MAY 22, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in Emergency Status for its regular session on May 22, 2018, with, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Hover and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.
The emergency operations center wrapped up and the commissioners hearing room was made available for today’s meetings.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Ms. Hilts explained an application for volunteer in-kind camp host who would camp on site on the fairgrounds. As long as someone is on site to collect the fees the board did not have a problem with one getting another job. When back ground checks have been made she will inform the board of the results. For now, Ms. Hilts will advertise for the temporary Clerk II position for the fairgrounds to begin June 1.

Director Huston explained a decision is needed as to where/how/who the fairgrounds maintenance expenses will be processed. Will fairgrounds staff process the bills from 001.028 or will the commissioners staff process out of the grounds maintenance budget 001.009. If so, there are only two staff in the commissioners’ office whose workload is already full. The Clerk of the Board explained the work could be absorbed but that some things may have to be rearranged and extra time allowed to complete in order to ensure priorities are done first such as paying the bills.

David Gecas explained his recommendation to amend the county code public records section as our code is not clear. He provided some draft language that would add language to allow requests an administrative review prior to a judicial review. The administrative review was clarified, if the requestor submits a rejection on how the request was handled then the administrative review gives the county a chance to remedy the issue prior to a lawsuit. The code is limited and doesn’t clearly describe how denials are to be handled when the county denies access to records or a review of a denial of the county or review of redaction made by the county. Any objections related to the county or agency responded to their request they would be required to go down this alternate path. A public hearing would need to be scheduled and an amended

This is a categorically exempt from SEPA amendment.

Mr. Gecas discussed information regarding public records requests he is working on.

Director Huston discussed a needed public hearing date for the additional comprehensive plan updates. Yakama Nations has expressed some concern about the process and not being included in that. Commissioner Branch stated the tribes are working on creating their own water authority. DOE is still putting stuff together capacity grants $150,000 and the other grant introduced to us at watershed meeting and none of it is sorted out. It is clear from Vanessa the county should assume the lead agency status and contract with conservation district to do the leg work. It will be simpler even though DOE didn’t come out and say that. Commissioner Branch expressed concern about the funds and process for obtaining them.

Oroville Tonasket irrigation district meeting will need to be cancelled stated Director Huston. Commissioner Branch said someone from Oroville should be part of the conversation.

The irrigation well is up and running at the fairgrounds. There is a lot of mowing to do. There is also the third bid for the needed tractor purchase from Central Machinery Sales, Inc. The treasurer wants to ensure if we go into debt that is doesn’t affect our debt ratios statutory debt ratio. She will look at that prior to approving the purchase. Commissioner Hover stated the differences in the bids specs and suggested the most cost effective purchase. The Mahindra has a better warranty, financing is the same, but is the suggested purchase. The board would like a resolution to memorialize and also have the expense budgeted for in the fairgrounds budget. The brush hog was brushed off but the PTO valve seal needs to be repaired. It is good tractor to keep, but the Massey Ferguson needs work it could be the starter. The mower 4035 is doing well. The cub cadet mower smokes badly after it is warmed up. It is burning oil and seems to smoke more under loads. The commissioners would like the PTO valve seal replaced. A jig is needed to pull it out.

One of the two fairground DOA grants was approved $80,000. Commissioner Hover would like to dis cuss with the tribe their ideas for use of the track before signing the grant agreement.

The roof top compressor is being replaced on the Juvenile Admin Building.

Commissioner Hover left at 10:00 attend mediation meeting for two hours.

Update Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
CANCELLED due to mediation meeting.

Continued Public Hearing – Supplemental Appropriation - Sheriff $5,400
Commissioner DeTro opened the continued public hearing up to staff, seeing no staff to comment he closed staff and opened up to commissioner discussion.

Motion Resolution 48-2018 Supplemental Appropriation Sheriff Vehicle
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 48-2018 a supplemental appropriation within current expense and vehicle reserve funds in the amount of $5,400. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner DeTro left at 10:35 a.m. to travel to the WIR conference in Idaho this week.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough
Commissioner Branch was the only commissioner in attendance for the update.

Ben Rough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Open Positions
For the first time in a long time all positions including the temporary summer positions are filled. With the future resignation of Engineer Tech, Amanda Moody, it is the exception and Public Works may not fill it right away.

WSU three party agreement for lease of the Public Works office space for Extension Office. WSU recommended an MOU and any obligations between WSU and county should be taken care of by the agreement already in place in the agreement. Mr. Rough explained the issue to Mr. Gecas, and Mr. Gecas thought the current agreement covered this as well.

WSU 3rd Party Agreement
The Jail trustee uses at Solid Waste was discussed. Mr. Rough said they help with recycle center, litter pickup on the landfill grounds which frees up the other employees, and the department does depend on the trustees for labor especially during the summer.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend so the Transfer Stations will be closed on Saturday. Notices and public service announcements were done and flyers posted at each site to inform customers of the closure.

