FEBRUARY 3, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on February 3, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy Hover and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Review Commissionersí Agenda & Consent Agenda
Commissioners discussed the draft resolution that changes the way the commissionersí salaries are derived. Commissioners discussed what other county commissioner salaries are set at and how they are tied to the Superior Court Judgeís salary. The idea that Commissioner of District #1 and Commissioner of District #2 whose term is the same as the Presidentís, their salary increase would not take effect until 2021 after their current term ends and the Commissioner of District #3 would not take effect until 2023 after the current term ends.

Commissioners discussed their travel stipend with Commissioner DeTro stating his thought that it be increased from $750 to $950. Commissioners discussed the resolution that allowed the board to be compensated for in-county travel that did not articulate very well the reasons for the stipend. Commissioners thought if the amount was to be amended that the resolution clearly articulate the reasons.

Briefing Among Commissioners Ė Discuses Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedules
Commissioners discussed items that needed to be discussed.

10:50a Emily Sisson member of the public arrived to audio and video record the commissioners meetings for Okanogan Watch Group.

Discussion Ė Elections Security-Sheriff Hawley, Undersheriff Culp, Auditor Hall
Ms. Hall stated this meeting is a result of needing security this year during the election. Sheriff Hawley said he would sit in during the primary if no one else is available. He will observe as he hasnít done so before. It is March 10. The security is a precaution during this time. The The general Election is November 3 and Ms. Hall said if the Sheriff could not provide she would be willing to pay a security group to sit in. Undersheriff Culp laughed and jokingly said they would provide the security in exchange for a new car. Auditor Hall laughed and said she really appreciated the held during the election to provide a security presence.

Discussion-Emergency Management Billings-Auditor Hall, Maurice Goodall
Commissioner DeTro moved the meeting with the emergency manager up to 11:10 a.m. from 11:30 a.m.

In 2019 the cities paid more money than the county did for his wage increase. Mr. Goodall has been working on how to move forward because it must be equal. Ms. Hall said from the auditorís view there are two ways, either recognize the issue and pay the 2019 and do a supplemental, or we can adjust the billings this year to make up for what was paid last year. There are complications involved with both and an appearance to other districts. If we have a credit in one year then give money back in another year then it was spent, it could mess up their budgeting. She recommended just biting the bullet and paying the amount the county didnít pay in 2019 now then work it out later. $5,484 is the amount.

The EM fund is a special fund with many putting revenue into the fund and it really isnít like a Current Expense fund where we put the money in and we get to take it out. It is a special purpose fund. Mr. Goodall said another way would be to not use $5484 of the current budget and leave it in the carryover. He explained why that would be complicated. The BARS manual had no guidance on the specific way to deal with this. Mr. Goodall said if money is given back to the cities it messes with their three year average. A supplemental for the 2019 difference, the board could direct to have it taken out and budget supplemented later. Commissioner Hover said he is alright with just paying the additional amount of money. A supplemental specific to this matter will be drafted. He has a hard time understanding why we would do a supplemental for 2019 because we didnít pay the back pay in 2019 because we did pay the appropriate amount. Commissioner Branch said the resolution will explain why the supplemental is needed. We budgeted an amount but then the cities paid a different amount. The whole story has to do with a whole other board that is part of the decision making process and the request came about when the board was still trying to understand how the emergency management service interacts with the council. Ms. Hall said the supplemental request the reason will be left blank and the commissioners can figure that part out. Ms. Hall explained how she has to estimate for certain things then reconcile later with the actual amounts and make adjustments. Resolution 33-2019 would be a good example for the budget supplemental.

Mr. Goodall explained weather event damages that happened in Brewster. The county didnít have any damages however he is getting information that really should be forwarded to Public Works. The two departments are on the same page where if one gets info the other gets it too. There are a few roads that have restrictions which have been placed on EM maps. When it starts really warming up a message about road restrictions will be provided as well as an explanation why.

Tourism Summit is happening on Thursday at the same time as Legislative Steering committee LSC, Commissioner Branch will attend that instead of the Tourism Summit. Commissioner Hover has several meetings BAT meeting Watershed meeting Methow, City of Oroville and Sheriff this week.

Update Ė Planning Department Ė Interim Director Angie Hubbard
Angie Hubbard provided her agenda and discussed the items listed there.

1) WRIA 49 Planning Unit Alternates
        a. City of Okanogan-add Jon Culp Mayor
        b. Economic Alliance-add George Brady

2) WRIA 49 Planning Unit
       a. Nicole Kuchenbuch was North water right holder. Would you like to reach out to anybody to fill that position?
Ms. Hubbard asked if the commissioners Ms. Hubbard asked the board if they wished to fill the vacancy and who she should reach out to if they did.

3) Planning commission Hearing tonight
A rough draft of the Comp Plan is being reviewed. Forest Plans were given at the November meeting. She will find out what else they wish to discuss. Ms. Hubbard explained the old changes versus the new changes and how we are to differentiate between old and new changes.

4) CAO and Compliance with Growth Management.
Ms. Hubbard explained the focus of the last board of county commissioners with regards to comp plan and required critical area updates. There were some areas that werenít updated. There may be issues in the aquifer recharge areas. She thought nothing actually happened to the section going off the 1980 soil survey did not reflect the different soil types. We are still on the 2013 era update. Commissioner Branch asked if in the interim the other stuff gets updated as set forth in GMA update criteria. The 2013 work was sent to Dept. of Ecology for review but it is not certain if there was feedback. To complete the update the adopted version must be sent to Commerce. We are out of compliance with GMA, Commissioner Branch said, he would like to discuss further and possibly adopt the CAO from 2013 which already ran through the Planning Commission with findings of fact and conclusions that were likely adopted by resolution. Ms. Hubbard said amendments can be done after that. Commissioner Branch asked that she review the updates and check for inconsistencies with the adopted Shoreline Management Program.

The board adjourned at 1:45 p.m.