RESOLUTION   173 --2017


WHEREAS, the Okanogan County Board of Commissioners adopted resolution 104-2017 and declaring that hazardous fire conditions existed; and established a burn ban on outdoor burning of combustible materials in the county; and,

WHEREAS, moderate temperatures and higher humidity throughout the county were noted; and

 WHEREAS, the Fire District Chiefs consulted with each other on the current fire conditions and recommended the County lift its Burn Ban; and

 WHEREAS, Forest Service and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have either reduced fire danger from moderate to low and/or already allow recreational fires in approved fire pits and do not object to the County lifting its burn ban; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Okanogan County Board of Commissioners do hereby lift the burning ban established by Resolution 104-2017 in its entirety.

Adopted October 16, 2017