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Watershed Planning: Foster Creek/Moses Coulee

Watershed Planning: Kettle (WRIA 60)

The Foster Creek/Moses Coulee Watersheds chose to combine their watersheds for funding and planning purposes under Watershed Planning.  This Planning Unit has completed their Watershed Plan and is currently in adoption phase of Watershed Planning.  The Watershed plan addresses the components of instream flow-setting, water quality and habitat.

For additional information about the Foster Creek/Moses Coulee watersheds, you are referred to the
Foster Creek Conservation District. Their contact information is below.

Staff Contact Information

Britt Dudek, District Manager britt-dudek@wa.nacdnet.org
Kay Fisher, Financial Manager kay-fisher@wa.nacdnet.org
Marilynn Lynn, Watershed Manager marilynn-lynn@wa.nacdnet.org
Tim Behne, Watershed Coordinator tim-behne@wa.nacdnet.org
Kathleen Bartu, Natural Resource Coordinator kathleen-bartu@wa.nacdnet.org
Bethany Byington, Natural Resource Technician bethany-byington@wa.nacdnet.org

Foster Creek Conservation District
P.O. Box 428
Waterville, WA 98858-0428
Telephone: 509-745-8362 ext. 3
Fax: 509-745-8758