JULY 27, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on July 27, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Review Commissioners Agenda and Consent Agenda
Emergency Manager Maurice Goodall updated the board on the Greenhouse Fire near Nespelem. Type I fire team is helping and in good shape. There is also a fire in Aeneas Valley near Long Lake that is about 30 acres with water helicopters dispatched. There was also a fire on Glover Lane and that was possibly an electrical short unofficially. There was also a South Pine Creek fire. There was also a dumpster fire that happened on a public works load coming back from Methow area, but was taken care of quickly.

The public health department has their new website up with all the current COVID information. There are currently five deaths and 635 cases to-date with 405 of those from Brewster. The commissioners thanked Mr. Goodall for his update.

Commissioner Hover said there was a press release regarding the Fair Auction that will need to go out as a news release to the media, it doesnít need to be a paid ad. Commissioner Hover asked how those are handled. The Clerk of the Board stated when she does a press release, that she doesnít pay for, it is faxed to the media, but it is up to the media whether they publish or not. If it is paid news release then the media will publish as required, but it is not published at the legal notice price.

Commissioner Hover had asked Eric Fritts with Central Services to discuss the ShowWorks program for the Fair with the Board. He stated there is a virtual auction for the livestock sale and the FAC would like ShowWorks to handle it. Mr. Fritts explained how ShowWorks works online and what will need to be signed up for. It will only be market animals and fur and feather classes.

Commissioner Hover stated the Fair budget is going to need a supplemental appropriation to help with the costs of online auction due to COVID. No premium points or ribbons will be paid out this year.

Discussion-Elections Update-Auditor Cari Hall
Lisa Schreckengost

Auditor Hall had previously requested time to discuss some recording challenges she is having. The ballots are starting to come in. She did decide that no inspection board members will be coming in. She is playing it by ear day by day to see when they will be needed as staff is handling the workload. She will not let it get behind. Her office has done this before and staff may need to work longer hours. Many press releases have been issued on this. Many calls are still coming in about there not being a voterís pamphlet but none are published for the Primary. Most counties have paid towards the state issue. She doesnít understand why there isnít one for the Primary.

E-recording was discussed as it is needed even more now with COVID. Auditor Hall finally has someone to talk to at the Vendorís office (Eagl) and they are offering a half off discount to countyís that do not have it. The Self Service module allows people to search the documents but they will have a water mark when printed. We have to be able to accept credit and debit cards payments so initial research is being done for that. She found some companies to consider, one works closely with Eagl already. She originally planned on the funds coming from MARK. She brought the quote for the fully installed three modules that would take 3-4 weeks max. Commissioners wanted to know if the credit card system was something that all departments can use? She said the one she is looking at works with Eagl. The Treasurer has one that works through our banking. Commissioner Hover said if we allow it, it should be consistent across the county for anyone who takes fees. Research will be done to see what is available. It is more customer services oriented to be able to e record. We will need to build the MARC fund up for next year for a cushion in case the Eagl system has additional costs. Because the documents require the Treasurerís stamp, she has been working with that department to organize how it will work.

A quote (one time $49,200 then $6500 annually) from Tyler Technologies was provided and includes installation. (attached) She had the amount in MARK but the line got overspent for the Clerkís scanning project so a budget supplemental will be needed. She highly recommends moving forward with the e-recording right now.

Commissioner Hover stated he would like to see all departments that charged a fee be able to use credit and debit machines.

Vital check is a good system as it prints all the deposits in one check which is then deposited. Whichever the program used there are ways to do this.

Auditor Hall discussed other election costs that will need to be considered for next year.

Commissioner Branch explained that in Ferry County a process has been recently initiated by the Tribes to provide for in- district voting. Auditor Hall replied that she can see why that would be requested. Commissioner Branch said he understands that it has to do with under representation for certain populations including the Tribal members in his district. When the vote goes to the entire county after the primary the some feel that the majority voice of the district is diluted. Commissioner Hover said that the decisions made by the commissioners have to do with the whole county.

Update-Planning Director Pete Palmer
Karen Beatty Central Services,

Director Palmer provided her agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Well Tracking Software
Director Palmer discussed the Well Tracking Software issues. The Well Tracking grant is $60,000 with $7,170 of that allocated for the administration of the grant; however, the contracts with Aspect add up to $64,546 and that doesnít include any of the administration costs. For each task outlined in the grant we are allowed a 10% leeway so there may be some wriggle room.

Director Palmer is working with GIS and Central Services to help answer questions about the well tracking grant and issues of having it housed here rather than through Aspect. Commissioner Hover stated when this was first discussed he didnít think there would be ongoing fees associated with the data base. It will cost us if they host it and that would be about $6000. Commissioner Branch wondered if having the county develop and manage the system might be a trust factor with those who have issues with the way weíve managed our water in the past. Commissioner Hover did not think so, but yes there is always that. It is hard to argue the facts. Ms. Hubbard stated she will be able to run reports to verify inputs and outputs. Most of it the information is public information stated Gene Wyllson, but everyone will have user accounts in order to log in. Commissioner Hover said it is a matter of time and resources to do this, but everyone wanted the well tracking data base put together, and posting it was never much of a problem. It is a forward-facing data base and there would be a cost to protect. Accessing the data base by those outside the county would require certain system protections too, but whether the cost is going to be $6000 or not would require some research. We would host the data base and folks could access it to run reports, and we would maintain all the information. Mr. Wyllson said once the data base is built in their software will grab it monthly or weekly to update whatever the update schedule will be. They could host it for a while then it would be better in the long run if we did.

