OCTOBER 30, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners’ met for its regular session on October 30, 2018, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro, Vice Chair Commissioner Chris Branch; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

George Thornton, member of the public was present.

Commissioners’’ Staff Meeting
Stella Columbia and Director Perry Huston were present.

There were two boats being stored at the fairgrounds. Both boats were broken into. On one boat, the gas lines were cut and fuel syphoned out and fishing tackle and other items were stolen as well. The Sheriff was called and they investigated. She stated the grounds security cameras will likely need to be upgraded or replaced as they run off a windows 05 program. The cameras do not totally reach the areas that need to be secure. She felt someone knew where to go and what to avoid. Motion sensor lighting, upgraded camera systems, and regular monitoring could be done to avoid any further vandalism. She wasn’t’ sure the vandal accessed the grounds through the front gate, but thought whoever it was knew the grounds well and how to avoid the security system.

The Risk Manager was consulted about this situation.

Commissioner Branch said there is a system that takes a photo and uses a very bright flash type light and audio siren blasts which deters vandals. He thought the neighbors
should be aware and be on the lookout for people like this. Commissioner DeTro stated options should be looked into and provided for consideration. Motion sensor lighting, video cameras and upgraded system that provides clear surveillance photos and videos. There are currently 9 cameras positioned around the grounds. Costs for upgrades were discussed. System quality was discussed.

The Clerk of the Board discussed a request of a citizen she received to metal detect the courthouse and fairgrounds.

Motion Clerk of the Board Direction
Commissioner Hover moved to direct the Clerk of the Board to draft an amendment with Conservation District for use of Title III funds not utilized in the contract year which is approximately $6,000-10,000. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Director Huston provided his update. Taber surveyor is working on a legal description, meeting with initiating governments this afternoon, gala turkey feed has been scheduled for the 6th of December.

Update –Human Resources & Risk Management
Tanya Craig, Debi Hilts, Leah McCormack

Ms. Hilts updated the board on Civil Service. She received the letter from the Chairman to request an appointment letter to appoint Celeste Pugsley to fill the expired term of Ada Ward. (attached) To clarify, two of the Civil Service commissioners’ were of separate political parties per RCW 41.14.30.

Motion Civil Service Appointment Direction
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the appointment of Celeste Pugsley to the Civil Service Commission. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Ms. Hilts explained training will occur so Civil Service has a full roster at the beginning of the year.

Terminating PEBB insurance and going with Premera insurance is dependent on whether or not the Union employees agree to switch to Premera. It was mentioned by the Treasurer that she heard union employees indicated their preference to stay with PEBB. November 15 is open enrollment. No official proposal was issued for consideration it was more that the county was looking at options and wanted feedback.

Self-Insurance options will be discussed at a later date that would include more solid data. Commissioner Hover would like ditch the switch option to Premera and investigate the Self-Insurance option for next year.

Ms. Craig explained a meeting this afternoon between Public Works, Public Works Finance and Solid Waste would be to discuss and work out the financial needs.

Ms. Craig explained circumstances around claims and lawsuits she is dealing with and what might be an expected outcome and how the county would proceed.

She is also dealing with an ongoing ADA request for accommodation. The organizational chart has not been adopted at this time. What is the timeline for adopting it? Adopt as is the organization exists today was suggested by the commissioners’. Ms. Craig was asked to draft the resolution for consideration.

Has the personnel manual been reviewed? Yes, but not much discussion has happened. Ms. Craig was hoping the commissioners’ would preview prior to sitting down to discuss. It has not been fully updated since the 1990’s and too many changes since then that have not been incorporated. Commissioner Branch asked when the discussion would happen. Ms. Craig stated there is also the administrative manual draft to be considered.

Commissioner Branch asked if other departments should also be allowed to preview. Ms. Craig stated there was no wriggle room because it mostly deals with state laws which cannot be changed. Commissioner Branch would like to allow the department heads to review and offer comments prior to commissioners’ approval.

Budget Work Session- Human Resources & Risk Management
Cari Hall, Leah McCormack, Tanya Craig, Member of the public George Thornton

The commissioners’ reviewed fund 001.007 and made adjustments to their advertising, travel, and misc line items.

Ms. Craig is not going to the LERA conference in 2019. Office supplies and postage expenses are purchased from the commissioners’ budget as a departmental expense. MS. Hall explained she invoices and pays Shoretell telephone costs from the commissioners’ budget.

