AUGUST 4, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on August 4, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissionersí Staff Meeting
Maintenance Supervisor Joe Poulin, Director of Planning Pete Palmer, Fairgrounds Coordinator Naomie Peasley via zoom, Chief Civil Deputy David Gecas

Joe Poulin provided his maintenance department update. He explained some water trucks photos and quotes that were gathered for the fairgrounds one truck was $35,000, but it has many attachments. He isnít sure the cost is doable. Commissioner Hover does not want to spend that much, but it was a quote to see what is out there. The shorter wheel base trucks is what he is looking for in the right price range and would function better for us.

Mr. Poulin explained that DNR strike crew was contracted with the county for use of the south end RV Park but they left because they were not happy with the cleanliness of the bathrooms. The bathrooms have always looked old and bad even after cleaning. The new bathrooms are not open right now because they are just bathrooms and the DNR crew needed showers too. Commissioner Branch stated he visited the grounds and those shower bathrooms are in terrible shape. He said part of the problem is that transients are using those facilities when no one is looking and we do not have a camp host to keep an eye on things. The bathrooms need to be overhauled. The commissioners discussed ways to provide proper bathroom and showers to fair attendees and for RV camping use. The Clerk of the Board reminded the commissioners of the plan to renovate the other bathroom building behind the Country Buns vending spot to include showers and laundry as was originally planned in 2014. Mr. Poulin explained, for now, maintenance is painting the RV restroom shower building and will do the floors at a later date as it has epoxy floors that will take longer. He is taking care of the issues it has for this season then he plans to redo doors and floors later.

Commissioner DeTro stated the transient problem needs to be addressed. Commissioners discussed putting a combination lock on the door to discourage transients from using the showers and only guests would be provided the combination, which they would need to call the office for. Ms. Peasley said she has been trying to get a camp host. She said most RV sites have their bathrooms closed right now with self-contained RVís being recommended. Commissioner Branch asked how many DNR folks there were. Ms. Peasley said she did not know. Mr. Poulin said around there were around 10. The contract was worth $100 per day per strike team and that was arranged previously with the DNR. Ms. Peasley talked to them and they are not coming back even if the bathrooms are redone.

Mr. Poulin stated the Courthouse Annex HVAC unit replacement project start date is August 10 with the roofing materials arriving this week. Maintenance crew has begun to prepare the spot for the units. Offices affected are being set up with move and cools and window air conditioner units. An email will go out to departments today.

David Gecas updated the board on legal matters he is working on and involved with. One issue he is working on is for the Pest Control agent on legal enforcement filings. There were several public records requests to respond to and gather records for.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(b)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:30 am for 10 minutes inviting David Gecas to discuss the selection or acquisition of real estate by lease or purchase. Motion was seconded, all were in favor motion carried.

Executive session ended at 9:40 a.m. no decisions were made.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:45 a.m. for 15 minutes inviting David Gecas and Pete Palmer to discuss matters relating to agency enforcement or agency litigation or potential litigation to which the county may be or may become a party when public knowledge may result in an adverse legal or financial consequence to the agency. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 10:00 a.m.

Update-Human Resources/Risk Management-Tanya Craig
Ms. Craig updated the board on issues she is dealing with.

Employee recruitments were discussed as there are several open positions in various departments. There is Civil Service testing scheduled for this Saturday.

Commissioner Branch invited Ms. Craig to the Public Health discussion at 2:05 when public health official Lauri Jones will discuss COVID. He said he is concerned about county offices not knowing which departments have employees that have positive or have quarantined staff. Other offices those employees have visited should be aware so those offices can protect their employees. This is knowledge we should have as we donít know when there is a case in that department and others may be exposed and walking around other offices spreading the disease. Ms. Craig said she relies on Public Health data as they do the contact tracing. She works closely with Public Health to ensure employee safety. She said that is where the communication is to come from. Commissioner Branch said he spoke to Public Health and Dr. McCarthy about the COVID issue and strategies and expectation that we are doing something. We have people working for us and the commissioners do not know what is going on or when something happens they feel they are left to assume things when certain people arenít around for two weeks. We do not know why that person is not here but we have to figure it out on our own because there is no communication. Ms. Craig said she has spoken to employees that have to be out of the office and she said they have the responsibility to communicate to their supervisor. His concern is whether that department is fully implementing their responsibility and relaying to other offices that may have been exposed to that individual. He expects all departments to be responsible to ensure appropriate response and communication.

