Shoreline Master Program Update Clean Draft after BOCC work sessions July 2017

Appendix A:  Inventory and Analysis
Section A.1:  Shoreline Characterization Report

     Section A.2:  AU Characterization Summary Reports
     Section A.3:  Tables
     Section A.4:  Map Portfolio
Appendix B:  Characterization Data Sheets
Appendix C:  Characterization Map Book
Appendix D: 
Draft Shoreline Designations Mapbook
Appendix E: 
CIA Report
Attachment 1:  Cumulative Impacts Analysis Summary Table
Attachment 2:  Descriptions of Stream and Lake Groups
Attachment 3:  Key Area Alterations Maps
Attachment 4:  No Net Loss Report
Appendix F:  Data Tables
SMP Designations Per Group
Current Landuse
Current Buildable Lots
Buildable Acres Summary
Future Use Summary
Appendix G: 
Restoration Plan
Restoration Plan Mapbook
Appendix H: 
Recommended Plant List

Appendix I:  Critical Areas