JANUARY 21, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on January 21, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy Hover and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Pledge of Allegiance
The pledge was recited.

George Thornton member of the public taking hand written notes for Okanogan Watch Group.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Naomie Peasley, New Fairgrounds Event Coordinator was present.

Ms. Peasley said everything done with HR and she has meetings with the Auditor and Treasurer. She is working on the fee schedule to match with BARS code. Ms. Peasley stated she is reviewing everything, has reached out to the FAC and would like to start working on getting the billboard up.

Policy and procedures, code of ethic update. Meeting with Auditor to go over things to be addressed like financial checks and balances that need to happen. An event over the weekend on Saturday. But something that should be addressed is the old damage to the annex that has happened over time that never got fixed. She talked about displaying art work on the walls to spruce up the rented space. Fiber Festival is coming back this year, but Vintage Faire is not happening this year. Ms. Peasley talked about running the vintage faire ourselves to keep up the momentum. AT the moment the county has not done this but someone will need to coordinate everything. Roller skating roller blading every Sunday would be fun, she arranged and ran the recent basketball tournaments. Commissioners thought if she could do it, then they encourage this and new event ideas to be explored. It never worked in the past for the county to put these types of events on itself for one reason or another. The Board encouraged the ideas be run by Risk Manager. Ms. Peasley isn’t sure who she reports to on a daily basis if she has questions. Commissioner Branch said he doesn’t want her to go to each commissioner for the answer, she works for the board. If there were policies adopted on how to we would proceed on these matters, it might be good to articulate along with the standard operating procedures. Commissioner Hover is the point of contact. The pertinent information is what the board wishes to hear. Commissioner Branch said she is to work independently for the most part.

Commissioner Hover would really like to know how the county can participate in the bidding of an events. Ms. Peasley will discuss the ideas with Chief Civil Deputy. Ms. Peasley would like to consolidate the contract requirements, checklists and attachments that create a timeline for the particular event which will hold renters accountable. She will do her best to prioritize and send the board a list of goals that includes short term and longer term. The relay race idea would need to be explored further. She said having the races during the day during Stampede at fairgrounds because the stampede happens in the evening.

Update - Human Resources / Risk Management - Tanya Craig
Commissioner Branch discussed the ideas that the new Fairgrounds Event Coordinator discussed today. Ms. Craig said she would address those as they were relayed to her by the employee.

Working to pull the numbers for the meeting with the Mayors, Prosecutor and Judges to discuss the Criminal Justice Billers. Commissioners will attend the meeting for the most part. It is a regular meeting day.

She met with Bill Snyder the New CEO of OBHC. Refine the plan intertwine court services with our court services then convene the CJT panel to make any additional changes then sent to BOCC for review and consideration, then once approved the plan would be sent to CJTA.

She received a draft mediation contract for the Sheriff group.

Finance Committee Meeting - Treasurer & Auditor’s Office
Cari Hall, Lisa Schreckengost, Pam Johnson

Cari Hall explained that Treasurer McCormack is absent today.

Ms. Hall discussed the items listed on the agenda.

Annual Compliance Letter RCW 36.48.010
Change the date from 2015 to present.

Cash on Hand Report
Current expense has more revenue than expected due to remaining budget at the end of the year being more.

County Auditor’s December 31, Revenue & Expenditure
Current Expense had a big number carry over that was larger than expected due to unallocated revenue at the end of the year and departments didn’t rush to spend money at the end of the year.

Amortization Schedule Fairgrounds Interfund Loan
Payment for the Interfund loan to Solid Waste Closure fund will happen in January as it did not get processed in December. A supplemental will be needed for that as well. The cash was there, but not enough budget remained to pay the loan in December. Pam Johnson explained the schedule. If paid off in June the amount would be $25,436.30. Commissioners wish to pay off the loan in June.

Auditor Hall provided a strictly remaining budget called 2019 Miscellaneous Budget report of truly allocated funds and what was left over. The report was just expenditures revenues were not considered in the report. (attached)

Ms. Hall explained with the new employees having to deal with budget, she is offering some budget training.

