AUGUST 18, 2020

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan, Washington on August 18, 2020, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch; Member, Commissioner Andy and LaleŮa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Discussion Prosecutor Update-Arian Noma
Auditor Cari Hall, Christa (Teagan) Levine, Lisa Schreckengost

Prosecutor Noma provided a letter that his office received from the State Dep of Health Services regarding a decrease in state funding for Support Enforcement. (attached)

Auditor Hall said the Support Enforcement office is fully funded by grant funds and that is within the Prosecutorís current expense budget. The state has decreased the grant funds allocated by about 21%. The shortfall is covered this year, but next year will need to be addressed.

Auditor Hall discussed having reviewed the budget, and noted that Support Enforcement is
charged rent at around $713 per month. She suggested this stop because it didnít make sense for current expense to pay current expense for rented space. Auditor Hall said the commissioners might consider doing away with the rent charge. The funding used for rent could then be used for other things. Currently a Deputy Prosecutor and two support enforcement officers and related costs are paid from the fund.

Commissionersí Staff Meeting
Joe Poulin, Naomie Peasley

Mr. Poulin provided his maintenance update. He inquired whether he should move forward and purchase the water truck for the fairgrounds. Commissioner Hover recommended waiting till next year as the Treasurer had unknown revenue forecasts due to COVID. The old water truck works still to get us through this year and we do not have the fair. The arenavator is in stock and is only $2,900, said Commissioner Hover. He recommended it be purchased.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the purchase of the arenavator for the fairgrounds in the amount of $2900. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Mr. Poulin discussed the race track mats that would prevent compaction of the track when driven over. Commissioner Hover said the track is a 40-foot wide span to cover and he did not think a bridge would work. The new track soil does not compact like the soil under it. If the arenavator was used instead of a rotovator the track could be worked often because people are using it regularly. Ms. Peasley believes non-use is the only way to prevent compaction. During fair people need to cross the track into the infield. Commissioner DeTro said that restricting the crossing of the track should be a rule.

Ms. Peasley provided the online livestock auction bidder invitation post cards. (attached) They will be sent to previous participants, attendees and buyers. Commissioner Hover suggested an ad also be placed in the various Newspapers within the county. The postcard is on the Facebook page. There are two auctions the livestock auction and the fur and feather auction. It costs $20 for kids to register to participate with their livestock. The fee covers the cost of the auctioneer so that would be covered. The WA State Fair Association contacted her about some funding sources that could refund the fair for some of these costs. The auctioneer takes about 4% of sales. Ms. Peasley said the Fur and Feathers auction may have the ability for online payments.

Ms. Peasley asked if the ecology block project could move forward. It will cost about $9000 to purchase and haul and Public Works would need to install. Commissioner Hover said it should be considered for next year.

Another issue is the use of the RV showers and bathrooms by nonpaying trespassers. Ms. Peasley suggested the fairgrounds bathrooms be closed even though a special keypad lock was installed,

Although the Fairgrounds gates are locked in the evening there is still theft and vandalism going on as another theft was discovered. The Sheriff will be doing extra patrols. A front gate sign was posted as well as no trespassing signs around the perimeter of the grounds including the railroad track side. Security camera upgrades were suggested. She would like to include the upgrades in next yearís budget. Commissioner Branch suggested the system include a flash of light and an audible alarm that sounds off.

Ms. Peasley said she has received many calls to book the facilities for next year with almost every weekend scheduled. She also has three races lined up, and many are excited about next year.

Commissioners discussed a previous donation received for a new commercial stove in the Agriplex Annex kitchen, but a stove was never purchased. The current stoves are electric and griddle is warped. Mr. Poulin said there is a gas line for a gas stove if we get one. Commissioner DeTro mentioned the Eagles had a used one they wanted to give away. He will confirm.

CANCELLED Finance Committee Meeting-Treasurer-Auditor-Commissioners

Update-Public Works- Engineer Thomson
Engineer Thomson provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Maintenance and Road Conditions
Work continues on the various road projects.

Pleasant Valley West Road
Discussed the issues with the state.

Bridge Deck preservation
Engineer Thomson discussed putting a program together that would help catch up on the bridge decking projects as he would like to complete them all.

Army Corp is here for levee inspections. He will meet with them tomorrow.

RAP Project Final Prospectus
The prospectus does require board signature. Engineer Thomson explained our annual funding limit is $2.5 million per county, that we borrowed against that for Statler Bridge as well as the funding for the Old-97 work so the most we can be awarded is around $15,000. Once the drainage project on Whitestone Creek is complete, then we can be fully funded after that. Sometimes money is turned back so additional projects will be turned in just in case that happens.

The Public Works window replacement project will need to be added to the Capital Facilities plan which is to be considered for approval by the end of the month.

Commissioner Hover discussed the small works roster application and asked that the list be arranged differently so the columns can be sorted more easily.

A general Request for Statement of Qualifications RSQ was published for engineer architects. Engineer Thomson said a second list could be created for the Services. Public Works would be the keeper of the list and be responsible for re-advertising every year.

Commissioner Branch said there is a need to identify specialty work as would be necessary depending on qualifications in the area of expertise and those would be on a roster and the most qualified within that expertise would be chosen for the project.