Ben Rough informed the commissioners that there was a fire at the landfill with no injuries and nothing was damaged. The fire was around 100x170 and the cause is still unknown. Employees have received training in the past on these types of situations.

Mr. Rough discussed the Apple Maggot meeting that occurred.

Mr. Rough explained Public Works use of card readers for fee payments. The cost will be passed on to the customer. It will allow people to pay by credit or debit card. The option to take the fee is there but it will be a convenience fee the customer will pay. The solid waste fee schedule has not been adopted as one fee schedule it has been pieced together over time. It is difficult to find the actual fee when they are scattered around. He intends to put all the fees together under one resolution no matter. Public Works thought a new county website would include pages for each department.

Commissioner Branch requested the Clerk of the Board ask Ms. Craig about the status of the new county website.
Employee agreement that says if I get CDL through this program that says if the employee leaves county employment then they would pay the cost of the CDL license the county paid for. Mr. Rough explained it was thought the Engineer had the authority to sign those agreements. Commissioner Branch suggested they be approved by the county so the board is aware of them. Mr. Rough will reach out to David Gecas.

HVAC Unit repair and replacement at the public works building was discussed. Mr. Rough thought Public Works should begin saving for replacement units. There is also the issue of replacing just the compressor or the whole unit. He will consider other maintenance costs such as reroofing, replacements of HVAC units, doors, windows, and must be considered.

Engineer Thomson gave his staff report.

Maintenance Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson provided over time numbers of work done late and due to breakdowns. There was also time spent on flood damages.

No more major flooding is expected based on the information available. We still need to watch the levees and dams as the water goes down. The shoulders are being eroded. Sinlahekin Road by Blue Lake is completely gone. It won’t be a cheap fix and we won’t likely get assistance for the Corp. They will try to get it passable but it will be more difficult to keep that open.

Palmer Lake area road was damaged and the shoulders are getting worse on the south end by split rock.

The Evans Road project was discussed as that road is being chip sealed.

The Similkameen Trail repairs were discussed. At the last conversation, the PUD had not yet identified funds for the repairs. Maintenance dollars are needed all around.

Peter Dan project advertises tomorrow. Engineer Thomson explained with the change in the slop the project was approved the additional expense. A budget amendment will be needed on this project, but 100% of what is spent will come back.

HWY 7 Tonasket Bridge South project is proceeding but flooding may still be an issue when it commences.

A meeting in Ephrata about RAP funding is happening tomorrow that the Engineer will attend tomorrow.

Edelweiss Sewer update was provided.

Engineer Thomson discussed the items listed on the consent agenda and provided clarity of those items to the board.

Commissioner Hover returned at 1:30 p.m.

Commissioner Branch convened the board.

Citizen Comment Period
Commissioner Branch closed citizen comment period due to no citizens being present to give comment.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 1:30 pm for 20 minutes inviting David Gecas, Perry Huston, and Dan Higbee to discuss legal matters which the agency reasonably believes may be commenced against the county. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Branch exited executive session at 1:50 pm to extend executive session another 10 minutes.

Executive session ended at 2:00 pm no decisions were made.

Motion MOA Sheriff’s Employee Association
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Memorandum of Agreement between Okanogan County and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Employee Association representing commissioned employees regarding commissioned employees work schedule modifications to 10/40 alternative. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 50-2018 Declaring Property Surplus Hubbard Rd & Garbage Truck
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 50-2018 declaring county owned property, parcel No. 3526030002 and Cargo Star Garbage Truck, to be surplus to the needs of the county. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 51-2018 Declaring Property Surplus for Demolition Purposes
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 51-2018 declaring county owned property surplus a small building on fairgrounds, to the needs of the county and ordering the property to be demolished. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 52-2018 Declaring Property Surplus Public Works Truck
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 52-2018 declaring county owned property, a 1998 Chevy truck VIN #1GCGK24RXWZ204371, surplus to the needs of the county public works department and authorizes the sale of the truck to Fair Facilities fund #127 for $1,825. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 53-2018 Tax Title Property Sale
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 53-2018 approving the sale of tax title properties, parcel #’s2400451600, 2400460100, 2400431700, & 2400630600, located near Brewster to the adjoining land owner. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion End User Agreement & Credit App.-Stanley Masterkey Codes-AM Hardware
Commissioner Hover moved to authorize the vice chairman Commissioner Branch to sign the end user agreement and credit application with AM Hardware with respect to Stanley Masterkey Codes and systems. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-11. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings May 14 & 15, 2018
2. Ratify Appendix G: Cooperation Agreement for Flood Fight – Public Works
3. Reappointment – Okanogan County Housing Authority – Yvonne Bussler-White
4. Reappointment – Okanogan County Housing Authority – Ron Whiteside
5. Grant Agreement – Archives & Record Management – Secretary of State – Public Works
6. Bid Award – Public Works Water Tanks – Steve Peck Fabrication LLC
7. Bid Award – Central Landfill Truck Scale – Correll’s Scale Service
8. Interlocal Agreement – Solid Waste Services – City of Brewster – Public Works
9. Interlocal Agreement – Solid Waste Services – City of Conconully – Public Works
10. Interlocal Agreement – Solid Waste Services – City of Okanogan County – Public Works
11. Resolution 47-2018 – Amending Comprehensive 6 Year Transportation Improvement Program 2018-2023

