OCTOBER 22, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on October 22, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch Vice-Chairman; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Budget Work Session – Building Official
Cari Hall, Leah McCormack, Dan Higbee

The Building Official’s budget was reviewed for its 2019 budget. Additional revenue was added for plan checks, other services and additional expenses for fuel.

Mr. Higbee stated his departmental vehicles have high miles and need frequent repairs. The last few vehicles purchased were used with low miles.

Both inspectors are at retirement age and succession should be considered within the next 5 years and the other perhaps in the middle of 2020. Mr. Higbee would like the commissioners to consider hiring someone in 2019 before staff retire in the order to provide adequate training.

The Building Official discussed vehicle mileage with one at 190,000 and the other nearing 150,000. He would request a smaller 4x4 vehicle in the future. The commissioners discussed ER&R vehicles and wondered how that process could be utilized for county departmental vehicles. Commissioner Hover stated it might not be worth it for the used vehicle purchases to go through ER&R. Commissioners discussed budgeting for one vehicle for each department each year.

Update – Planning – Perry Huston
Angie Hubbard, Rocky Robbins, Ben Rough

Member of the public Jan Young –note taking from Okanogan Watch Group.

Ms. Robbins explained a proposal before the board, to lease a Neo Post Postage machine for the Planning Office. The cost comparisons were discussed. Three companies were contacted with two responses, one from Xerox and one from Neopost with Neopost being the lower of the two. The Neopost lease was suggested as there would be some savings over the Xerox lease.

Lake Management District #1
Director Huston discussed the Lake Management District notices that set a public hearing to receive comments. Whatever the protest is must be in writing. Also needed are four people to solicit membership on the advisory board. The commissioners believe a five member board would be adequate. What the advisory board would do would still need to be determined. Having a direct advisory board to the commission makes sense and may not need to get into the nit and grit of what happens day to day. The administration of the tasks might and how that is working. Director Huston envisioned an interlocal agreement with the Noxious Weed board would be a direct link to the governing board which is the county commission for direct oversite.

Champerty Shores Sewer Extension
Director Huston went over the development map that showed the areas that would utilize connections to the sewer extension along the lake. The map showed the road serving the area lots and where the extension line might go. The cost of the line is around $750,000. Rate payers would be required to pay around $150 per month for the debt service in addition to their monthly sewer bill per parcel over the 20 years.??

The lots to be served in Champerty Shores have water systems that have failed so they got city water and the city has an ordinance in place that says if you get city water you also get the sewer too. There are around 30-40 lots to be served depending on the buildout in the area. The board discussed the costs involved to provide the extension to the service area and then the ancillary benefits. He will find out if the road requires additional easement or right of way for the extension.

Director Huston said he still needs to come up with some kind of systematic solid liaison at public health as he doesn’t know when sewer system applicants have applied and he should be made aware of those.

Mr. Rough asked about others that might be required to join or would they be required to at all if they are not included? Director Huston stated when someone is benefited they should be included, but the district could be oversized to include potential properties. If they were not included they might be required to pay a latecomers fee.

Park and Recreation Board Resolution
Should the draft resolution be placed on the back burner? Commissioner Hover stated he believed a plan of what the park and rec board does should be developed first so we know what the board would oversee and what to oversee. Director Huston replied this is a takeoff from the work from 2014 with a driver was the desire to take the facilities out from under the park and rec and put it under the management of the board of county commissioners. The idea was the FAC would run the fair and so there was no reason to have a park and rec board, so the commissioners at the time dissolved the park and rec board and formed the FAC. There was no final step to reconstitute the Park and Rec Board. There was some discussion about forming a Park and Rec board. If a board is formed they will want to start planning and we’ll need money to do those things. Through LTAC there will be a Destination Marketing Plan that will look at all these types of recreational opportunities. It should mesh with the county’s recreation plan. When the commissioners choose a company to do that work it should be part of that plan. Commissioner Branch explained the relevance to having projects within the plan in relation to RCO funding as they required it to be in the plan. He thought the board would come first then lend a hand in updating the plan. Director Huston stated if the commissioners hired someone to do the plan but then also update what we already have then that would address both. Annual review update of the recreation plan so we have a fresh plan all the time and used as a clearing house and they would recommend who how and what to manage. Commissioner Branch suggested he would feel around and see if there was some interest in serving to address these issues.

