MARCH 27, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on March 27, 2018, with, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Update – Superior Court – Judges Culp & Rawson & Dennis Rabidou
Mr. Rabidou updated the board on some grant funds that won’t be fully realized. Budget wise he hasn’t looked at the Juvenile budget to ensure it is sufficient. Commissioner Hover replied that some higher cost vouchers were delayed payment due to cash on hand issues with people not paying their tax bill due to an incorrect public announcement that told people not to pay them.

Odyssey staff will here to ramp up the system for transition to Odyssey Court system. People will be here to administer the system training, and some staff will need to attend in Wenatchee.

Commissioner Hover asked if there were blinds are in the Superior Court windows. Judge Rawson replied yes. In the District Court rooms the sun is blinding. Superior Court does use the District Court courtrooms sometimes. Both District Court rooms had nice fan shaped shades but they are no longer in place. Judge Rawson and Judge Culp both thought the shades were taken down by the district court judges.

Mr. Rabidou thanked the commissioners for working with the court on the purchase of chair replacements and it is his hope to have all chairs replaced by the end of the year.

Judge Culp gave kudos to Ms. Craig because she identified and brought to his attention exorbitant attorney fees for conflict council. It is good that someone is checking on the bills. The judges appreciate working together on these types of things.

Commissioner Hover asked what the court calendar looked like this year. Judge Culp stated they are going for quality not quantity. Case filings are down, but murder is way up, big cases too that may warrant use of the commissioners’ hearing room. He explained Prosecutor Brandon Platter has been working well and moving cases along. He believes the jail population should be down.

Mr. Rabidou explained detention has been difficult to staff. Juvenile attended the job fair hoping that applications would be submitted for the various openings. The group returned to the courthouse after the update.

George Thornton, member of the public arrived at about 9:00 am, to take hand written notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Joe Poulin, Perry Huston, Laleña Johns

Ms. Johns provided her agenda and discussed the information listed there. (attached) She received direction from the board on resolution 32-2018 which creates another Maintenance Tech position within the maintenance department. She was previously directed by the board to send the draft to the Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney and Risk Management for review and comments. Ms. Johns received responses from Ms. Hall and Mr. Gecas and those concerns were addressed in the draft.

Ms. Johns further reported on a confusing matter she found with the draft resolution 33-2018 she was working on regarding the RTPO and OCOG Interlocal Agreement the board signed in March 2018. There appears to be several previously adopted Interlocal Agreements with the cities for RTPO and OCOG. She believes there needs to be additional clarity in the resolution that adopts the current Interlocal Agreement. She will re-draft the RTPO resolution so that all past RTPO OCOG happenings are recited to reduce future confusion due to the appearance that several very similar agreements were already in place.

Ms. Johns will attend the State Auditor Annual Report filing workshop on Tuesday, April 17 to file the Oroville EMS District annual report. The workshop will be in the Omak City Hall.

David Gecas updated the board on several issues he is working on. He explained an issue with the Interlocal Agreement for Law Enforcement Services for the City of Okanogan. He further explained jurisdiction and technical issues he is working on with the City with regards to the agreement. The agreement addresses enforcement of state laws and municipal codes within the city. The current signed version was posted on the county and city website to meet the filing requirement.

Mr. Gecas reported that he received a call from Sue Edick of the Oroville Housing Authority regarding its ability to house homeless people with disabilities in the Oroville shelter versus Camaray Hotel.

Joe Poulin explained Noxious Weed is beginning the move to Public Works. Some items are being taken to fairgrounds for surplus. The Clerk of the Board expressed concern that the board must first surplus the items prior to the items being taken to the fairgrounds.

The Commissioners asked Joe Poulin not to take any more items to the fairgrounds without the items being surplussed by the board.

Motion Maintenance Direction on Surplus
Commissioner Hover moved to direct maintenance to not place surplus items into storage unless there is first a list of the items that is supplied by the department so that those items can be officially and properly surplussed by the commissioners. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Director Huston provided his staff report. He will work with the Clerk of the Board to schedule the hearing for the use code. The Planning Commission has requested some training. Director Huston explained he will work with Dave Gecas and other to set up some training for the Commission.

