FEBRUARY 24, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on February 24, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy Hover and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Review Commissioners Agenda and Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover added approval of February 10 & 11, 2020 meeting minutes.

Potts & Associates Legislative Issues-Conference Call
A legislative update was provided. This appears to be a different kind of session than in past. Senators are saying oddly enough, most counties are not coming out as badly as originally thought. They are trying to back fill the indigent defense issue and that may be an option. HB2421 regarding elections costs, still trying to figure out what to do with language that doesnít work. Legislators didnít realize exactly what they were passing. It is scary how much ďhorse tradingĒ happens.

Briefing Among Commissioners-Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedules
Commissioners discussed the rules for moratorium and what rules apply right now and what rules can still be applied. Commissioners discussed comments received regarding ordinance 2019-11 interim controls.

Commissioner Hover suggested a meeting with the initiating governments to get a handle on the water needs and suggested starting in the Town of Twisp. He commented that he would never ask for more than 14cfs.

Discussion Legislative Update Elections Cari Hall, Jamie Groomes
Auditor Hall explained she got a call from the county auditorís association about whether or not the county supported a bill on even year elections funding, but the bill had additional language inserted that said the county couldnít raise the issue of unfunded mandates if we used the funding if the bill passed. Commissioner Hover said he personally opposes it as written.

Auditor Hall agrees with the commissioner, but the auditorís association is in favor and all for it. Commissioner Branch reported from his position on the WSAC Legislative Steering Committee. WSAC supports the bill without the language that appeared late in the process. He said the LSC had a conversation with the Auditorís lobbyist who reported that the County Auditors wanted to go forward with the amended bill since they were so close. Auditor Hall reported that in essence the auditors are for it but it has been the consensus to support the bill if the language is taken out. We would like the bill to pass but we do not like the language in it. Unintended consequences were discussed. Commissioner Hover said it is irresponsible for county commissioners to give up our rights in order to be paid for things. It is conceptually wrong. Commissioner Branch commented that these voting bills are strong. Auditor Hall said her personal opinion is that the state will push unfunded mandates regardless, but there is also a lot of push back from those who do not wish to approve unfunded mandates. A modified bill may be more acceptable.

Auditor Hall said all claims we have now and costs to provide changes made to prepaid postage etc.Ö.will not be paid for because the State is only going to pay even years.

Isabelle Spohn member of the public came in at 1:30 p.m. to take computer notes for Okanogan County Watch Group.

Update-Planning Department-Interim Director Angie Hubbard
Ms. Hubbard provided her agenda and discussed the items listed there. (attached)

Ms. Hubbard provided Commissioners with RCW 36.70.795.

Ms. Hubbard said the Planning Commission has a hearing tonight so she is working on incorporating the suggested changes for their review. Commissioner Hover said to look at implementation plan for WRIA 48 under RCW 90.82 (Watershed Planning Act). It would be good to make sure a level of integration is used.

Ms. Hubbard prepared a Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) comparison to show the two side by side as well as show the major changes made to the CAO. (attached) Ms. Hubbard provided additional details of the significant differences between the two documents. The plans appeared to be inconsistent in some areas. This work is in response to Commissioner Branchís desire to show compliance with the last update period.

Commissioner Hover would like to see changes (to the CAO) made over time. The major changes were provided. (attached) Flood plain ordinance was completely placed into the CAO draft and as provided under title 14 of the County Code which is different and may create a conflict if citations are not pointing to the right reference. Commissioner Hover asked what the cost would be to hire someone to provide consistency review. Commissioner Branch pointed out that Title 14 is a Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and provides some value but it primary purpose is flood damage prevention and insurance guarantees. Commissioner Branch said if the BOCC is interested, an update is due in 6/2020 so there is only a small window of time. However, he would like to see an attempt made to pull the overdue update into some kind of reasonable compliance. He asked Angie whether the protections of Critical Areas contained in the draft is better than the existing. She replied that it is. He suggested we comply ASAP and by June 2020 review each section at time. He would like it as consistent as possible and asked how long it would take. We do not have the resources in house to do it ourselves, said Ms. Hubbard. She would need to get back to Commissioners on the timeline. Commissioner Branch said the only thing left to do is to resolve differences and adopt it. Ms. Hubbard thought final SEPA steps are yet to be taken which was acknowledged by Commissioner Branch.

Website Productions Program-NACo-Nicole Rondo-Conference Call
A presentation was done via telephone by Nicole Rondo with CGI Communications Presentations. There are about 300 counties nationwide involved with video marketing. Ms. Rondo said she has 30 yearís tenure working with local government. CGI Partnered with NACo and various other organizations on this. Washington state counties are live or soon to be.
Examples of videos tours were provided. Ms. Rondo said the videoís capture content for us to highlight five topics then the script writing is done once the topics are determined. She would need a Point of Contact who would help work on the script as it is done first then filming. Deliver information to our website seekers are looking for. Can include promotion of the county. The program is interchangeable and can easily be transferred to a new website.

Ms. Rondo explained how the service is free of charge. This is a risk free marketing tool.

Commissioner Hover asked what the cost is for others to advertise on our site video chapters. Our non-profits can be posted for free. The low level is around $1000 and goes up to $6500 depending on the level of detail and length.

Commissioner Branch asked if there was a limit on how many ads there are around the perimeter of the video. There are 20-25 spots average, but room on different chapters if needed.

Ms. Rondo said they are looking at doing video productions in the spring.

Businesses advertising need to know the county isnít charging them, the payment goes to CGI Communications Inc.

CGI has partnered with over 400 counties across the country to showcase their individual assets though innovative video streaming technologies free of charge! The no cost programs are designed to promote tourism, welcome future families and residents, recruit new business and industry and more!

The County Video Tour includes complete video production of a series of topical highlight videos, approximately one minute each, for and about the county. From script consultation all the way through editing.

Commissioners thanked Ms. Rondo for the presentation and asked that the letter and agreement be sent to the Clerk of the Board for further board consideration.

Commissioner Hover discussed a fleet lease program he learned about for vehicle replacement. Rental agencies are starting to lease a package of vehicles to municipalities then they will buy back the vehicles at the end of the term. He is looking into it further.

The board adjourned at 2:45 p.m.