Comp Plan Review
The map was shown and terms explained no action alternative adopted in 2014. Is all resource designation ag and timber are supported and we thought it was the same and distinction between private and public lands. He explained the rural designations did not take into account whether those lands were developed or not.

Alternative 2 was discussed and the rural designation goes along the transportation grid and was not ballooned out to cover some areas, with language taking into a county buildable lands and level of demand scenario. Mineral is still an overlay due to the bulk of the mining is for aggregate and that takes place everywhere. Commissioner Hover asked about gravel pits but isn’t laid out in comp plan then what. It is laid out as a compatible use for ag lands and it does not say only in the overlay. As the director understands it, it takes into account these types of mining activities.

Director Huston described the process and what was expected and then what environmental review would be needed.

The community Wildfire Protection Plan language within the comp plan was discussed.

Commissioner Hover would like to see a legal review on fate or flaws to provide advice before it is approved. Commissioner Branch stated if legal review makes folks feel better. Director Huston will coordinate with David Gecas. Director Huston stated he will have him look at any deficiencies that might be evident rather than does it make sense.
Commissioner Hover thought Mark Johnson was the land use attorney who helped before and we contract with him separately. This level of land use litigation is not usually covered by land use attorneys, stated Director Huston.

Discussion-Geo Engineering Noise Pollution-Jeri Bartleson & Son
Mr. James Bartleson thanked everyone for the time to present this information. He read from his prepared report on the subject of geo engineering noise pollution.

Mr. James Bartleson explained geo engineering has now become very obvious with the unnatural weather patterns, jets in the sky, and military strategies. Aerosol spraying cause’s hazy skies, spraying has increased over time, and he found out Okanogan County is designated as a Military Operations Area MOA. These are

Mr. Bartleson claimed he is suffering from the geo engineering noise pollution that has caused him psychological torment due to the illegal and regular military operations involving high decibel war planes and advanced technology instigating weather control taking place in the airspace above Okanogan County, WA.

This information has been gathered over the years and through his personal observations. He isn’t sure what is going on but he hasn’t heard anything in the last several days. He grew up here but went into the service for some time and then moved back. He has kept a jet journal every night. He wants to move somewhere else so he can finish his novel. He is asking for the commissioners to test the soil, test the water and ask questions about why this is going on, can they even stop the noise? He has a lot of support from his family. He was disappointed in the turn out today.

Jim Miller commented that he also noticed the incredible amount of chris-cross trails of jets through the summer. He talked with people about that and if you look at commercial flight paths and disbursement of clouds over Okanogan it is not normal to have twenty to forty vapor trails over us as there just isn’t that many flights. He has noticed the incredible amount of chem trails and aerosol spraying going on. He also knows from a chemistry back ground we can sample the air and we have the ability of performing mass spectrometer and determine base lines and then tracked. It is a scientific process. The jet noise has been especially active. His son in law is in the navy getting ready to deploy to Stennis. Stennis will go to Virginia Beach or Norfolk. It is bothersome to have them dog fighting over us.

Mr. Bartleson is trying to move, but he has heard this in other places, some places worse and some not. He provided test results of other areas that have the same spraying going on and those chemicals were off the charts. This is about human beings and about something going on. Commissioner DeTro stated the commissioners have no jurisdiction over the MOA. He isn’t sure when the MOA was formed he recalled but it was in place 50 years ago when he was a pilot.

Mr. Miller stated there is credible evidence of microwave towers there is evidence as the networks are put out that there are direct effects on human health. They want to roll those out by having 5-g satellites beaming down so we can all be connected at a high frequency data base. Trump has said no not over the US not until it has been well tested as to the effects on humans. There is a lot of information that is not conspiracy theories.

If the microwave towers come here Mr. Miller recommended that the county perform its own environmental impact statement that is done correctly before any other governmental agency has a chance to.

The board adjourned at 5:00 p.m.