JUNE 30, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on June 30, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissioner DeTro arrived to the meeting at 8:40 a.m.

Update Superior Court Judge Rawson, Judge Culp and Dennis Rabidou
Mr. Rabidou stated good progress has been made to the Agriplex. The sound system is nice and should be in today. There is an echo still but may be remedied with the sound baffle installation. There is an open house scheduled for people to take a look at things and provide some feedback to ensure nothing has been missed. Should be ready to go by the time the space is needed.

The Forest Service owners are expecting the countyís answer on the use of the building. Commissioner Hover asked if there was room in the building to move the entire Juvenile Services Dept. into that building. If the whole facility was available, yes Mr. Rabidou said. He would need to look again at the whole facility, and with the current tenants in place they would need to move. Commissioner Hover thought moving some staff out of the courthouse would provide the safety measures for staff in the courthouse. He wants to think about spending tax payerís dollars wisely. Mr. Rabidou stated the building is for sale but doesnít know what the cost is. The cost to lease is $16 per sq foot per month and it appears to be a Seattle based cost not what is normally charged around here for the same kind of commercial space. The Conservation District has complained in the past about the rent they are charged for use of the USDA building lease.

Motion RCW 42.30.110 (1)(b) Real Estate
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 8:40 a.m. for 10 minutes inviting Judge Rawson, Judge Culp and Dennis Rabidou to discuss a site of real estate that may be offered for sale, and where public knowledge would cause a likelihood of increased price. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 8:50 a.m. No decisions were made.

The Superior Court staff thanked the board for their time and consideration.

Commissioner Hover discussed the FAC meeting that happened last night. A plan for three separate auctions has been developed. They moved to recommend the county commissioners cancel the 2020 County Fair. Commissioner DeTro thought we could have one in protest where signs could be handed out at the door. A letter of recommendation from the FAC was provided to the commissioners. We have to recognize that county fairs have been cancelled across the state.

Motion 2020 Fair Cancellation
Commissioner Hover moved to postpone the 2020 County Fair until 2021. Motion was seconded. Discussion: Commissioner Branch said he would rather not postpone it as the FAC recommended cancellation. Commissioner Hover amended his motion to cancel the 2020 County Fair. If they recommended to have the fair, then the commissionersí decision might be different. Commissioner Hover said this is a decision of the County Commissioners as the FAC is only an advisory committee. Commissioner Branch noted that the board does consider recommendations by ADVISORY committees. Motion was seconded, all were in favor with Commissioner DeTro being reluctant with his Aye, motion carried.

Commissionersí Staff Meeting
Naomie Peasley, Joe Poulin, Kyle Haugen

Ms. Peasley provided the board with a three DRAFT Modified Livestock Sale Proposals. She explained that this plan was laid out by the sub-committee and will allow a modified livestock showing and sale event to help youth market and sell animals that were purchased before the COVID-19 restrictions were enforced. There are some unknowns that are still being worked out.

Ms. Peasley said there were lots of people (35) who attended the FAC zoom meeting and nay Sayers are now on board with cancelling the 2020 Fair after hearing the reasons. Ms. Peasley asked if a press release be sent. Commissioner Hover explained folks will need a place to go to obtain the stock sale information. He suggested we should put the information on the county home page to see what we are doing. Mr. Peasley said if the board so directs, she would write a press release about the fair being cancelled. Commissioner Hover provided language for the release.

Ms. Peasley explained the SC has their open house to the Fair Agriplex to see what Superior Court will look like. An agreement was prepared for that use. She has not found anyone to install the sound baffling, but someone is coming to look at the project. Commissioner Hover said the way they are to be installed, it looked pretty easy. The cabling was included with the cost quote.

The RV Park has not been super busy.

Commissioner Branch moved to guide staff to submit the auction plans to the health officer to determine sufficiency. If it develops into something different we at least have something solid to base a decision on. Commissioner Branch is not reluctant in submitting the draft to public health officer. Commissioner Hover said it is an auction of animals and agricultural activity and would need to read through the governors orders to see how that fits into what is allowed.

Kyle Haugen updated the board on Fairgrounds maintenance. With the cancellation of the fair, he would like to cancel the request for an additional maintenance worker.

Mr. Haugen asked if the Massey Ferguson tractor could be fixed, the brake locks up and the starter could be bad. We received a quote to fix last year that was around $1700. Commissioner Hover said the grounds also could use an arenavator. He suggested trying one out first before purchasing. The group discussed the fairgrounds water truck history. It isnít easy to drive so itís not good for maneuvering around the grounds through tight spots. Commissioner DeTro suggested a better water truck. Commissioner Hover said some trucks can be retrofitted with a tank that can spray the water.

Commissioner Hover said yes, go ahead and fix the tractor, get three quotes on the arenavator, and talk to Washington Tractor. Commissioner Branch provided a positive nod.

