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Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Tax Exemption Program

You may qualify for an exemption from all or part of your property tax on your residence if you meet the following qualifications:

1.  You are at least 61 years of age or permanently disabled (unable to pursue an occupation).

2.  You own and occupy a house, mobile home or unit of a cooperative housing association.

3.  You and your spouse or co-tenant(s) has a combined disposable income (including social security benefits) of $ 40,000 or less.

The exemption varies depending on your income.  To obtain an application or have more questions, contact us.

Single Family Dwelling Improvement Exemption  (RCW 84.36.400) (WAC 458-16-080)

You may be able to file an exemption from property taxes on any physical improvement to your home.

1.  This exemption would be for three assessment years.

2.  The exemption must be filed prior to completion of the addition/improvement.

3.  You must receive and file the form with the County Assessor in the county that the property is located.

4.  The amount of the exemption shall not exceed 30% of the value of the dwelling prior to the improvements.

5.  This exemption shall not be allowed on the same dwelling more than once every five years.


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