MAY 21, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in Emergency Status for its regular session on May 21, 2018, with Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissioner Andy Hover was absent.

Review Commissioners Agenda and Consent Agenda

Briefing Among Commissioners – Discuss Individual Meeting Schedules & Mosquitos
Public Works Engineer Thomson, Emergency Manager Maurice Goodall

Maurice Goodall explained the EOC is transitioning out of the commissioners hearing room. They still have the dept. of correction IIN team but they are demobilizing. The commissioners hearing room should be available tomorrow morning. This incident is one more reason there needs to be dedicated space specifically for Emergency Operations. He updated the board on areas south of Oroville where river seepage is happening. He explained the expense of running pumps once the EOC teams leave the county will be burdened with those costs. He does expect a small rise in river levels by mid-week.

Engineer Josh Thomson explained he is working with the city on another area being pumped. The pump is running about every other day here in the city of Okanogan and only the fuel cost is assumed. Blue Lake in the Sinlahekin is so full and the road is gone. The army corps has been informed and we are waiting for that response decision. It could use a couple larger size culverts.

There is also a sink hole or storm drain issue on Asotin Street that the City of Omak is dealing with. Mr. Goodall stated he has not contacted FEMA yet on the costs and possible reimbursements we would have needed to meet the population for threshold. Mosquitos were discussed. Commissioner DeTro thought we should reach out to Shelly Short and Joel Kretz. He will get ahold of them. Mr. Goodall will ask Public Health about available resources for mosquito control, but that remedy will come down the pipe after the flood. We will need to follow up then. The mosquitos will be a problem everywhere. Mr. Goodall will also send out a damages survey to those along the river to get a good idea of damage and costs.

Engineer Thomson explained the issues with the levee in the Lost River area. He said Commissioner Hover has facilitated the coordination with Forest Service to allow residents to protect their property.

Motion - Voucher Approval - Commissioners
Vouchers certified and audited by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded on a list, and made available to the Board. As of this date, the Board did vote, by unanimous vote, to approve the regular vouchers in the amount of $570,694.62 and Payroll vouchers in the amount of $892,363.15. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion seconded and carried.

Motion Public Health Voucher
Commissioner moved to approve the Public Health Vouchers in the amount of $36,056.11, including payroll vouchers. Warrant numbers as cited on the attached blanket voucher list. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Update Planning – Perry Huston -Angie Hubbard
Members of the public taking notes: Isabelle Spohn, Kit Arbuckle, and Lorah Super

Planning Dept. Study Session
1. National Park Service-Letter Grizzly introduction
Director Huston explained additional changes consistent with the commissioners’ wishes were incorporated into the draft letter, but the Clerk of the Board informed him the letter was already put in the mail last week.

2. Net Ecological Benefit-Workshop Briefing
Director Huston updated the board on the workshop and what was discussed. There is suggestion coming out of DOE that we should follow more of the process used for the Voluntary Stewardship Program. Director Huston explained two timelines the board should be aware of. The DOE is coming out with interim guidelines and promises those at the end of May for WRIAs on the 2019 timeline.

The universal law on net ecological benefit was discussed. The concepts of water for water was discussed and the Dept. of Ecology saying water for water, same place same time, is ideal. Then some kind of fisheries enhancement tied to fisheries etc… will ring the gong for net ecological benefit. Part of the discussion is where the money is going to go. There is concern the money will be gobbled up by staff time with little going to bricks and mortar, and there are concerns of Okanogan County and the Yakama nation about not being included in WRIA 49 discussions. There is a planned conversation between the tribes on how this is going to work. The results of that meeting will be conveyed on the net ecological benefit and how precisely that gets stated and is the target.

3. Critical Areas Ordinance-Review Schedule
Director Huston reminded the board that we are under the 2018 timeline for the Critical Areas Ordinance revew. He will do some outreach to those with specific concerns. At some point a discussion will need to happen. A list of changes was thought to have been created for commissioners to look at.

4. Planning Staff Position-Floating Holiday
In reviewing the union contract, it appears union employees picked up an additional floating holiday and the Planning Dept. requested that all non-bargaining employees also receive the additional floating holiday. Commissioners asked if all union contracts allowed the additional floating holiday. Director Huston replied the contracts he looked at did. He wasn’t sure if he saw all of them. The commissioners explained they would like to have all three commissioners present to discuss. Commissioner Branch said it seemed like a reasonable request. He also noted the previous planner position filled by Lauren Davisson remains unauthorized to be filled. He asked the board if they would consider filling it now.

5. Comprehensive Plan Map Review-Review YN Comments
The question is what the board wishes to do with the public lands. The designation of resource lands was discussed and the map projected on the wall for reference. Other counties had designated Forest of long term significance. NRCS Farmland designated lands map was reviewed. State agencies must follow our zoning code and coordinate, with minor exceptions, and the Feds assert they don’t have to. Commissioner Branch explained the difficulties with designating the resource lands. He explained his concerns. Director Huston noted the Comp Plan does speak to ag lands. There is language through zoning that supports ag lands in the Comp plan. Most of the rural area also has language supporting agriculture. Director Huston said, previously, some activities were permitted in a resource designation, but that did come out of the plan later on. We could return to something like that; however, it does take a lot of narrative. Commissioner Branch continued to discuss his thoughts on management tools. If designating forest lands the narrative should explain why so everyone understands that. If Commissioner Hover insists that we designate resource lands then Commissioner Branch would like to see a narrative that goes along with the designations.