Joe Poulin provided an update on the maintenance department. Commissioner Hover noted what maintenance costs could be used for the DAHP Grant.

Commissioner Hover asked that preliminary pricing be gathered for the various safety issues on the Fairgrounds to prepare for submitting another grant to USDA to help with safety issue costs.

The Clerk of the Board requested executive session under RCW 42.30.110(1)(g).

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110(1)(g)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:30 a.m. for 10 minutes inviting the Clerk of the Board to discuss the performance of a public employee. Motion was seconded. All were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 9:40 a.m. no decisions were made.

Commissioner Hover asked Commissioner Branch about the draft Capital Facilities/Improvement plan because there were several projects of Public Works in the document and the update hasnít been adopted yet. The Clerk of the Board stated the plan attachment is complete, but the resolution recitals articulated a different process that the previous Planning Director was on to include the plans in the Countyís Comprehensive Plan update.

Commissioner Hover asked about the de-obligation of Title III funds for Emergency Management and the need to advertise and run the 45 day comment period, but first the board wants to explain the situation to Maurice Goodall. Commissioner Branch said he has previously spoken to him about the situation, but Mr. Goodall had mentioned

Mr. Goodall was asked to join the commissioners to discuss the Title III funds being de-obligated. Commissioner Hover explained the reasons for the need to de-obligate the $32,500 previous obligated

Mr. Goodall said he needs the funds for the CWHPP plan update, but not right now. He has funds to cover it in his account, but would need to replace those funds at some point. The Clerk of the Board relayed the timeline for requesting proposals and obligating funds received. The Clerk reminded Mr. Goodall that it was necessary for the Secretary of the Interior to provide feedback on the CWHPP. The Clerk of the Board will advertise the public meeting where the commissioners will consider de-obligation of the funds to Emergency Management and provide a 45 day comment period before the Board renders its decision.

Update-Human Resources/Risk Management-Tanya Craig
Ms. Craig explained active shooter training is being organized. She is coordinating the training with the Sheriffís office. We will likely expand the training dates to lessen the number of attendees at one time.

Commissioner Hover stated a committee was developed regarding water issues that a commissioner should participate in. Commissioners believe a commissioner should participate in the committee. Commissioner Hover excused himself to attend the committee meeting.

Ms. Craig noted that James Faire filed suit with the federal court on claims of civil rights violations.

Corrections testing will happen on July 5, but HR will be absent July 6-7 and Ms. Craig will be out of the office July 8-13

Update-Public Works Ė Engineer Josh Thomson
Kent Kovalenko, Pete Palmer, David Gecas

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 11:05 a.m. for 15 minutes inviting Chief Civil Deputy David Gecas, Public Works Engineer Josh Thomson, Planning Director Pete Palmer to discuss matters to which the county may be or may become a party and when public knowledge regarding the discussion could cause an adverse legal or financial consequence to the agency. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried

Executive session was extended at 11:25 for an additional 10 minutes.
Executive session was extended at 11:35 for an additional 10 minutes.

Executive session ended at 11:45 a.m. no decisions were made.

Engineer Thomson provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Solid Waste
Mr. Kovalenko stated we are making up for the lost tonnage and will be back to those numbers at end of August.

Leachate pond is down to about 1.5 foot and some exposed and drying. If there were failures we may look at putting in another liner. The liner there was put in around 1990ís. He will vet this out before going forward with a discussion to replace. He will get back to the board once he knows.

Contacted by someone who fixes up bikes for youth. He asked if we could set bikes aside for him to pick up. This is done in Jefferson County. He doesnít like these types of programs because if we do it for one then we open it up for everyone. It works only if we have a reuse section, but we donít have the budget to go through all that stuff. What can be done is to let those throwing the bikes away that someone is interested in re-using the items then provide the contact if the person would rather donate over throwing away. Commissioner DeTro stated if it is too much of a hassle, then donít. Commissioner Branch liked the idea but mentioned that bicycles thrown in the landfill could be stolen which might be a problem, and explained situations when bikes are collected by law enforcement so there are other ways donate bikes for re-use. Recycle programs were discussed.

Since we are under $40,000 this is a public work and our policy allows us to obtain one bid. If there were others who could do this sort of work he would have obtained additional quotes.

Maintenance & Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson provided the status of road maintenance projects.

Chip Seal-Week of July 6
Everything is gearing up for chip sealing. Will submit a press release each week.

PW Admin Building
HVAC units on the PW roof need to be replaced. PW lost a heat pump that serves the Public Health portion of the building. Estimate were obtained from DIVCO when one was replaced last year. We are starting to see the original units failing. He would like commissioners to consider using the Capital Facilities fund to repair right now. This would require an update of the countyís Capital Facilities Plan. It makes sense while the crane is secured to replace both the remaining units on the roof. Both proposals were provided. Three units serve Public Health, and eight on the ground serves the rest of the building.

