restroom closure on the fairgrounds has affected the Superior Court trials that are happening at the Agriplex. Portable restrooms were suggested. Commissioner Hover stated if COVID funds were used to winterize our new bathrooms then portable potties would not be needed.

Fund 160 was reviewed. Expenditures for maintenance were populated as well as Juvenile Detention sections.

Law Library, BECCA funds were reviewed.

BECCA funds are being used up by salaries and wages. This is a fixed amount where the labor dollars are outstripping the amount received. There is a lot of transformation with what the state is doing with that money. I could be pulled. The legislature is chipping it away. Rabidou stated the position is still required even if the grant funds go away.

The group went through the Trial court Improvement fund. 2020 Small Tools budget was spent on the Jury system and District Court chairs so that line went back to normal. Interpreter remote systems were budgeted for Superior Court and District use in 2020 but not used.

Shelley Keitzman HR Coordinator informed the commissioners about the exempt employee rules that increased the ceiling for exempt employees. There are several employees that are under the threshold that need to be addressed right away. To continue to be exempt employees those affected would need to be increased to 29 step 2 to meet the rule beginning January 1, 2021. Naomie Peasley would need a step increase now and be provided retro pay of $120 to comply. Increasing the multiplier factors based on minimum wage in 2023 wages go up another $8,000.

Motion Staff Direction
Commissioner Hover moved to direct HR to create a resolution providing the event coordinator a step increase with conditions outlined of why the increase is required. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Budget Work Session Auditor Elections MARC funds-Auditor Hall
The group went over the revenue sections in current expense for the auditor’s budget. Auditor Hall explained the reasons for her estimates.

Auditor Hall explained expenditure increases within current expense sections. Postage has also increased. Wages and Salaries increased due to step increases, longevity etc….

Current Expense Elections budget changes were reviewed. Prepaid postage increases were discussed as they pretty much doubled and it was explained why. Postage alone increased by $50,000. Maintenance fees were discussed for the various extractors, verity cascade forscanner. The new Voters pamphlet requirement is an unfunded mandate.

Debit and Credit cards will be accepted now and so those costs must be budgeted for the Erecording.

Motion Resolution 135-2020 Increasing Step of Event Coordinator
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 135-2020 Increasing Step of Event Coordinator due to FSLA requirements. Motion was seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

The board adjourned at 3:00 p.m.