Update – Public Works
Engineer Josh Thomson and Admin Officer Ben Rough and Kent Kovalenko

Commissioners’ discussed their cell phone use and phone preferences. Engineer Thomson explained all the area supervisors would prefer to be able to use their personal cell phone and county stipend but the policy would need to be amended to adjust the data allowance. Technology is here so our policies should address. The issue of texting was also discussed as another area where policies and procedures should enable staff and officials to utilize current technology in communications.

Commissioner DeTro asked about the Bonaparte Meadows Ranch Association up Summer Road, because they have a home owners association that pays to plow the road. They believe they plow a mile of county road and would like the county to plow up to where the private property starts so the association doesn’t have to pay to plow the mile of county road. Engineer Thompson stated there was plow policy adopted by another county commission which the department follows. Would the board would like to consider amending the plowing policy? Commissioner Hover commented that he also has had requests like this, the commissioners’ should look at each individual situation and consider it rather than setting a precedence. Engineer Thomson thought it would generate a lot of requests.

Josh Thomson provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Maintenance and Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson provided his report.

Motion RATA Contract-Statler Bridge Emergency Replacement
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the RATA contract No. 2418-01 with the State of Washington County Road Administration Board and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, and motion was carried.

Engineer Thomson asked if the board had any question about items listed on the consent agenda. Mr. Kovalenko explained the purchase order for the Landfill Compactor was for a large compactor. The old compactor will be kept as a backup.

Ben Rough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Commissioner Hover discussed the Apple Maggot Quarantine because a business owner was frustrated about how the county has handled the situation. But another citizen said they were very willing to separate and comply with the requirement. Mr. Rough said many conversations have occurred departmentally and with Dept. of Agriculture. Green waste is different than food waste from restaurants and is a big deal. Mr. Kovalenko explained some funds that would help with the waste acceptance and education process for the businesses. The literature for the public is different from the literature for businesses. Any purchased commercial vegetables are okay and do not need to be separated. Mr. Kovalenko described how the green waste would be handled and what process would be applied to ensure proper temperature. On average they receive around 9 bins per week so a huge steam plant would be needed and we would not have the space at the existing location. There would be odor and perhaps leachate challenges involved in the steam process. Commissioner Branch expressed his concern that the taxpayers and private business sector were bearing the financial burden to control an agricultural pest.

CCT Hauling Data
A spreadsheet was provided that showed data for the CCT haul for July through September. It included information from on tonnage brought to the Ferry County Keller Transfer Station by CCT. The off set for the transfer station will derive some savings.
The proposed changes to the tipping fees was provided by Mr. Kovalenko. (attached

Commissioner DeTro left the meeting at 11:55 a.m.

Motion Tipping Fees
Commissioner Hover moved to increase the Solid Waste tipping fees to $81.50 effective January 1, 2019. Motion was seconded, both commissioners’ voted nay, motion died. Commissioner Branch asked that the information regarding the tipping fee effective date and what notifications are needed prior to becoming effective. Commissioner Branch asked for an agenda bill that outlined the issues.

Commissioner Branch asked that the conditional use permit issue be discussed with Stan at the Barnholt Loop association to see how feel about it, because that would also need to be amended.

A request was received from Public Health to negotiate a lower utility charge. Public Health is currently charged around $1632 per month in addition to utilities. Mr. Rough explained he did get some complaints from employees about the temperature, but they sit near the windows. Commissioners’ would like to see some of the needed upgrades to be considered.

Presentations-Potential LTAC Destination Marketing Organizations
Carolyn Davis, OCTC; Jen Tate, OCTC; Terri Leap, OCTC; Arnie Marchand, LTAC; and Steve Devin, LTAC were present.

The county published an RFQ in the Methow Valley Newspaper, Oroville Gazette Tribune, Spokesman Review, Wenatchee World, and Tri City Herald with a deadline of October 12 for the provision of Destination Marketing Organization designation three year contract. One proposal was received from Okanogan County Tourism Council. Okanogan County Tourism Council has been the county’s marketing organization for twenty years.

Ms. Leap introduced the OCTC application proposal for Destination Marketing Organizations.

Ms. Leap explained OCTC membership was arranged so two members represent each of the regions in the county. There are also membership representing the tribe on the board. They employ/contract for office staff through Economic Alliance and contract with Earth and Sky’s Studios for marketing media. Ms. Tate was introduced.

Ms. Tate presented the 2019 plan. The presentation was built around what they have been doing with a few new initiatives. She highlighted that Okanogan was highlighted as the top travel pick for the Northwest Travel Life magazines.

One key regular pieces is guides and maps. They started the Ag guide and plan to finish it for next year. Membership listings have been created. The fishing guide was completed this year, with the Fishin’ Magician info compiled and distributed. Those won’t need to be reprinted.