Commissioner Hover said the well at the fairgrounds must be re-dug. Director Huston stated DOE was consulted and a notice of Intent must be published and coordinate the notice with whatever RFP is generated for construction with a 30 day window. He suggested we get it published right away. Commissioner Hover explained we need to get that done very soon as the RFP needs to be published to get the project started.

Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Hilts provided her staff report on position recruitments stating which positions were filled and which were still open. She explained another resignation was received. She discussed what Civil Service recruitment functions she will be doing this week. Local testing is on her agenda. She will order the tests and get the procedures drafted for the local testing. Commissioner Hover asked what education is needed in order to apply. Ms. Hilts replied that a high school diploma or GED is required and the applicant must be at least age 21. She discussed the current process and noted she’ll keep that in place. Civil Service rules have general disqualifiers, but each county has broken theirs down to specifics. She has asked the Sheriff’s department for their specific list of disqualifiers but we don’t have a list right now. The list will help determine whether a good candidate would then be disqualified by the Sheriff even after the applicant scored high. Ms. Hilts explained a scenario where an applicant was disqualified by the Sheriff.

She further explained she has not yet received anymore applications for the Event Coordinator position for Fairgrounds. Commissioners thought additional outreach via open-line would generate interest. Commissioner Branch thought some outreach at the Wenatchee College might help. Ms. Craig suggested Vicki Turner as a good contact. Ms. Hilts attended the recent Job Fair. She felt it was geared towards corporate type jobs not basic starter jobs.

Ms. Hilts discussed some claims she was dealing with.

Ms. Craig explained this is the week for the Director’s meeting for Risk Pool so she will be absent until Friday afternoon. Commissioner Branch will also be attending.

Douglas County is reviewing the Interlocal Agreement for the Veterans Service program. They are going back and forth on some things. Commissioner DeTro explained the Judges gave her kudos on identifying the high conflict attorney fees. She explained we don’t have many conflict attorneys for us to use when there are multiple conflict cases.

Discussion – Legal Newspaper Contract Approval – 2018/2019
Commissioner Branch read an article in the Omak Chronicle regarding the county’s choice for legal newspaper. Circulation was discussed between the two bidders. Cost per column inch between the two responsive bidders was discussed. The Sound Publishing column inch is wider and would cost less even when charged $5.50 per column inch versus the Omak Chronicle with a much narrower column inch and they would charge $5.45 per column inch.

Motion Legal Newspaper Contract-Sound Publishing
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the contract for County Legal Newspaper for the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The contract is between the county and Sound Publishing for combined publication in both Gazette Tribune and Methow Valley News. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Bid Opening –Public Works Leachate Pond #3 Construction - Amanda Moody
Josh Thomson, Shasta Stidman, Amanda Moody
The three companies that bid had representatives that were also in attendance.

Commissioner DeTro stated the time for receiving bids has past. Three bids were received within the stated deadline. The following bids were opened and read by the chairman.

Hurst Construction LLC Wenatchee

KRCI LLC Wenatchee

Strider Construction Inc. Bellingham

The engineer estimate was $180,000. The bids will be reviewed and a recommendation provided for consideration by the board.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough
Ben Rough was absent.

Engineer Thomson provide his agenda

Road and Maintenance issues
56 hours of over time due to water issues, Rattlesnake point, and road grading.

Washburn Lake Road
Engineer Thomson reported on the road issues stating that the “Alaskan Bush People” are getting stuck there. A permit was issued to them by Public Works for placing gravel in the soft areas.

Commissioner Hover explained issues he has heard of with many of our primitive roads. Engineer Thomson explained what level of maintenance is required by law and making material available for repairs. He further explained what else would need to be worked out in order for people willing to provide the maintenance themselves to do the maintenance.

Sinlahekin Road Culverts were removed as we were supposed to.

Old 97 at Rattlesnake point project was finished last week.

Loup Loup Canyon Road
The road was requested to be closed in order to install the pipe for the irrigation ditch repairs that are needed. They are looking at beginning the project in about two weeks. Commissioner DeTro would like the residents notified up there. A press release will be submitted too in addition to the road posting requirements.

Bailey Pit
Engineer Thomson explained the crushing at the Bailey Pit should be completed next week then they will move to a Methow area pit. The Bailey pit site could be used for stock pile. Commissioners discussed future use of that property and the possibility of surplus. Engineer Thomson will check and see if there is a well on the property.