Before, development was to be allowed in areas with close proximity to services. A map was shown of lands that qualified for resource designation and that was the tact taken before. If areas were already developed on paper but not built out then those were taken into consideration. Commissioner Branch explained there are some rural private lands in the middle of forest land; those would be defined because they are on the highway. What does it imply of those properties, to further subdivide? How would those be identified, rural or what? That is the narrative that should go along with the designation.

Director Huston said he will create a map for timber and soils and create narrative for those. Okanogan County does not have a public reserve zone with certain restrictions ect… like a PR contract zone. Commissioner Branch said the overlay would be used to to show developers predictability for the areas they wish to build in.

Administrative Officer Study Session

a. Lake Management District-Veranda Beach Feedback-Resolution of Intent to form LMD
The last map iteration was provided to the board. (attached) Veranda Beach was asked and they declined to be part of the lake management district. The proponents of the district suggested an annual budget of $48,000 and did not want to be banking any extra collections and they didn’t want to collect too little and not be able to do anything. He ran the numbers and the assessment would be around $160 annually for people. He discussed those that would be excluded and those to be included. The Board can reduce the boundaries but cannot expand it. Director Huston asked for direction on setting the public hearing. Commissioner Branch asked about enforceability in terms of Veranda Beach not taking care of their milfoil. There is nothing that would prevent the district from treating the area, but Veranda Beach has a robust treatment program already. He was okay leaving them out, but it was contested by some people.

Director Huston will create another map that captures all the properties and a resolution to be reviewed. A public Hearing will need to be set to take place in the City of Oroville Chambers.

b. Fairgrounds Facility-Fee Schedule-Budget Management
Director Huston stated Stella Columbia, the new event coordinator at the fairgrounds, started last week. The event went well over the weekend.

The fairgrounds facilities hourly rate fee schedule was discussed. Commissioner DeTro explained the Rubicon team that came in and used the Agriplex will not be charged for the space they did not get. Security didn’t show up either so they will be refunded for that cost. Commissioner DeTro would like to honor the agreement for use of the grounds for the portion of what they used.

The commissioners discussed whether or not the fairgrounds facility maintenance budget should be located in the Courthouse Complex maintenance budget now that all other facilities are under it. Commissioner Branch asked if the fairground costs were being tracked. This will be further discussed once Commissioner Hover returns. Director Huston will come up with a proposal to discuss at another meeting. The Clerk of the Board explained if the fairgrounds maintenance budget was added to courthouse maintenance budget and bills processed by the Commissioners staff that she wanted to make the commissioners aware that there are only two people in the commissioners’ office who already have a full workload. The impacts of the added work were discussed and she recommended the board consider the extra work load on staff.

Joe Poulin explained over the weekend a heavy dumpster was placed over the water lines and sewer system of the new bathroom at the fairgrounds and he hoped nothing was broken. The grounds were left in good condition otherwise.

Director Huston briefly discussed WATV SEPA and first issued DNS, but has not been set for hearing yet.

Public Hearing – Consider proposal to sell tax title property
Leah McCormack, Angie Hubbard, Perry Huston

Commissioner DeTro opened the public hearing up to staff report.

Director Huston provided his staff report. He explained the background of the county receiving a letter from Tory Wulf of Cascade Holdings and Gebbers Farms requesting to purchase four tax title properties that adjoin property they currently own. He noted the sale would be in accordance with RCW 36.35.150 (1) (b & c). The parcels are 2400460100, 2400451600, 2400431700, and 240630600. The properties are located just outside the Town of Brewster near the Brewster airport. The maps obtained from the county are only for reference. The assessor recently valued the properties at $500 each. The county may sell tax title property when it is not practical to build on the property due to the physical restrictions or when the value is less than $500. We did issue public notice even though we are not required to publish, but he wanted to provide an opportunity for the public to testify. The question is if the commissioners wish to dispose of the property and are the commissioners okay with the value. Does the Treasurer have any observation?

Treasure McCormack stated, since the parcels were defaulted on in the 1930’s for not paying taxes. She had no records on file; so she had to research and find the deeds. In looking at the parcels and speaking with Larry Gilman the Assessor the $500 is the lowest value the Assessor will place on properties. In her opinion selling the properties to the adjoining landowner is perfectly in line with the RCW.

Director Huston explained a resolution has not been drafted yet. Based on the direction of the board, he can draft a resolution for later review.

Commissioner Branch asked why the properties were considered to be unbuildable. Was it the assessor’s determination? Director Huston replied it was the commissioners’ determination. But based on size of the parcels, the property would not meet septic requirements and appear to be not buildable on their own. Commissioner Branch thought the parcels looked like they provided access to the highway. If the property intrudes on to the right of way of the house it may be problem. Treasurer McCormack said she believes the Cascade Holdings is the only logical entity to sell to .It does put the land back on the tax roles and would now revert to the adjoining landowner. ‘

Director Huston recommended the properties be absorbed into the adjoining parcels of the land owner rather than leaving as fee simple lots.

Commissioner DeTro closed staff and opened to public seeing no public he opened up to commissioner discussion.

Motion Tax Title Property Sale
Commissioner DeTro moved to direct Planning staff to prepare a resolution for the sale of the four properties 2400460100, 2400451600, 2400431700, and 240630600 to be sold under the authority in RCW 36.35.150 (1) (b)(c) to Cascade Holdings LLC. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

The board adjourned at 4:50 pm.