6-Year Transportation Improvement Program 2021-2026 was discussed.

Twisp Levee
Engineer Thomson updated the board on the Twisp Levee. It is a fairly sizable levee and they want to move it back. Looking at purchasing property the levee protects then redo it as long as it protects what it is supposed to. It is a good levee that doesnít take a lot to maintain, so he wanted something like that. There are only a few houses out there.

Consent Agenda items were discussed and questions clarified. Engineer Thomson explained the reimbursable work for Winthrop and Twisp.

The Land fill crush bid award was discussed.

Commissioner DeTro asked if any water trucks are planned for surplus. Josh said yes, he does need to work on replacing a couple of them. It is more cost effective to purchase a slip in tank and those work great. They have a hydraulic pump that operates the spray mechanism. Kent suggested a roll-off truck be used as it will provide a way to water and haul garbage off the fairgrounds. Commissioners will consider. It would solve the garbage issues and the water truck issue.

Commissioner Hover returned from the water committee at 1:30 p.m.

Commissioner DeTro provided the DIVCO quotes for the Public Works HVAC replacement. One quote was to replace the failing unit and the other quote was to replace both the remaining rooftop units while we have the crane operator.

Citizens Comment Period
No citizens wished to comment.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation-Noxious Weed Fund
Anna Lyon Larry Hudson

Commissioner DeTro opened up the public hearing to staff. Anna Lyon explained these are grant contract dollars that need to be budgeted for expenditures. The grants are going out to professional services. She explained the different allocations involved in order to spend the award.

Motion Resolution 80-2020 Budget Supplemental Noxious Weed
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 80-2020 a supplemental appropriation within the Noxious Weed fund in the amount of $287,624. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 81-2020 Authorizing Additional Expenditures Elections Reserve
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 81-2020 a budget supplemental within the Elections Reserve fund in the amount of

Discussion DNR Fire Season Update
Steve and Ken DNR, Maurice Goodall, Cody Accord, Kevin Bowling Bill Vallance, District Fire Chief, Douglas Okanogan Fire District 15 via zoom

Commissioner Hover asked what coordination happens between DNR and county fire chiefs. Steve Talked with some fire district but donít speak to all them when the call to coordinate. Kevin Bowling is the fire chief representing the county. Steve said some counties do have that person join the call. His fire staff reaches out to Kevin to coordinate, but that process can be improved. It isnít just DNR call, as it is a federal call. He would like one person who can speak for those chiefs. Commissioner Hover asked if we could start doing that involving our fire chiefs in the conversation.

Commissioner Hover said we get calls about why DNR has done something and we donít always know. We need a solid process for establishing the countywide burn ban. Steve said typically burn restrictions are put into place on Friday.

Kevin explained the process he uses for recommending a burn ban to the commissioners. It is tough to follow DNR when some areas have a ban and others donít, he gets tons of calls about why someone can burn and someone else cannot. The chiefs hope once a burn ban is put into place that it covers all areas of the county. He understands each agency has its own directive but it would be great if everyone could get on the same page.

Steve explained the variables involved. If DNR had good mapping software and would be the only way people could find out what fire danger rating they are in at any particular day. They have the ability now to provide the new fire danger rating system. There are many who still like the countywide burn ban as it is easier. The federal partners were pushing for the fire danger rating system. Ken said for DNR the system works better. They understand some do not have internet.

Maurice Goodall explained what he didnít like about the fire danger rating rules do we follow those or do we follow the county. Any private property should follow county ban so any of those parcels that are DNR are assessed should be the only lands identified by DNR assessment.

Properties that are DNR assessed are required to follow DNR fire rules, but not everyone is in DNR assessed areas and therefore follow the county rules. The Clerk of the Board explained her understanding was that the county could create more strict rules over the state or federal rules, but could not adopt rules less than those agencies.

Commissioner Hover said if the county established a burn ban the covers the whole county, then no one would be allowed to burn even if within the DNR assessed area.

Kevin Bowling recommended a countywide burn ban. The Tribe placed a burn ban on tribal lands that are still in effect, he isnít sure how long. All the other chiefs Kevin spoke to appear valley floor are ready for a burn ban, but higher elevation districts are not for it at this time. The majority of the chiefs that answered his email were in favor. Kevin was in favor of banning charcoal barbeques

Mike Worden stated the vast volume of calls reporting fires are from those folks on the valley floor.

