OCTOBER 1, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on October 1, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch Vice-Chairman; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Budget Work Session –Superior Court & Juvenile Departments
Sabrena Smith, Dennis Rabidou, Judge Henry Rawson, Cari Hall

Commissioners reviewed the Superior Court budget and discussed the department’s request to understand the needs. There is budget for sound system’s to ensure Juvenile courtroom is properly outfitted. Trial Court Improvement was discussed as a placed to pay for the sound system improvements. Mr. Rabidou stated if the county is always reverting to use that then how other projects can be funded such as new window for District Court. He works with Darla Schreckengost typically but is rotated annually. This year is District Court and if you look at location of things it could be up to three years before Superior Court can even use it. Commissioner Hover stated in his mind it serves as funds for emergent expenses. Trial court improvement is being looked at for the upcoming interpreter costs. Was that request for interpreter electronic was part of the Trial Court Improvement fund? Yes, $8,000 is there. What is the savings in going with a different system? Mr. Rabidou said he would not need to call in interpreters and there would be roll over. Commissioner Branch asked about travel expenses. Mr. Rabidou said thank you it was the first time the department was provided appropriate travel funds. He likes to keep a cushion there as it helps the bottom line. Many conference happen towards to end of the year. Cari Hall explained some BARS codes where here clean-up which can show a line being unused

The Juvenile budget was reviewed. Commissioner Hover asked if the grant revenue lines adds up to the grant expenditure totals. No, some around $15,000 is not, explained Mr. Smith and Ms. Hall. There is revenue sharing at the end of the year explained Mr. Rabidou around August. Ms. Smith said they will likely not spend $100,000. Reimbursements are based on expenditures. The match becomes awash in the end.

In terms of fund 160, Ms. Hall recommended we look at it separately from other related budgets. Ms. Hall clarified that medical costs and revenues are to be removed from fund 160. The associated Juvenile maintenance and Juvenile and Jail food costs will be located in fund 160. Based on the number of breakfast and lunches by number of juveniles.

Repairs and Maintenance line is used to pay for vehicle repairs. They also call when the dryer is broken rather than calling maintenance to work through them for the repairs. Juvenile calls expends the

The 2018 Juvenile car purchase was budgeted $26,000 but it actually cos over $30,000.

Mr. Rabidou discussed a new request for staff in the field to be able to have phones, and not use personal phones. The staff would like phones like the Sheriff’s office for employees in the field. Ms. Smith explained the difference is the Sheriff’s data is separate from their phone due to lap tops. It would be around $60 per month to provide phones. There would be 19 people to provide cell phones to. It would cost around $633 per year per person. Commissioner Hover asked Mr. Rabidou if he is looking at this objectively. Yes, only full time employees would have a phone. Part-time staff would sign a phone out if they need to go out in the field. They would make sure access was bare minimum, and ensure it is basic ability to access work related business. Texting would not work. Ms. Smith said the phones would not be used for snap chat, Facebook or anything like that.

At 10:15 a.m. Commissioner Branch exited for a scheduled conference call with the Forest Supervisors.

Commissioners reviewed fund 160 and determined there was a need for a maintenance section for Juvenile Dept. costs that can be expended from a utilities and repairs and maintenance. Mr. Rabidou explained the detention carpet needs to be changed out. What can he do to prevent a request from taking years to accomplish? When can the tree be removed to prevent sewer pipe issues in the future. New pipes and repairs will need to be budgeted to fix the problem. Mr. Rabidou said Joe Poulin is working on it.

BECCA fund 113 was reviewed. Trial Court Improvement fund 195 was reviewed. Mr. Rabidou explained funds being used by District Court. Only $33,500 is budgeted to be expended and $130,000 carrying over in to 2019, Commissioner Hover wants to ensure the court is looking at long term fixes. Mr. Rabidou explained the thought to build up for fixing courthouse security. Commissioner Hover wants to reduce the pressure on Current Expense by diverting eligible expenses to other funds. Mr. Rabidou deferred to the commissioners on the fund. He said it makes more sense to use the Trial Court Improvement fund for the sound system. Commissioner Hover said the cost for interpreter program system should be moved into the Trial Court Improvement as the cost is a much bigger hit/increase to CE than it would be to Trial Court Improvement. Mr. Rabidou understood. Commissioner Hover discussed the blinds request of District Court and was confused about whether those are needed or not. He requested that a list of projects between the two courts, be created so we can prepare for those and plan ahead.