The Hiking guide, 2016, was updated with focus on the North County to be printed in the first quarter of next year with the new hikes. The Okanogan Country maps pamphlet is slated to be updated as well. The tear away recreational maps help to capture one part of the county but allows folks to see other activities in our very large county.

Partner Maps was discussed as a way to explore the landscape of burned areas with the map showing points of interest on Okanogan County fires.

Seattle Times Articles were shown on the screen showing the most recent article had information about our ghost towns, cider, roasters and breweries were highlighted in the article. This year five promotional packages were done with Sun Mountain Lodge being highlighted for the current season. Email addresses are being captured for the mailing lists and many memberships generated. The Vacation Package Giveaways includes five packages to stay, includes eight partners, includes five events and there were a total of 798 entries. It isn’t just let’s win something. They get a tangible connection to the things being promoted.

Bird Watching and Butterfly Watching guide is being created next.

The 2019 goals overview was discussed. Increasing heads in beds, tourism dollars from lodging, new website content, maintain master calendar, vic training annually, select print ads, partnerships, hike of the week, remaining kiosks for vices, off season marketing, new photography, new videography. There has been a huge response regarding the Hiking guide and is hugely popular.

One thing identified was to wrap the marketing plan around the core things that people will drive four or five hours to come here. The secondary things are things that would keep them here or bring them back to explore more. Outdoor recreation such as trail based, non-motorized, and trails based recreation motorized, plus hunting and fishing plus more.
Supporting clusters are additional experiences and events and place to visit. Key projects were discussed. A video was shown encouraging visitors to enter to win one of the five packages. 15 second videos were shown of the various seasonal highlights. The fall TV commercial is playing in the greater Seattle area Apex media and plays are various channel ads but there is a long list of programs. She discussed the times those ads would play. Ms. Davis stated they do provide the list of times the ads played with the bill.

As marketing becomes digitally focused it is more difficult to calculate ROI, so the print ads are limited to only targeted areas such as Route 97, Scenic Washington, Adventure Outdoors and Cascade Loop.

Social media posts were shown as people are appreciating our authentic imaging and branding and messaging and commenting on photos.

Annual VIC training and thank you was discussed and is held in April or May. Key partners were shown Route 97, State Tourism, Cascade Loop, Methow Trails, and regional VICs Forest Service.

New initiatives for 2019 were shown. The biggest one is to work with the commissioners’ and LTAC and OTAC to work on the destination master plan to identify where additional visionary work is needed to create a very strong tourism product for the county. That is the big initiative for next year. The other ongoing things are to formalize the vacation giveaway program will be expanded, promoted, and formalized. More participation from the partners to be profiled all over the place has gotten good receptions.

Another focus area is the high quality specific content and work on pushing that out working with the partners who would then push out on their platform and feature the different places and getting that content out there across the partnerships. The same thing for the video highlights such as the steel structure art.

How will results be measured? Ms. Tate stated the lodging tax revenue numbers and key metrics for analyzing that data is used and they can extrapolate the numbers to tell. How many visitors come, how long they stay and other key measurements?

She discussed the website requests, phone requests, opt-ins, and partner request responses that are tracked. Google analytics sever side stats, and social media insights were shown.

Ms. Tate explained how the how the numbers are calculated and the more information centers that track the better. There is a form provided to the VICs for them to send OCTC the information. This information helps us demonstrate how successful the lodging tax dollars are to increasing the economy.

The VIC contract language could include the requirement to share their data so OCTC info is more accurate and comprehensive.

Ms. Tate discussed drawings that OCTC will participate in that would be a random drawings for free advertising at SeaTac.

More videography more media.
What is the goal for distribution of the guides? Each has its own purpose and each speaks to a specific region of the county and are distributed around the county to hotels and motels and businesses. Ms. Tate said OCTC is working on finding partners that could help with distribution to ensure the guides are available to everyone. It has been very difficult to find people to distribute in all areas. Partners in every town who would be willing to keep a few boxes and then OCTC would be able to tell where the guides are available.

Commissioner DeTro asked if Spokane Airport had guides like in the past. Ms. Tate said no, they are focused on SeaTac. The big pillars advertised there must be compelling enough to capture folks getting off the airplane to come here. The commissioners’ suggested the Omak Airport have some guides in the pilots lounge.

Trade show costs were found to be not eligible for reimbursement when it was found a previous applicant was also going on vacation but charging the costs to LTAC. The Board and LTAC at the time did not feel the expense was appropriate.