Ms. Hubbard explained the budget issues with the different allocations, with the $6000 for software management there still would not be enough money. They are over in the scope and may have overspent the first quarter. There is a 10% limitation between the tasks. A grant amendment could be requested but it could take too long. Director Palmer said they were spending and writing and not keeping track of the individual tasks. They may have overspent on the individual tasks and with only 10% wiggle room those may be overspent. Commissioner Hover stated they should figure out the administration cost. Ms. Hubbard stated she did not believe the $7000 administration would be all spent.

Director Palmer said regardless, they are still over the $65,000 budget by $6,000-$7,000. The contract tasks are not matching the grant tasks. We have not contracted for the second half which is the development and so Ms. Hubbard is working it out. Mr. Wyllson would like them to write the software before we grab it, because working out the bugs is where all the work comes in.

Methow Trails Vault Toilet
Director Palmer stated James DeSalvo was invited to discuss the Cooperative Agreement for the CXT Vault Toilets for Methow Trails. Is CXT on a state purchasing contract? Or does the county have to go to out for bid? Mr. DeSalvo said he did not know. He said the FS and property owner State Highways perspective CXT is the standard and there isnít really anyone else who does this. What about Interim liability asked Commissioner DeTro? Mr. DeSalvo would need to ask CXT. Mr. Salvo said that the contract included full installation. Commissioner Branch asked if CTX would then be contracting the groundwork and slab out. He noted that the City of Oroville purchased one and did the slab work and plumbing themselves and CTX placed it. Mr. DeSalvo said CTX would deal with it all. Sometimes it is FOB wherever it is started. Commissioner Hover asked if someone has filled out the entire grant application. The missing piece is filling out the remainder of the paperwork and it is basically allocating the funding from the money already awarded.

Silver Star Creek is for motorized and non-motorized. The Forest Service has an agreement to administer the money, but the bathroom location is on property they cannot provide funds to so the county would need to be involved due to Methow Trails being nonprofit. Commissioner Hover asked what precisely the county would need to pay for. Mr. DeSalvo said it would be everything, but one company does everything, prep and installation. Commissioner Hover asked if we are purchasing the package and then getting reimbursed? Mr. DeSalvo said, Yes, Methow Trails has $26,000 for this but they cannot write the check to CXT; however, Methow Trails can write the check to the county and the county can set it up to pay for the CXT package. What are we on the hook for in addition to that asked Commissioners. Mr. DeSalvo said that Methow Trails would cover any additional costs beyond what the grant allocation is.

Director Palmer explained a list of items needed that would be the obligation of the county. (attached) Mr. DeSalvo said the FS did the environmental review to determine the site was alright for the toilet. The county will need the information listed under the Obligations section. The Forest Service is the actual recipient but de-obligation of funds for the toilet where the county would be the subrecipient. Methow Trails said they could write the county a check in order to have the budget set up to spend the funds on the toilet and installation. Commissioner Hover wants to make sure everything is filled out correctly and that the county is not obligated beyond what is discussed.

This could be a Sole Source. The Clerk of the Board provided the form to Director Palmer.

Discussion Economic Alliance CARES ACT Fund Roni Holder-Diefenbach via zoom
Commissioner Branch asked Ms. Holder-Diefenbach how we might move forward to allocate some of the Countyís CARES ACT funds for disbursement. Ms. Holder-Diefenbach stated another $10 million was allocated to help small businesses which is similar to other funds where 18 businesses were funded. They are coming down with a huge list of guidelines. See if those businesses have received other CARES funding. A contract is needed by August. We can customize the program and offer it through the entire county to apply with a contingencies that if they received a grant from any other entity they would not be eligible for funds through the program. If the county wanted to add money to that pot then one application process could be used to ensure program requirements are met. MRSC said the cities were not required to receive receiptís however Commerce is coming at it differently. Ms. Holder-Diefenbach explained the process and what is being required of the businesses and they sign off certifying it. Commissioner Hover asked what amount is being granted was there an average. 526 small businesses received $150,000 or less, and there have been many business received SBA and Idol loan program so we need to be careful we are not reimbursing for costs they already received funds for. The Paycheck protection plan provides payroll funds. The city of Brewster ended up funding all the businesses that applied through them and met the criteria.

Many of the businesses fear moving backwards, and many face challenges because staff are getting inundated by people who donít want to wear masks, restrictions are becoming a hostile environment and wonder if they will keep their doors open. Some continue to roll in order to keep their employees employed. Commissioner Hover stated the county CARES money must be spent by October 31, 2020. Some ADOís got over a million dollars to disburse and there are many questions to certify. Clarification about guidelines will be given regarding accountability and required receipts.

The county wants to provide $250,000 but a contract will be needed. Ms. Holder-Diefenbach will send a template of a contract for commissioners to consider.

Last week the mayor of Wenatchee asked Commissioner Hover about a contract for their misdemeanor offenders.

Review Meeting Minutes
Commissioners reviewed their meeting minutes.

The board adjourned at 3:45 p.m.