Ms. Craig asked what the expectation is of her to communicate with the board. It appears the department heads are not informing the board when there is a quarantine or a positive. She knows because she is notified as they work closely with her and public health. Whatever the exposure is she is being notified and doing research and sometimes the information is convoluted that needs to be sorted out. Commissioner Branch stated Planning has their own strategy for their staff and the public. Ms. Craig expected other departments to reach out to the commissioners on what their status and strategy is. Commissioner Branch said it is prudent for the commissioners to know so they can make the best decision to protect their employees. Commissioner Hover asked what the protocol is. What is happening is that people are calling the hospitals and clinics and they are saying take the questionnaire and if they had contact with someone with Coronavirus they should stay home. What is the protocol for self-isolation? Ms. Craig explained that she contacts public health official Lauri Jones because cases slip through the cracks and then she connects that person with her and she goes down her list on contacts. When it is deemed necessary to be tested what happens to the rest of the department? How are we to know how to strategize when we do not know? That is when the public health is to be involved. The Clerk of the Board expressed her concern about who is coming and going in and out of the commissionersí office and commented that everyone wears a mask who comes into the space. Commissioner DeTro asked why social distance if masks work or if social distancing works why wear a mask. Commissioner Hover said they are trying to keep themselves and their employees safe. Commissioner DeTro said he knows of a business that was shut down and they did not have a positive and yet Walmart has 8 staff who tested positive and so he asked why they were not shut down. Commissioner Hover said he is trying to figure out how to address this but without a time frame it is difficult to know. Ms. Craig said people who do not wear masks because of the frequency of contact with folks who are positive are asked if they wear masks all the time. The data on those who wear masks and how frequently they wear masks would be helpful. It has to be supported, people are not going to just do something because we ask them to, it should be supported by data. Commissioner DeTro said 80-140 microns? in size making the material mask like a chain-link fence to the mosquito. Commissioner Hover said the mask diffuses and reduces those particles. Not understanding this makes it very difficult. Commissioner DeTro said his constituents are 4-5 generations who have gone through things like this before and survived. They are not all in agreement to wear a mask.

Update Communications/Dispatch-Mike Worden
Mr. Worden provided his Communications department update. He said he is following the rules and everyone is healthy in his department. His 2020 communications budget shows about 4% over, due to personnel costs. The 2021 budget has been submitted and was shared with the dispatch advisory board and they supported it including the 13th position. Target quality assurance reviews was also supported to address before an agency complains. Maintain training program and provide staff during peak times of the day. Commissioner Hover asked what the Sheriffís expense impact will be around $86,000. The county is just another agency included so the county has a responsibility. The 13th position will be presented for approval for 2021.

Radio improvement expenses have been transferred to fund 161 to lessen the burden.

Staffing was discussed to fully staff the department and added that some in training are doing well.

Radio networks were discussed with upgrades at Coulee dam and Tunk valley.

Three frequencies have been purchased and invoices processed. Now we have those we do have some revenue and looking at short term solutions to current problem areas such as Riverside to see if there are improvements that can be made to improve officer safety. Can we use those for the north end for fire operations since recent fires were using one channel a second channel would help elevate frustrations between agencies? It is being evaluated.

One negative thing that has come up we have struggled with replacing switches but there are some phantom issues that may be related to grounding issues. It is clear we do not have anywhere close to the lightening protection needed on the courthouse and we do not know what that solution is or sure what the cost is.

