Fee Schedule



Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Abstract of Judgment   Filing $20     36.18.012(2)
  Abstract of Judgment   Preparation  $5     36.18.016(4)
  Anti-Harassment Petition   Filing  $53, 10.14.040
  Arbitration Request for Trial De Novo    Filing (if local
  authority established)
$220     36.18.016(26) 
  Arbitration-request for Mandatory Arbitration    Filing  $250     36.18.016(25)
  Bail Bond Justification   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c)
  Change of Name   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c)
  Civil Case Filing   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c)
  Common Law Lien-Petition   Filing $35     36.18.020(8)
  Counter-claim, Cross-claim, 3rd Party claim   Filing in civil case $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c)
  Deeds of Trust, Surplus Funds    Filing $240     61.24.080(3), 36.18.020(2)(a)(c) 
  Election–Affidavit of Elector Contesting Election of Person    Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c),28A305.070,29.65.020 
  Emancipation of Minor   Filing $50     36.18.014 
  Foreign Judgment    Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c) 
  Frivolous Lien/Claim Statute    Filing of Application
  for Order 
$35     36.18.016(17) 
  Judicial Review    Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c) 
  Jury Demand    6 member jury
  12 member jury
  Land Use Petition    Filing  $240     36.70C.040, 36.18.020(2)(a)(c) 
  Legal Newspaper (effective 6/11/41)    Filing Petition & Order  $240     36.18.020(2)(a(c), 65.16.040
  Property Taxes, Certification of Delinquency, Application for Judgment    Filing; $2 each
  contestant at time of
  filing appeal 
$2     86.64.120, 86.64.040
  Registration of Land Titles (Torrens Act)    Filing  $20     65.12.780, 36.18.016(13) 
  Restoration of Rights to Possess Firearms    Filing  $240     9.41.047, 36.18.020(2)(a)(c) 
   Restrictive covenant for filing petition to strike
  discriminatory provisions in real estate
  Filing  $20     36.18.012(5), 49.60.227 
  Supplemental Proceedings    Filing  $20     36.18.016(7) 
  Tax Warrants - Dept of Revenue; All other depts. Special
  Fuels Tax 
  Filing  $20     36.18.012(10), 36.18.050, 82.38.235 
  Transcript of Judgment    Filing  $20     36.18.012(2) 
  Unlawful Detainer    1. Filing
  2. Defendant files
      Answer or Order to
     Show Cause, Plaintiff
     pays fee
  3. Full filing fee 

  36.18.020(2)(a)(c), 36.18.012(4) 
  Water Rights Statement    Filing  $25     36.18.016(16), 90.03.180 
  Water System Requirements (Enforcement of---)    Filing  $240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c), 79.119A040(6) 
  Work Permits -minor under 14 yrs of age (Petition)    Filing  $20     28A.225.080 
  Writs of: Attachment, Garnishment or Restitution, Execution of Real Property    Each Filing  $20      36.18.016(6), 36.18.050

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Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Custody   Filing $260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016(15), 26.12.240
  Custody – Out of State Decree   Filing to enforce
  or modify
$260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016 (15)26.12.240,
  Domestic Relations (Divorce, Legal Separation, Validity of
  Filing $314     36.18.020(2)(a), 26.12.240,
  36.18.016 (15), 36.18.016(2)(b)
  Modification of Decree - In existing Okanogan Cause #   Filing in existing case $56     36.18.016(2), 36.18.016(16)
  Modification of Decree - Never filed in this county   New Filing $260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016(16)
  Relocation/Objection/Pet for Modification   Filing in existing case $56     36.18.050, 36.18.016, 26.09.260(6),
  Wage Assignment, Spousal Maintenance or Child Support   Filing of original action $260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016(15), 26.18.070



Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Adoption   Filing $260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016(15), 26.12.240
  Adoption Certified Copy Fee (for vital records)   Certified copy $20     Vital records
  Adoption registration fee (for vital records)   Seal the file $15     Vital records
  Certificate of Qualification   Issuance (Form K) $5     36.18.016(9)
  Disclaimer of Interest   Fee repealed - see
0     11.86.031(4)36.18.016(13)
  Escheat - Probate Proceedings   Filing Claim
  Filing Dept. of Revenue
  36.18.020(2)(f)(c), 11.08.300
  Estate - Probate   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(f)(c)
  Guardianship   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(f)(c)
  Letters of Administration, Guardianship or Testamentary   Issuance & certified
$5     36.18.016(9)
  Non-judicial probate dispute filed within existing case   Filing - Petition,
  written agreement
$20     11.96A.220, 36.18.020(7)
  Non-Probate Notice to Creditors   Filing $240     11.42.010(3)(a), 36.18.020(2)(f)(c)
  Notice to Creditors - Probate filed in another county where
  decedent resided
  Filing $20     36.18.050, 11.40.020(2)
  Paternity   Filing $260     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016 (15),
  Paternity Modification   Filing $56     36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016 (15),
  Petition Contesting Will (TEDRA)   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(g)(c)
  Petition Objecting to Non-Judicial Resolution   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(g)(c)
  Petition to Admit Rejected Will   Filing $240     36.18.020(2)(g)(c)
  Small Estate   Filing $20     11.62.01036.18.050
  Termination of Child Relationship   Filing $260     26.12.240, 36.18.020(2)(a), 36.18.016(15)
  Will Only (after death - no probate contemplated)   Filing $20     36.18.012(7)
  Will Repository (people still living.)   Filing $20     11.12.265, 36.18.016(26)

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Criminal (imposed by Court upon conviction or guilty plea)

Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Collection fee – Criminal   Charge per case per
  year for clerk to
  supervise collection of
Up to $200   
per year    
  County resolution 99-622
  Crime Victim Penalty upon conviction/admission of guilt   Felony
  Gross Misdemeanor
  Filing Fee/Costs imposed & reimbursement to county
  following admission of guilt/conviction
  Filing  $200     36.18.020(h)
  Jury fee upon conviction   6-person jury
  12-person jury
  7.68.035, 36.18.016(3)(b)


Juvenile Fees

Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Crime Victim Penalty upon conviction/admission of guilt   Felony



Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Appeals from Administrative Hearing Decision   Filing $240     34.05.514, 36.18.020(2)(c)
  Civil Appeal from Court of Limited Jurisdiction   Filing $230     36.18.020(2)(b)
  Clerk’s Certificate on Appeal   $2     36.18.016(5)
  Clerk's Papers   Preparation of
  designated papers
$.50 per page     36.18.016(20)(a),15.4(e)
  Notice of Appeal from Superior Court matter to Appellate
  Filing (payable to
 Okanogan County Clerk)
$290     36.18.018(2), 2.32.070
  Petition to Review Court of Appeal Decision Terminating
  Filing $230     2.32.070
  Transmittal of record & exhibits to Appellate Court   Mailing costs Actual cost     RAP 9.8 & 15.4(e)
  Upon conviction; failure to prosecute appeal; or affirming
  conviction in Court of limited jurisdiction
  Filing $230     36.18.020(2)(h)
  Discretionary Review to the COA District III   Filing $290     RAP 5.1(B) & 36.18.018

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Title Service Provided Fee RCW
  Authenticated or Exemplified copies of documents on file   Certificate $2.00 per
  seal Plus copy fees of
  $5.00 for 1st pg. +
  $1.00 each pg.
$6 plus   
  36.18.016(5), 36.18.016(4)
  Bench Warrants, Notices, Summons, Subpoenas,
  Certificates of Deposition for Out of State Depositions
  Issuance $20     36.18.050
  Bond – approving, including justification on the bond other
  than in civil actions & probate proceedings
  $2     36.18.016(8)
  Certificate   Executing with or
  without seal
$2     36.18.016(5)
  Change of Venue -Civil   Filing fee (payable to
  Clerk of County to
  which case is being
  transferred) or $290
  for domestic case
  Preparing Change of
  4.12.090, 36.18.020(2)(a)(c),
  36.18.016(18)CR 82(d)
  Copies: Certified copies of documents from legal file or
  imaged documents
  First page of each
  Every following page
  of each document