Steve Devin said he asked the Department of Revenue for data showing regional lodging tax collections but that has not been done yet. Ms. Davis said information she used for her spreadsheet was gathered from the Department of Revenues website, but it is VERY difficult to find.

Motion -Staff Direction
Commissioner Branch directed staff to draft a resolution to reflect approval of Joan Mason to return for one week to cover for staff who will be out of the office for training. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Citizens Comment Period
No citizens were present who wished to comment.

Commissioner Hover left the commissioners’ meeting to attend the Public Health budget meeting at 2:00 p.m.

Budget Work Session Noxious Weed Dept. Anna Lyon
Cari Hall, Leah McCormack, Anna Lyon, Laurie Thomas, Janet Nelson, member of the public George Thornton

The group reviewed the Noxious Weed budget. Weed control services line was adjusted to include $3000 in case revenue is received for that service. Small tools and minor equipment line includes upgrades to gps units and laptops because they are obsolete and on their last legs. She was hoping to purchase technology upgrades to those units in 2019. The professional services line would support a contracted person to support the aquatic program. The department budgeted for an additional vehicle as well. Ms. Lyon discussed the training and traveling planned in 2019. She explained the training is not required but it does provide needed training to new employees on tasks that need to be consistently performed the same way.

Field season starts earlier and goes later, then if there is a fire, things change even more. She hopes to hire sooner and keep people longer if she can.

Discussion –Courthouse Safe Cracking- Rolla Kyle Kennison
Commissioner Branch discussed what he recently learned about Mr. Kennison on his safe cracking abilities. Commissioner thought it was an amazing story and Ted Murray provided him with some history about the courthouse historical safe that was cracked by Mr. Kyle. It was an historic event that should be acknowledged.

Commissioner Branch moved to authorize the certificate of appreciation recognizing Mr. Kyle cracking the Courthouse Safe. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The safe was a purchased in 1888 MacNeale & Urban from Wilshire Safe and Scale Company. Mr. Kennison provided the combination of the safe to Commissioner DeTro. Commissioner DeTro provided the combination to the Clerk of the Board for safe keeping.

Commissioner Hover returned to commissioners’ meeting at about 3:50 p.m.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation Jail
Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing asked for public comment, seeing no one who wished to comment, he closed public comment and opened up to staff. No staff were present to comment, Commissioner DeTro opened up to Commissioner discussion.

There were some questions about the Jail bottom line and the need for the supplemental.

Commissioner Hover moved to continue the hearing to 4:25 p.m. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Cari Hall was reached on the phone to answer questions about the supplemental. She stated the projection is that the Jail will be over their bottom line before the end of the year so this supplemental was prepared in anticipation of that. Commissioner Hover said with overtime do you take into account. Ms. Hall stated the department decides where the supplemental funds goes within their budget. Noah told Ms. Hall that because of the holiday season he recommended additional overtime rather than funds to jail food or other lines that are over.

Commission Hover stated if there is full staffing so we can better track the overtime used over years past to see if overtime is being managed accordingly. Cari said the chief told her he was sure we would receive $114,000 for board and room governmental services. Commissioner Hover explained he would prefer funds be allocated to the medical services line item because he would like to be able to compare actual overtime costs with original budget without amending the budget.

Motion Resolution 111-2018 Supplemental Appropriation Jail
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 111-2018 a supplemental within the Jail budget in the amount of $121,000. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation –District Court
Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing asked for public comment, seeing no one who wished to comment, he closed public comment and opened up to staff. No staff were present to comment, Commissioner DeTro opened up to Commissioner discussion.

Motion Resolution 112-2018 Supplemental Appropriation District Court
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 112-2018 a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $1570. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-8 as presented. Motion seconded, all were in favor, motion was carried.

1. Commissioners’ Proceedings October 15, 16, and October 22 & 23, 2018
2. Award Recommendation 2019 Lodging Tax Applicant Allocations
3. WSLCB Letter of Non-Objection Special Occasion Liquor License-Around the World in a Soup Bowl
4. Purchase Order & Trade-in -Lawn Vacuum LLV324060- Courthouse Maintenance
5. Purchase Approval-Landfill Compactor-NC Machinery
6. Cattle Guard Franchise Relinquishment-#76-73-Albert Wilson
7. Resolution 110-2018 Annual Road Construction Program for 2019
8. Resolution 113-2018 Budget Amendment CTJA Fund 160 –Maintenance Costs

Motion Letter of Support Wildlife Corridor
Commissioner Branch moved to approve a letter in support of Okanogan Trails Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation and partners in support of a wildlife crossing. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The board adjourned at 5:00 p.m.