The Revenue Comparison by Type/Object report will be cut back to June and December instead of monthly.

Commissioner Hover stated the budget documents on the county web page have not been updated. The board would like 6 years back budgets plus the present budget posted online.

Update - Public Works & Discussion R/W & Annexation– Engineer Josh Thompson
Christa Levine, Gary George, Jerry Paul, and Kurt Danison, Tonasket City Planner

Plans for the placement of the proposed Tonasket shop was shown on the projector screen. The latest proposal from the City of Tonasket asked for 30 feet. Engineer Thomson explained how much room we actually need and where clean up would need to occur. If there was an easement and road we would need to ensure the road matched the proposed elevation or located where there is enough fill for elevation. The existing shop would not be torn down in order to build the new shop in its place. The goal is to place six rigs in the shops, but graders and other equipment would be stored in the lean-to and smaller shop utilized.

Commissioner Branch asked if the 30 feet would work. Mr. Danison said the city has looked at other alternatives to provide safer access to the sport fields south of Big Chief Packing Sheds in Tonasket. Mr. Danison said it came down to the cheapest site and that required the county to provide the easement/right of way with possible annexation of the county shop and proposed road to the city. It would not be the main entrance to the park and it would primarily be used during the weekends. They feel confident a crossing will be authorized. Contacted the land owner to the south about 10-20 feet right of way or easement, but the property was sold with a new letter having just been sent. Something could be worked out with that land owner once they have a chance to consider the city’s letter. Jurisdiction on road maintenance was briefly discussed. Commissioner Branch said this has been going on for about 30 years with many ideas never coming to fruition. The access would not be used during the winter months as the park is closed, said Mr. Danison. It would provide emergency access, but the city would really like to provide a full blown city street to access the park so it really wouldn’t have to be emergency but was one reason the railroad provided the crossing.

Snow Plow Incident
Present: Sheriff Tony Hawley, Aaron Culp, Laura Wright, Tanya Craig, Maurice Goodall, Gary George, Jerry Paul,

Gary George reported on a snow plow accident involving a county plow truck that happened over the weekend. He explained the plow truck ended up in Salmon Creek where the creek could have potentially , which was deemed an emergency situation. He explained how who was notified and the work done to contain any contaminants that may have gotten in the creek. A policy to address these types of incidences/collisions that would provide responders the protocol to be taken. Engineer Thomson discussed some situational concerns with a policy. Sheriff Hawley explained there is a difference between a declared emergency and an emergent situation. He also explained the reporting protocol and the circumstances when it isn’t reported. The policy would put everyone on the same page.

Maurice Goodall explained how he dealt with the situation when a Sgt contacted him and then he explained what should have happened. He felt the incident went down fine, but he would like to see a policy especially when dealing with steams and spills. A policy would lay out expectations, who calls and who gets called first, when commissioners are to be notified and who makes the call, when the sheriff gets called and who makes the call.

Ms. Craig explained there would be a $5,000 deductible on the insurance of the plow truck to have it repaired. If we do the work ourselves would insurance still pay the cost of the repairs. Mr. Paul said he is still gathering the numbers and developing the estimate of repair costs which will be sent to Risk Manager.

Citizens Comment Period – May Call in 509-422-7100
Maurice Goodall wanted to discuss, with the commissioners, the Emergency Services protocol to ensure he is contacted for meetings that involve emergencies. Commissioner Branch said the Sheriff’s office has a major role in emergencies, but when it comes emergencies the expectation is that Emergency management be contacted as well.

Commissioner Hover asked about the emergency services plan. Because we have procurement procedures, how were the companies decided upon to attend to the emergency situation. He went to the closest vendor to the scene. Cost estimates need time to gather, but time was not there for gathering, so the closest vendor to the incident was chosen. .