  Copies: documents without seal (un-filed, filed or scanned)   Per page $.50     36.18.016(4)
  Copies: electronic copies - e-mailing documents w/o seal   e-mailing (per page)
  Fax 1st page
  each additional page
  36.18.016(4), 36.18.016(20)
  Diking, Drainage & Sewerage Improvement District   Petition for Review
$240     36.18.020(2)(a)(c), 85.15.110
  Ex Parte   Presentation of Order,
  Conforming provided
  copies per order
$30     36.18.016(12)
  Extension of judgment   Filing $200     36.18.016(14), 6.17.020
  Fees in Special Cases – where no fee is provided for; fees
  similar & equal to those allowed for services of the same
  Filing Variable     36.16.050
  Filing any paper not related to or part of any Civil, Criminal
  or Probate matter, required or permitted to be filed for
  which no other charge is provided by law
  Filing $20     36.18.012(3)
  Investment Service Fee – if written request received for
  Service fee for interest
5% of Income  
  NSF Check charge   NSF  $35    
  Oaths & Affirmations   Fee repealed 0     36.18.016(13)
  Passports   Clerk's fee -
  Fee to Passport Svcs
  adult -under 16 yrs of
  age -
  Expedite fee -

  Reports & copies produced at the local level as permitted
  by 2.68.020 & Supreme Court Policy
  Copies & reports Variable     36.18.016(21)
  Searches   Records (charge per hr) $30     36.18.016(11)
  Statistical Reports   Compiling (charge per
$30     36.18.016(11)
  Tape/CD Duplication   Video/CD
  Audio Tape
  Witness/Jury Fee in-state   per day + $.50 per mile $15     2.40.010 5.56.010
  Witness/Jury Fee out of state   per day + $.10 per mile $5     2.40.010 5.56.010
  Cost of non-statutory services rendered by clerk by
  authority of local ordinance or policy must be charged
  Actual cost     36.18.016(23)

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Fees In Special Cases (RCW 36.18.050)

  1. When the Clerk is required to perform services for which no fee or compensation are specifically listed, the Clerk shall be allowed fees similar to and allowed for similar services by statute.

  2. Investment service charge and earnings under RCW 36.48.090 must be charged.

  3. Costs for non-statutory services rendered by clerk by authority of local ordinance or policy must be charged.

Fee Exemptions

  Adoptions Preplacement Report   RCW 26.33.190 – Report filed at not cost, even if no case filed yet. Fee is required
  when Pet. For Adoption is filed
  Disclaimer of Interest   Repealed 2005 – No charge
  Domestic Violence Petitions   RCW 26.50.040 – No filing fees, forms provided free of charge, no charges for
  certified copies or service fees.
  Employment Security   50.32.110, 50.32.190 – Judicial Review on Unemployment Compensation - No fees of
  any kind chargeable to individuals-No fees for department for any clerks
  Guardianships   RCW 11.88.030 – If attorney general petitions for appointment of guardian, no fee
  charged. Or if the alleged incapacitated person has less than $3,000 in total assets, no
  filing fee is charged.
  Immigration   No charge for any fees to the U.S. Dept. of Immigration for requests relating to their
  Informa Pauperis   RCW 7.36.250 – If order signed, Clerk does not charge fee at time of filing.
  Paternity & Support Actions   RCW 74.20.300 – No fees charged to DSHS or Prosecutor in these cases.
  Relinquishment for adoption   RCW 36.18.020(3) – No fee for filing petitions under this RCW.
  Veterans Administration   RCW 73.36.155 & 73.04.120) – No fees charged to the requesting party when
  requesting copies of legal documents for matters concerning VA eligibility, etc.
  Public Assistance   RCW 34.05.514 – See RCW for fee exemption.
  • Fees to be charged to all cities, other counties, other states, unless specifically stated otherwise.

  • Fees to be charged to all state agencies unless there is a specific statutory authority (98 Wn2d 606).

  • No statutory authority to NOT charge federal agencies except U.S. Immigration and Veterans Administration.

  • Fees to be paid in advance except for state and county (36.18.060). (We voucher the State and cities.)