Mr. Worden discussed the research still needed to determine sufficient lighting protections.

Public Hearing-6-Year Transportation Plan-Public Works Jo Ann Stansbury
Josh Thomson
The audio recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing and asked for staff report. Jo Ann Stansbury provided here staff report. (attached)

Josh Thomson stated federal projects must be on this plan unless STP funds are being used so smaller projects may not be on it. It is of projects we can reasonable do in six years. Bridge inspections report is also included. Commissioner DeTro asked if anyone on zoom wished to comment. The clerk stated no one has their hand raised.

Motion Resolution 95-2020
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 95-2020 a resolution adopting the 6-Year Okanogan County Transportation Improvement plan. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover stated this plan can be referenced in the Countyís Capital Facilities plan. He asked if there were any other spreadsheet that could list those things out. The summary sheet would work for this as it is directly related to this program. The summary is compiled anyway and not much more work. Commissioner Hover discussed the basic format for inclusion in the capital facilities plan that would be consistent with the rest of the tables.

Update-Public Works Ė Engineer Josh Thomson
Engineer Josh Thomson, Kent Kovalenko, Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Landfill Engineering RFQ
Mr. Kovalenko stated the Landfill Engineering contract expires March 2021 but he would like to start the process for receiving requests for qualifications. He asked if that was in line with what the commissioners would like to see. It was. He will move forward. They are not a sole source provider but it is highly specialized. Commissioner Hover asked if this has to go out to bid according to our purchasing and contracting policy. For Engineer/Architect services we do not negotiate costs until a vendor is selected based on qualifications.

Methow Valley Recycling
Capital Improvements
Mr. Kovalenko discussed the Methow Valley Recycling wish to tear down existing awning to elevate it higher and expand and extend it 24 feet out so it spans across the building. Mr. Kovalenko did not have a problem with the proposal, but they need to know it is alright with us so they can go do the engineering. We own the building and lot. They will be paying for it. It is a tenant improvement, stated Josh. They will do it and give it to the county. It does need to go through the permitting process, but they did want the countyís okay before moving forward with the project. It would not interfere with anything of the county. It needs to be professional industrial looking awning, no bicycle tires or tarps. (map attached)

There are some issues with them coming out of the transfer station with staff riding their bicycled through the facility. That will be blocked off as their employees do it all the time and parking there. He will secure the access with chain link fence to protect our facility. There is some liability if their employee gets hurt. Commissioner Branch suggested he discuss this with the Risk Manager too.

Lease Expires July 2021
Methow Valleyís Recycling 10-year lease expires July 1, 2021. (attached) Due to changes he isnít sure we can extend the lease again for $1 without going out to bid. He suggested some ideas attorney David Gecas was asked to weigh in. There are some agreements with Town of Twisp that relates to the situation that allows them to use our scale and we are not charging them. He is looking for interlocal agreements that allows them to use our scales without cost. We do have a certified wage so he isnít sure why we do not charge. Commissioner Branch asked if they were not for profit, and they are. Mr. Gecas was going to get back to Mr. Kovalenko on the legal questions. They do provide a great value to the community but then Green Okanogan in Tonasket does too and they are paying 100% and they are also not for profit. He doesnít want the county to do one for one and not for the other.

Minor Issues
Mr. Kovalenko explained the leachate pond may have two minor holes and maybe a third hole that are being investigated. There were identical markings 400 yards apart with one at the base. He thought some form of an animal seemed to have punctured it. He thinks it was a bird of prey due to the scrape and shape of the puncture. The other hole is the same.

LSWFA grant is maxed out. We received 50% of the funds we received in 2013 but it no longer covers everything. Ecology said they did have $20 million for the next grant round, but he isnít sure when. Right now, there is no more value.

Maintenance and Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson provided his maintenance and road condition update. He said chip seal projects are finished and now catching up on striping. The new grader is working well after some calibration work. The chip box needs to be replaced it has a 20-year life but there are some issues to overhaul. There isnít much of a market for it and they are expensive to buy. Heís looking in to it and in a month, we doing roads for Twisp so he hopes to have it dialed by then.

