AUGUST 31, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on August 31, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy; and Clerk of the Board, Laleña Johns, present.

The full detail of the commissioners’ proceedings was captured via AV Capture and made available to the public on the county’s website.

Briefing Among Commissioners’ – Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings
Commissioners discussed the video tour video shoot that happened earlier this month and explained the areas of interest they took the videographer for the video tour.

Commissioner Hover mentioned a change that may be needed to the ordinance regarding the Methow.

Commissioner Hover noted he attended the Drug Court Graduation of one person and it was uplifting and encouraging to see.

Commissioners discussed the draft ordinance to adopt the district use chart amendment that the Planning Director provided this morning for consideration.

Commissioners discussed increasing the Therapeutic Courts budget for county administration was submitted for $70,000 for public defense costs. Six or seven people go through drug court each year and there are costs associated with that. If we are pushing the program to help people keep out of jail this is a direct cost of that.

Review Commissioners Agenda and Consent Agenda
Commissioners reviewed their agenda and consent agenda and offered no changes.

Commissioners adjourned at 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

Update-Planning Director Pete Palmer
Commissioners discussed protocol for adopting an ordinance that was previously adopted as interim code and how the board is move forward with adopting it as permanent code. Commissioners discussed the draft ordinance and offered changes to the language. The board tabled the discussion until later today.

Discussion North Central Regional Library Position Barbara Walters
North Regional Library Ms. Walter discussed the future open position on the library board. She said Jim Bruckerman’s term is up in December and he has served 14 years on the board. His position will be open and will be looking for someone within the county and commissioners’ choses an Okanogan County trustee for the library. Ms. Walters can assist with how ever the commissioners wish to move forward. They can advertise the position opening, collect names of candidates, then presented those to the commissioners.

Commissioners would like some help with the process and closer to December present those to the board for decision.

Commissioner Branch asked about the RCW 27.12.190 this position is in.

Planning Director Pete Palmer continued with her agenda items.

Quotes were received for the Planning Dept vehicle needs for small SUV. Three quotes one from ER&R, State Contract, and Columbia Ford.

USBR Conconully Cabins was discussed. She was not on the call previously so she contacted the Bureau as this was the first time anyone had heard of this meeting and it was the first contact they’ve made with the county. A meeting is set up with her about the particulars and to go over the expectations of the agreement. Commissioner DeTro explained when the property was condemned the county met with them several years ago and they promised to keep the resort there because if we lost the resort we lost the launch. They followed up with phase I and rebuilt the camp sites shower house and is opened up now and public is using those now. The cabin renovations were to be pursued later on but dropped the ball. Commissioner DeTro is glad to hear they have picked this back up and would like them to finish the project. An interlocal agreement and permitting is being requested.

Director Palmer stated the district use chart ordinance is still an interim document and it needs to be updated as well. A draft was provided for consideration.

DNR Property is a 20-acre property but they want to segregate it out to a 12-acre parcel in the Windy hill area. They own the land but not the house. The owners now would like to purchase the land and DNR is willing to sell it to them. The problem is that area is a 20-acre minimum. Staff is looking at a way to do a deviate or variance to the minimum or bump it up to sell the full 20 acres. None of the DNR land is adjacent.

Ms. Palmer provided the Aspect invoices. Some have been paid, but questions came up about tips and alcohol. Going over and auditing them they found the issues and corrected those. She explained some other issues found during the audit that were only a couple dollars. She felt those could be resubmitted for payment processing as she felt they were accurate now. She doesn’t take this lightly.

Ms. Palmer stated she will be on vacation next week.

Department Head Meeting
Tammi Denney, Susan Speiker, Charleen Groomes, Mike Worden, Pam Johnson, Darla Schreckengost, Karen Beatty, Laura Wright, Leah McCormack, Larry Gilman, Sheriff Hawley, Dan Higbee, Josh Thomson, Tanya Craig, Dennis Rabidou, Pete Palmer

Shelley Keitzman, HR Coordinator explained the New Expanded Family Medical Leave Program with the Dept Heads. Ms. Keitzman explained the portion of the benefit the employee is responsible for and how those responsibilities can be paid for. The leave is at 2/3rds salary but there is an option to supplement with their own annual leave. It can be taken intermittently if employer agrees. The recommendation is to work with employees to schedule the leave. It runs through December 31 at this time. If any employees are asking to use or have questions about the leave please direct to HR. It is a federal program. Information and forms are on the common drive.

There is a special code employee will need to use once the leave is approved to do so.

Larry Gilman provided verbal information about assessments and ad valorem taxes and how the values play into the budget. Commissioners would like some comparison information to lend information as the 2021 budget is considered. Banked capacity was discussed as well.

Dennis Rabidou discussed purchasing the X-ray machine for the Superior Court the cost is around $16,000 and $30,000. The AOC Coronavirus Funds would pay for it. A security station could be installed on 3rd floor later on when COVID measures are not required.

The board adjourned at 3:10 p.m.