Maurice Goodall updated the board about the EOC status and answered questions of the board in regards to the needs. There will be needed in the future a budget supplemental.

Discussion – Oroville EMS Levy Coordination – City Council of Oroville
Perry Huston Lifeline Bob Curtis & Wayne Walker

City of Oroville Clerk Jo Ann Denney, council member Walt Hart, council member Edward Nailon, Mayor Jon Neal

The commissioners asked Director of Planning Perry Huston to facilitate the meeting with the City of Oroville council.

Director Huston laid out the status.

Promissory note will need to be submitted by Lifeline but those are still insured by the city.

Commissioner Hover explained the commissioners’ position with the current levy collections not covering the current cost of the contract. The contract allows either party to open up the contract if the levy fluctuates either way by 5%.

Commissioner Hover further discussed by adding an addition $.05 to the $.30 already in place would allow the district to run in the black and be able to save funds for major building and equipment expenses. It makes sense to get a preliminary idea of what Life Line needs to operate. Mr. Walker was asked how much money Lifeline is willing to loose. Mr. Walker responded that operationally the item hurting them the most would be staffing costs. He didn’t have good numbers on how many people utilize the service when they fall down and who are on Medicaid. They get many calls for assistance, but are not necessarily transported. Life Line is looking at between Medicaid and transport rate at about 50% loss. The thing that hurts the most is the minimum wage increase at $13.50 per hour after next year. As we discuss the levy from Life Line’s perspective the rate will have to go up. He would be happy to provide his full numbers to justify the statement. He will submit for all years of operations. They have kept their head above water but the increase in wage costs is reality. It means a 42 hour work week which means hiring more people in order to reduce overtime. Come 2020 Life Line should be above the power curve. Mr. Walker stated the ambulances will not need to be replaced. He said there is still the issue of the Tonasket EMS building for Tonasket EMS needs which is a priority for Life Line right now and they are working on that. After that then the request is for the Oroville building to have two separate bedrooms with doors. Right now it is open floor plan with not much privacy or noise abatement. The other thing is to there is no kitchen, so it would be a request to put in a regular kitchen stove. One other outstanding question is whether or not the cardiac monitors will be supported since there was a memo about that. At some point parts will not be available and if it breaks down that will need to be replaced with a new unit.

Director Huston explained that up to $.50 per 1000 could be authorized for up to 6 years, 10 years or establish as permanent.

Mr. Walker said that no one likes increased taxes but the board will have to deal with that. He said if the board only authorizes $.05 it just won’t cut it. He apologized for not having the numbers with him to justify his statement, but the minimum wage alone will be a huge cost. Life Line isn’t doing anything different than the Methow EMS and their levy is much higher. Ferry County enjoys the cheapest EMS levy around and they are really struggling. As the future goes costs will increase no matter what. It is a big jump for the people in the district and would double their amount but that is really where the future is. There is a lot of uncertainty and whether it is going to continue to be viable for Life Line. Their perspective is they don’t need to get rich or line their pockets, they don’t have a giant underground vault where the money is. They are not looking to make a profit. Commissioner Hover stated he would like to see that on paper. Mayor Jon Neal said there is also the big hit due to schools and everyone understands an increase is needed for the districts to be viable.

The commissioners discussed their projections and need for the information from Life line. He can have the report with profit and loss to the board by the first full week in June. Mr. Walker explained the call volume in the winter months is very low in Oroville. Operationally Mr. Walker doesn’t see any foreseeable problems with the building. He will email the Clerk of the Board and she will disperse to the board and city and then coordinate another meeting with the city to go over it.

Mr. Walker asked what happens if both city and county has a levy and one or the other doesn’t pass. Maybe that isn’t a concern. Jon Neal replied that everyone has that fear but people are grateful for the service.

Dispatch services were discussed. JoAnn explained how those costs are divided by the city between police, fire, and ambulance.

Commissioner Hover will do the outreach to the assessor’s office for the information on the valuation.

The board adjourned at 4:50 pm.