Pleasant Valley West Rd. Primitive FFC 09, 2018 ADT=26
A meeting was requested by a resident who uses the road to discuss issues heíd like to see resolved. Engineer Thomson said the issue is on the original part of the road that comes across the state road from Buzzard Lake Rd. The downhill end was discussed. It doesnít have good geometry. He believes that is what the comment is about. It is a local access road with ADT of 26. The edge of the state highway appeared to be of most concern. There is no record that the landowner had previously discussed the issue with Public Works. Some photos for the meeting will be prepared.

Engineer Thomson explained a complaint was received about Bob Neil Road in Oroville, but it is another FFC 09 local access road and not eligible for funding. It is paved however. History of the road was discussed. A change was made in Oroville and a new road was built so the old county road was vacated. Southbound the road is poor and not a very good intersection. It would be difficult to fix. Commissioner Branch provided some historical background and said that project was supposed to be shovel ready with expectations that something needed to be done there. Reman and Reload truck percentages did go up to about 30 semis going in and out. Commissioner Branch had previously suggested a roundabout in that spot. Commissioner DeTro stated he is not in favor of roundaboutís but that is a good idea for that area due to the speed limit already being 30 mph and logistically it would be a good spot for one. Commissioner Hover agreed. Commissioner Branch discussed what he knows about the railroad track crossing and some future activity that was anticipated and the thought of keeping the public out the industrial areas. Commissioner Branch would be happy to take the issues to the EDA. There is value in doing this and Senator Cantwell supported the industry and thought a ribbon cutting may be good if the project is pursued. He will discuss with the city superintendent, also the city may annex that area in the future.

USACE Levee Inspections
Army Corp will be here to do their routine inspections of the three levees.

2021 Budgets
Engineer Thomson said projections for gas tax were received and a wide range of revenue was given. It is variable. Commissioner Hover asked that the budget be based on the low end of the revenue and to be prepared to adjust as information becomes available.

Engineer Thomson asked if the commissioners are considering a Road Levy shift for 2021. Commissioner Hover thought we would be alright without one, but we really donít know at this point and it will depend.

The snow park pass revenue may drop some, said Engineer Thomson. Commissioner Hover noted that sales tax revenue is actually up every month this year except February.

The commissioner adjourned for lunch at 12:00.

Public Comment Period
Many people joined the zoom to comment today.

Isabelle Spohn commented and thanked the board for being more proactive regarding COVID and thanked the Clerk of the Board for helping put that on the radar. She thanked Commissioner Branch for being proactive too. She heard the discussion earlier when staff was talking about their concerns. One thing standing out to her is the big box stores not following the mask requirements. L&I can be contacted why not report Walmart to L&I due to continuing complaints and this example shows others and small businesses itís hard to comply. The small businesses that run the customers out, Commissioner DeTro spoke to public health and they didnít know at what level L&I and liquor control board would come after the small businesses. Businesses should be treated equally in terms of compliance. Isabelle thought taking some action would have better results, as it doesnít do much good to just complain. Commissioner DeTro responded that he did act as he spoke to his public health officers. Commissioner Branch stated there were a whole bunch of emails received from the healthcare professionals that the commissioners were receiving explaining their concern.

Commissioner Hover discussed that people want to hear from commissioners. Commissioner DeTro said he is trying to comply with businesses and use curbside pick up to avoid going in as he cannot wear a mask. Commissioner Hover would like to say as a county say wear masks as often as we can to see what happens. Commissioner DeTro is willing to encourage people to do the right thing without requiring them. Commissioner Hover said the local health care system believes if we do this our rates will decline, let us try it. Respect the businesses who are trying to comply and avoid L&I harassing them. Many of these places it is hard to find good workers. If one person gets sick it takes a lot to replace them and everyone else goes into quarantine. Commissioner Hover said he wears a mask every time he goes into a store or building so people see him wearing it. He tries to be a good example.