The specific revenues related to Juvenile functions were reviewed. Ms. Hall explained the Non-Revenue funds that are held in current expense then goes later in the year to fund 195. Discuss the rules with the Treasurer. Resolution 11-2016 was passed regarding the AOC-DC Judges Salary State funds. Ms. Hall explained the resolution and how that is handled and moved annually. It is not a revenue to current expense it is being held in current expense and moved to Trial Court Improvement annually. Expenses happen quarterly with no expense to offset the revenue as it is. She would need to confirm with the Treasurer.

Public Hearing-Okanogan County 2019 Budget
Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up to the public seeing no public he opened up the hearing to staff, seeing no staff wishing to comment, he closed to staff and opened up for commissioner discussion.

Motion 2019 County Budget Hearing Continued
Commissioner Hover moved to continue the public hearing to consider the County’s 2019 budget to November 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Meet & Greet Methow Forest Ranger Chris Furr
Perry Huston, Char Schumacher

Member of the public Katie Haven, audio and video taping the meeting.

Mr. Furr introduced himself to the board. Director Huston relayed the purpose of the hearing was to meet him and learn what he would like to see done, what kind of relationship he expected. The commissioners do have requests to relay.

Mr. Furr thanked the board for the invitation. He had a chance to work with Maurice Goodall and he is looking forward to the relationship in Okanogan County. He grew up in the southeast and grew up with cattle and agriculture. He was in New Mexico, Arkansas and grew up in Mississippi. There are many reasons he feels good about being here. He looks forward to communications with the board and that can be whatever works well to ensure information is being transferred. He welcomed the board to reach out to him and looks forward to hearing from them. Commissioner Hover discussed the Outfitters and Guides meeting. It is out of the regional office in Portland, but he thought the meeting might be October 11, but commissioner hover asked that it be changed due to the busy time of the year.

Commissioner Branch asked for status of Twisp River project. Fire line repair and burn area response and repair. The next thing is the Mt. Hull, salvage opportunities to evaluate and take another look at Mission. Many of the same people involved with the fire will be involved there. Taking a closer look at things between the two fires. There have been identified some areas to be looked at. He asked Mr. Furr to attend the Forest Collaborative meetings. Mr. Furr explained there are some trees eligible for salvage.

Commissioner DeTro explained the effort to save the Smoke Jumper’s base here it is important to him to keep it viable here. His hope is that Mr. Furr joins in the fight to keep it here. Mr. Furr said there are funds for this, but also exploring to co locate fire in terms of design and what that would look like, he understands the funding upgrades would be tied to the 2020 omnibus. Looking at the idea of collocating fire engines there too and offices make sense to stay as well.

Commissioner Hover explained the grazing permits are very important. Mr. Furr said the partnerships are very important to him too and a big part of his job is making sure they are good partners. He was struck by the Pasayten wilderness when he was at the Spanish Camp and how helpful the guides were. There are so many trails on the map that are not accessible. Mr. Furr said there will be some need for buy in for the trail users to maintain. He hopes to sit down with the outfitters after hunting season.

Commissioner Hover relayed how important the Travel Management Plan update is. Mr. Furr said he has not had a chance yet to delve into the plan. Commissioner Branch relayed some suggestions because the Forest does need help. He hopes Mr. Furr can participate in the discussions. Getting a small mill going would really help because of shipping. Mr. Furr said having we are a few steps ahead of many other counties and that could buy many more opportunities.

Budget Work Session-Planning Department
Cari Hall, Rocky Robbins,

Director Huston discussed his 2019 budget requests. There is nothing in the 2019 budget for implementation of certain land use code updates but there is grant revenue to help with staff costs for water work. He is reluctant to hard wire staff to grants because when the grant goes away so does the employee. He is hesitant because the funding is only available until June. Some funds we’ll get but some will likely be swept by the state.

Commissioner Hover requested a scope of work for the VSP and then leave the revenue amounts alone. Director Huston explained the amount was based on a wild guess based on current costs.

Director Huston explained the trails in the north end are begging from some kind of maintenance. Commissioner Branch explained his thought that Similkameen and Whistler Canyon Trail systems, it was thought should be public works issues. Commissioner Hover said it should be a good fit.

Cari Hall recommended resolution 11-2016 be reviewed by the civil attorney to ensure it is properly addressing the issue with regards to judges salary and Trial Court Improvement funds.

Commissioner Branch discussed Solid Waste Advisory Committee because tonight is the meeting and he would like to make recommendation for participation at meeting by the Tribe. He suggested their public health official. Commissioner Hover would not like to dictate to others how things are to be run. Commissioner Branch explained the county’s position. Commissioner Hover said if each person had a proxy and if only those attended would there be a quorum?

Commissioner Hover stated he would be absent in the morning, but will return in the afternoon.

The board adjourned at 4:00 p.m.