The Clerk of the Board read from MRSC purchasing guidelines. 39.04.280

Update – Building Department – Dan Higbee
Dan Higbee provided his building department application trend worksheet. (attached)

Update – Noxious Weed Department – Anna Lyon
Anna Lyon provide the Noxious Weed Dept update. (attached)

Discussion – Twisp Restoration Roads – Chris Furr Winthrop Ranger District
Chris Adamson Gene Schull, Aaron and FS Project Engineer

Mr. Furr thanked the board for having him back.

New closures and decommissioning of roads is the topic to be discussed today. He explained 57 comments were received with next step to break out the issues from the comments then sit down in February to discuss any alternatives to bring forward to the EA draft. The environmental analysis will go back out for comment so there is another round of public input. They did not go out with scoping for the new list of proposed roads to be decommissioned.

These proposals are part of the Twisp River Restoration project.

An over view was given of the decommissioning of roads. Layer #1 was unauthorized routes shown as red roads that were used for treatments. Many roads used for treatments will be used temporarily then decommissioned later when the project is done.

The project engineer explained the different types of roads labels being reviewed such as open road to closed road, unauthorized trail, unauthorized decommissioned, and the miles being considered that are associated with these labels etc….

Ms. Chris Adamson We are not proposing to close roads that are already open.

Various roads were reviewed and portions of roads that are proposed to change. There is more opportunities than what there are resources to do right now, said Chris Furr.

Mr. Furr thought a letter from the commissioners to FS would be an important way to document the efforts Forest Service is making to coordinate with the county on these road proposals. Commissioner Hover relayed what the letter would include such as the four spots of concern. Commissioner Branch thinks a statement acknowledging that FS brought these proposals to the county awareness. We should provide a statement about the concerns the commission has where certain areas are problematic.

Mr. Schull thought a tabular data table showing the proposals would be helpful.

Commissioner DeTro introduced Noxious Weed Manager Anna Lyon and Communications Chief Mike Worden to Methow Forest Ranger Chris Furr for the purpose of coming together to figure out a noxious weed plan to address the agencies use of
Thurlow Road and fund weed issues.

Public Hearing - Code Amendment OCC 2.88 Public Records
David Gecas

The audio recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the public hearing to the staff.

David Gecas gave his staff report. He explained the amendment was necessary to remove language from the code that requires a requestor to first exhaust administrative review remedies before seeking judicial review of a decision. He said the code amendment was in response to a case that happened in 2019.

The changes are consistent with the laws and does not make it mandatory to have a judicial review when a request is denied. The standard Public Records Request form language is also amended.

Commissioner DeTro closed staff and opened up to public seeing no public he closed to public and opened up to commissioner discussion.

Motion Ordinance 2020-1 Public Records
Commissioner Hover moved to approve ordinance 2020-1 an amendment to Okanogan County Code section 2.88.070 review of the denial of public records. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Commissioners’ Proceedings – Dec 30 &31, 2019 & Jan 6,7,13 &15, 2020
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the December 30 & 31 and January 6 & 7 excluding January 13 & 15.

Commissioner Branch moved subject to the changes to be made to the above minutes that were sent to the Clerk. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover read resolution regarding the Miller Pit on the mitigation conditions for George Thornton to hear, since he expressed concern that those conditions had not been officially adopted previously.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Cattleguard Franchise Renewals – Various, See Agenda Bill for Names and Guard #’s
2. Certification of 2020 Road Levy to the County Road Administration Board
3. Agreement Amendment #1 Homeless Housing Funds-Support Center
4. Agreement Amendment #1 Homeless Housing Funds-OCCAC
5. Agreement Amendment #1 Homeless Housing Funds-Oroville Housing Authority
6. Resolution 10-2020 – Miller Pit, P4-27, Operating Conditions
7. Resolution 11-2020 – 2019 Road Log Changes

Motion Letter of Support Rep. Ormsby & Rep. Stokesbary
Commissioner Branch moved to sign a letter that Kittitas & Chelan County Commissioners signed regarding support for dedicated funding to improve Washington Forests and communities resilience to wildfire. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The board adjourned at 4:40 p.m.