Commissioner Branch said we need a message and a strategy. Everyone is on Facebook and that is the way social media gets out. People are looking toward the leaders of the county. Commissioner Hover stated when he hears from the health care people about what they are going through it makes a difference to him.

Commissioner Hover stated School Transportation is hearing that the state is considering cutting school transportation funds. He spoke to legislatures and Mr. Salvador in the Governorís office about this. School buses are delivering lunches and school packets and information to parents. An Ag teacher said over 100 kids donít even have internet so delivery of the materials was the only way they could participate in a curriculum. Internet Hot spots are not an option for many. The Ag teacher requested the commissioners call the legislators and supports the schools. Commissioners discussed the request with the school administrators to see how the county can help. Commissioner DeTro said they are trying to gather information to try and react to it, one day the system is opening then they hear some wont and some will. Commissioner Hover would like to invite all the school superintendents to a discussion. Emerging as rumor and is in draft form that the Governor was to create a matrix for learning that school districts meet, and some saw a draft and he discussed what that might look like. There is another that is different. Jeff said on the phone that due to Our matrix being much higher than other counties. However, they are still punting the ball to the districts, but there is anger and frustration being expressed. They still have significant accessibility issues. Hot spots, pony express allows 200 minutes that are shuttled around but the legislators have not been in session, the transportation laws need to change or the schools would have to pay back the money the transportation funds. Buses would normally be used to drop things off for students but now the situation is uncertain. It would be nice to have some aircover with regards to the matrix to reopen schools and the conflicts involved.

Commissioner Branch spoke to the fact that many are single parents hoping their kids will be able to go back to school otherwise the parents wonít be able to work.

Public Hearing Budget Supplemental Appropriation Vehicle Reserve & Correction Facilities Fund
Undersheriff Aaron Culp

Commissioner DeTro opened up the public hearing to staff. Undersheriff Culp explained this supplemental will allow payment of the transfer of vehicles due to having originally being purchased from a restricted fund. The supplemental will allow the completing of the vehicle transfer from the Therapeutic Court fund 143 Equinox be used solely by Jail personnel and the.

There is some up fitting needed for both vehicles and the costs are included in the supplemental so these funds are all that will be needed.

Motion Resolution 98-2020 Budget Supplemental Appropriation
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 98-2020 a budget supplemental appropriation in the amount of $11,226. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Discussion-Public Health COVID-19 Update-Lauri Jones
Lauri Jones, Maurice Goodall

Ms. Jones stated the state is putting the Metrix out there and we cannot meet those. It has nothing to do with politics we have got to decrease our rates slow the spread of this. If we got a strong united voice to comply wear your masks it doesnít matter what your beliefs are we are tasked with protecting public health. This isnít about politics. As leaders share a united voice to do what it takes to get through this so we can have robust economies and If the Sheriff and commissioner said this it would make a difference. The box stores said they could do this safely so she is pleading with the commissioners that we send a strong statement that we are willing to do whatever it takes. The best way to do this could be a proclamation. Challenge people to unite to come together unite generations. What would happen if we got rid of politics and focused on it being a public health pandemic? We have three deaths over the weekend that havenít even been announced. One had no underlying conditions fit as a fiddle and got it and died. It affects everyone difference. She can show both sides. When we start blaming and shaming and disregarding this. 150 people may have been exposed to CIOVID 19 and that is what the health department is tasked with. She is tired of working seven days a week we need to rein people in. Central Washington hospital cannot take any more people. People are getting sent to Vancouver our health care system is being overburdened!!

Commissioner Hover asked how to get the information out there. A proclamation that unites this county Public Health will get it out. Commissioner DeTro said one email received today says we need the county to further support the mask mandate. He doesnít support requiring people to wear a mask and he wonít sign anything ordering people to wear a mask. She is asking for unity of the leaders, not charging people a crime for not wearing one. Commissioner Hover said it is a proclamation. We understand use curbside pickup. Letís get through this. Ms. Jones heart is breaking for those who have lost their lives. To put it under one size fits all is not what she is asking. Make a stand uniting the county so we can get back on track.