Commissioners adjourned at 11:35 am. Until 1:30 pm.

Public Comment Period
Jerry Brannon,

Commissioner Branch presided the meeting since Commissioner DeTro was absent certifying the election.

Member of the public, Jerry Brannon commented on the problem schools and students will have with regards to dependable internet for remote schooling he wondered if there was funding that could be used to provide extra broadband internet access in areas not served like the Chiliwist.

Mr. Brannon mentioned a state-wide survey that was being conducted. Commissioner Branch explained some funding was awarded to the county for the broadband surveys within the county, tribe and Methow valley areas.

Commissioner Hover said Methow School District is going with a hybrid school year that includes both online and in person. Commissioner Branch stated many schools are still trying to figure it out.

Update-Central Services-Karen Beatty
Director Beatty updated the board on Central Services. The new AV Capture program and processes were discussed. Ms. Beatty thought Long term another camera would be helpful. Commissioners discussed public feedback about the sound She will look into the sound issues.
Ms. Beatty discussed installation of point to point wireless for the Fair office due to current slowness. It is inexpensive.

Solid Waste has a new office building they are moving into that will be outfitted with a point to point access as well.

Departments have been purchasing laptops to have for employees who are working at home due to COVID-19. Some are refurbished and on hand.

Working with Auditorís office to upgrade their Eagle Web server. A security grant was used to purchase the security equipment for the Auditorís office. Monitoring of our network is also being set up.

Countyís new website and list of departments who will be managing their respective county sites was discussed. There is still a lot of work to choose the styles and put it all together.

Director Beatty has been attending the BAT meetings. Realistically it is not possible to hit the whole county so the discussion has been around where the best locations would be. Commissioner Branch wondered if school locations were discussed in those conversations. Those issues are being sorted out now.

Update Risk Management/Human Resources-Tanya Craig
Risk Manager Tanya Craig provided her departmental update.

Ms. Craig stated mediation for collective bargaining unit happened yesterday with another mediation scheduled next Monday. The Teamsters contract negotiation dates were discussed with regards to commissioners.

The company doing the countyís new website Revise, and Central Services are working together on the new website site map. A logo/header for the website was made for consideration. Commissioner Branch would like to see the geographic areas of the county to be recognized in an updated logo if one was proposed.

Ms. Craig said the Risk Pool is still discussing whether or not they are subject to the public records act. They are made up of around 26 counties in the pool and those counties are subject to the act.

Commissioner DeTro returned at 2:35 p.m. from certifying the election results. Commissioner DeTro stated he discussed the Eagles commercial gas stove with Joe Poulin after Joe looked at the stove and it is feasible. The stove will be cleaned and tested for the annex kitchen.

Commissioners discussed using the $3500 donation for annex kitchen improvements.

The Clerk of the Board explained she spoke to the GCI videographer and told him what she knew of the commissionersí schedule for the shoots. The videographer asked her about any arrangements made with schools or hospitals to include in the video. The commissioners thought CGI was going to make the arrangements. The Clerk of the Board thought so too.

Commissioners reviewed meeting minutes and offered corrections.

Public Hearing Budget Supplemental Appropriation MARC fund 504 $40,000
Commissioner DeTro opened up the public hearing to public, seeing no public he closed the hearing to public and opened up to commissionersí discussion.

Commissioner Hover explained the supplemental would be used to help with the eRecording and various online services.

Motion Resolution 103-2020 Budget Supplemental Appropriation Fund 504
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 103-2020 a budget supplemental in the amount of. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Discussion-WSU Capstone Project Update-Kayla Wells-Moses
Kayla Wells-Moses provided an update on the Capstone project that was accepted by WSU. (attached) The Capstone project is a partnership between a county extension office and undergraduates who would work on the project with them. The Okanogan County needs assessment project was accepted.

The project is Partnered up with Professor Janet Peters in the Tri-cities area and she sees this as a year and half project. They will be doing a lecture on the two highlighted questions. The students will report on the literature review. Spring of 2021 the students will design the needs survey and then Ms. Wells-Moses will get the survey out to everyone. The same students would then analysis the data and get the results from the questions asked. It must print well. Are there any additional questions that the students can gather information on?

Commissioner Hover would be interested in the relationship between college bound students and the kids in the county who could benefit to going to trade schools. He is trying to figure out if kids are being told to go to college due to trade schools being stigmatized and kids get discouraged. Commissioner Branch discussed civics affecting lives in either one of the courses. He was encouraged to go to college as it was thought those graduates would make more money. Kayla said that is the educational debate and should not be diversive. They should be pushed to do something but the pathways should be unbiased.

Commissioner DeTro said some graduates go right into a one-year lineman school and get hired by the PUD. Welding school is the same way. People get interested in other things as time goes on. Knowledge about how communities work is important.

Approve Commissioners Proceedings-August 3, 2020
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the August 3, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion was seconded, motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Approve Commissioners Proceedings-August 4, 2020
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the meeting minutes of August 4, 2020. Motion was seconded, motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Approve Commissioners Proceedings-August 5, 2020
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the meeting minutes of August 5, 2020. Motion was seconded, motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.