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Snowmobile Trail Grooming:
Grooming report (509)422-7324 winter months

List of Dual Use Snowmobile Routes:

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2017-2018 Roads Open To Snowmobiles As Well As Other Traffic

ORV / WATV Routes:

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Ordinance 2017-4 County Roads open to use by Wheeled All - Terrain Vehicles (WATV's)

Ordinance 2018-1 The following county roads closed to use by WATV's: Knox Road, Knox Road Extension, Ed Figlenski Road, JH Green Road

Ordinance 2012-3 County Roads open for ORV / WATV

Ordinance 2013-8 Opening Additional County Roads to ORV's

ORV / WATV Route Map Page 1 Okanogan County (updated 3-24-2017)

ORV / WATV Route Map Page 2 Town Detail (updated 3-24-2017)

Click here for Ordinance 2012-3 and 2013-8 ORV / WATV routes kmz file (updated 3-24-2017)
(Note: kmz file can be opened in Google Earth)

Ordinance 2017-1 An Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2014-7 which opened certain county roads to wheeled all-terrain vehicles.

Click here to open map WATV 6-28-17 (Adobe pdf format 7mb)
Purpose of Map WATV 6-28-17:
This map was created to depict Okanogan County roads proposed to be opened to WATV use.  The current proposal focuses on the Northeast portion of the county, generally following the boundaries of Commissioner District 3 plus the Omak Flats area.

  Description of map symbols:
  Green roads - Currently open to WATVs and ORVs
  Red dash beside road - Roads currently open to ORVs but not WATVs
  Orange - Roads 35 MPH or less, propose to open to WATVs
  Blue - Roads over 35 MPH, propose to reduce speed limit to 35 and open to WATVs
  Pink - Roads 35 MPH or less, not proposed to be open to WATVs
  Black - Roads not eligible to be opened to WATVs
  Public property ownership is also shown per the map legend (lower right corner).

This proposal will be presented in an open house format Tuesday, August 22 2017 at 6:00 PM in the Commissioner's Hearing Room 123 5th Avenue North, Okanogan WA.

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