Economic information from 1918 flue economic flattening because those who did the non- pharmaceuticals were decreasing the spread by using face covers. The cities and towns who did that saw economic restart sooner. She is asking the leaders of the county to say we can do whatever it takes quit gathering we are in phase II, and you cannot gather 150 people together.

She isnít asking for an opinion just a unified voice from the leaders. Commissioner Branch discussed what the commissioners could do in a video message and give that message out in an economic way. If they arenít doing it with masks on then so many wonít listen. It needs to be a strong statement. She would like to walk into a store and feel safe, but she doesnít. Commissioner DeTro said this morning the fact Okanogan County is proud of its rural heritage with 4, 5 generation of people who have lived through it and they do not want someone else telling them what to do. Ms. Jones said that is ridiculous. Her family has been here that long and lost several family members, but with that comes with responsibility too! She knows the generations who have been here and they would not willy nilly not want us to thrive economically. Commissioner DeTro is key here and people listen to him, said Ms. Jones. Quit pissing and moaning and get this under control. Get it done by Labor Day!! This timeline helps.

Commissioner Hover would like someone to write a proclamation for the board to consider. Commissioner Branch would like to write the proclamation. Commissioner Branch said he had a different date to keep the effort going to look forward to November 3 because that is after the election. It is about politics and that may be a point.

Commissioner Branch said there may have been many who survived disease but let us not forget there were a bunch of generations wiped out by disease also. There is a resistance that we are not talking about. Ms. Jones stated we didnít have one case when things got locked down until Highway 20 opened up and people were already in lockdown for two weeks, things blew up when we got into phase II. Fourth of July kicked our rears. Right now, there isnít a business that hasnít been affected by an employee getting sick. What is so hard about doing the right thing in order to keep our community viable? The commissioners are the ones that need to do their part. Public Health is doing thereís. Emergency Management channel for getting the message out might be best since many receive that. He explained the many ways of getting the message out there.

Uninsured swabs costs around $40,000 which means clinics and

Commissioners discussed holding a meeting tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. to approve a proclamation.

Maurice Goodall stated the Anglin fire did get some money for time and damages. Some other funds opened up such as other grant possibilities.

Approve Commissioners Proceedings July 27 & 28, 2020
The commissioners did not wish to approve the meeting minutes today.

Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items, as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Contract-Legal Services-MacDougall Law PLLC
2. Certificate of Eligibility JIS-Link Authorization-Melanie Bailey-Bailey Law
3. Resolution 96-2020 Budget Adjustment Various Current Expense
4. Resolution 97-2020 Budget Adjustment Fairgrounds-COVID Related

Motion Resolution 99-2020
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 99-2020 promoting District Court Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jason DíAvignon. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve and authorize the Contract Change Order for the Tribes match portion of the CERB Grant funds in the amount of $8,500. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the agreement between Okanogan County and Economic Alliance for grant funding through the CARES ACT Coronavirus Relief funds in the initial amount $250,000. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Letter USFS Kristen Bail
Commissioner Hover moved to sign the letter to Okanogan Wenatchee Forest Supervisor Kristen Bail to support changes to the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest
Resources Land Management guidelines. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve and authorize the chairman to sign the A19 to Commerce for the Planning Only Grant for Housing Needs study in the amount of $1,584.90. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The Clerk of the Board asked whether the court related expenses generated by the Fairgrounds in preparation of the Agriplex holding the courts venue there would be reimbursed through AOC CARES Coronavirus or the Countyís CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds. Commissioner Hover stated any COVID related expenses that Fairgrounds Coordinator Naomie Peasley generated for the courts we would requested through the Countyís portion of the Coronavirus Relief funds.

The board adjourned at 3:30 p.m.