Commissioner Hover stated there are several businesses right outside the city limits. When the county approves a burn ban those folks cannot burn, however the city folks can. What happens when these are private campgrounds? Privately owned Public camp ground may be provided a exemption because they are inspected. Can private owners not operation a commercial campground get inspected for camp rings etcÖKevin said he for Fire #6 wrote a few page document on how the fire pits are to be built, when its windy and it is signed off by the fire chief and land owner. The copy is on file at the location, said Kevin. Commissioner Hover said the only way someone would be allowed an exemption would be from the fire chief.

The fire chief has the authority to provide an exemption and will be required to notify Dispatch. Mike Worden said he would still have to tell the fire department chief, then the chief can check it out. No matter what when someone calls about a fire someone will get notified. Cody Acord said a copy of the permit is kept with the land owner file and describes the allowed circumstance in case someone calls it in and someone is dispatched. Mike Worden explained when a violation is observed and what basis constitutes a charge.

Steve said if the county and DNR coordinated burn bans with the county earlier on, then that would be best. This year they had 200 fires and 100 fires ahead of May 1st last year. At the time they didnít have the force available if a fire was out of control. Steve explained these were not fires to ignore so action was required.

Mr. Goodall thought establishing July 1st as the date to begin the countywide burn ban would be good.

Commissioner Hover moved to direct the Clerk of the Board but then stopped the motion.

Commissioner Branch moved to invoke a burn ban on all private property within the county beginning July 3, 2020. Commissioner Hover said Thursday would be the last day to burn, and asked that we add the exemptions for recreational fires that can be obtained through the local fire district chief and prepare a resolution to memorialize Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Ken discussed use of the Public Health Department to coordinate a fire work camp protocol and COVID-19 plan to mitigate those issues in the camp grounds and fire camps. Commissioner Hover noted that the Public Health Official has been working long hours just trying to help county businesses and may not have the time to help federal or state agencies nor the funds. Commissioner Branch stated that conversation should be towards Emergency Management. Ken said he wanted to first inform the commissioners should a wildfire require people to be brought in. They suspect they will be adjusting and already know that volunteers are not as willing to go fight fires in other states. DNR knows they may be short on people to fight fires. The normal camp facilities the go to venues have been used in the past. Commissioner Branch said the Courts are setting up the Agriplex for court proceedings. DNR doesnít use the Agriplex for the fire camp. Steve explained the teams prepared, and will be heavy in the air, but will be prepared if a fire camp is needed. Access will be very restricted.

Approve Commissioner Proceedings
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the June 22, 23, and 24, 2020 Commissionersí meeting proceedings with the verbatim transcript of the public hearing held on June 23 be set as an attachment to the June 23 meeting minutes. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $434,396.65 and Payroll vouchers in the amount of $1,084,477.94. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Ė Separate Regular Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $10,421.97. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers including regular vouchers in the amount of $4,303.10 and payroll vouchers in the amount of $47,544.96. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-7 as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Contract-Reimbursable Road Work Chip Seal-Town of Winthrop
2. Contract-Reimbursable Road Work Chip Seal-Town of Twisp
3. Bid Award 2020 Landfill Gravel Crush Project-Seubert Excavators, Inc.
4. Subscription Agreement-AV Capture All-Commissioners Video System Subscription
5. Contract- - Lodging Tax Revenue-Twisp Works Foundation - LTAC 20-024
6. Certification-Okanogan County Small & Attractive and Capital Asset Lists
7. Resolution 78-2020-Assessor Mike Farrens Commercial Appraiser Promotion

Motion Reappointment Letter
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the reappointment letter of Charlayne Knapp filling position #8 on the Fair Advisory Committee. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The contracts associated with the EMS District contracts for Dispatching were discussed. The only remaining contracts for dispatching are the Oroville, Tonasket, and Methow EMS Districts. Commissioner Hover stated we need to discuss with Life Line. Mike said for LL the central operations they have taken inmates to the hospital, but that should not continue. The commissioners wanted to discuss the contracts with those District service providers. The dispatch fees are now additional costs of the district. Should the contract be with LL or the county and the service providers or was the intent to just cover the operational cost and how that would be processed. Mike said that in the past the districts were charged a texting fee for notifications and he thought that fee was charged the district outside the LL contract.

Tanya Craig explained employees are needing to travel for personal reasons and asked the commissioners what rules would look like and what rules would the county apply. A resolution was drafted to address when they come back and what protocol is to be taken. The resolution was coordinated with the Public Health Officer, Union, and L&I.

Motion Resolution 83-2020 Employee Travel
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 83-2020 providing travel protocol for employees returning from travel. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Judge Rawson came to the commissioners to discuss authorization for use of the Agriplex.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the use of the County Fairgrounds Agriplex by Superior Court for the purpose of holding off site court proceedings. Commissioner Hover amended his motion to authorize specifically Superior Court proceedings. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 82-2020 County Wide Burn Ban
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 82-2020 approving the countywide burn ban effective July 3, 2020. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The board adjourned at 3:55 p.m.