Peter Dan Road
Engineer Thomson explained it is on track for the bidding process to begin in May. The documents will be presented for consent agenda next week.

Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road
Engineer Thomson explained it was requested that this road be signed as a bike route. Without bike facilities, he isn’t sure if DOT will sign onto it. There are some blind corners so safety could be a concern. Commissioner Hover thinks there may be reasons for DOT to address the number of bikers on the roadway. Commissioner DeTro believes the bikers should pay for the route and signs themselves through some kind of license. It is just a discussion at this point. Is the county okay with the signs directing bikers on to that road? Commissioner Hover would like to know what the county’s liability is if someone gets hurt, what is the state’s liability?

Engineer Thomson noted he has a message into Jeff Wilkins for any information he might have that would help tie up the interlocal agreement for RTPO that was discussed earlier with David Gecas.

Engineer Thomson explained an RCW that directs municipalities to report/account for bio fuel use versus electricity use in vehicles and equipment by June 1. There is some reporting that every entity with vehicles will have to report. The county will need to report as a whole. A request for exemption can be submitted but it must be received by June 1.

Commissioners Hover and DeTro expressed their thoughts on bio fuels, electronic charging stations, and renewable fuels. No one realizes the corporate farms are making all the money on this it is for their benefit not us. It takes away the farm ground that produces food for people in order to create bio fuels which only benefit the big corporations. Make the fuel out of something that doesn’t affect agricultural ground.

The bid award for public works pick-up trucks will be submitted for the consent agenda. Engineer Thomson explained his recommendation for the diesel pickups as it would save money due to the longer life of the diesel engine even though we are paying more up front. Mr. Thornton commented that diesel vehicles are being banned in some areas and asked if that is considered with this purchase? Engineer Thomson said he may look into that.

SRS status was discussed. It appears SRS was approved via omnibus and is retroactive 2017. Commissioner DeTro asked if the additional funds to be received were budgeted for. Engineer Thomson explained some were budgeted but the retro 2017 was not.

The Gavin pit was discussed. Commissioners noted that they should also think about the Tonasket, Oroville and Winthrop shops because those will need to be considered for replacement. Another thing to plan for is the covering of our salt piles, those will eventually be mandated to be covered, state Engineer Thomson. Commissioner Hover would like to know what the status of the buildings is and asked what the priorities are for next year’s budget and into the future for repairs and/or replacement.

Road standards were discussed and how those are set up for developments. Our county road standards are different for private roads than for county roads.

Engineer Thomson noted he would be absent for Spring Break April 2-6.

The board adjourned for lunch at 12:05 pm.

Commissioner DeTro was absent until 3:00 pm

Kit Arbuckle and George Thornton joined the meeting.

Citizen Comment Period
Jim Townsend, spokesperson for the Derting Family, explained his request to waive or reduce the rental fee of the Agriplex for the Derting memorial. Okanogan County Resolution 5-2018 does allow waiver of Fairground facility rental fees when the event is of community-wide importance or memorial event. The fees would be $1100 plus the $165 charge for heat. The funeral is this Saturday, March 31. The group will set up the day before. The Clerk of the Board read from the fee schedule resolution 5-2018, which does allow this type of waiver. The Commissioners thought a reduction in the fee would be appropriate. It was noted that Bess Derting was working with Rocky in the Planning office on the fee.

Motion Waiver Agriplex, Annex, & Kitchen Fee
Commissioner Hover moved to reduce the $1100 rental fee of the Agriplex, Annex, & Kitchen by 50% due to the event funeral being of community-wide importance and the type of event where no entry fee is charged. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Kit Arbuckle commented on the reflective nature of the tar being placed on the roads to repair the cracks. He recommended that the reflective part be covered by non-reflective material as the reflection is confusing to the eye.

Commissioner Hover said Chuck Brushwood was selected to represent the Tribe on the UCSRB as Bill Towey resigned.

Commissioner Hover asked Commissioner Branch if he was comfortable with him representing the county at the Smoke Jumper Base relocation meeting. He further explained that Forest Service had contacted him about it. Commissioner Branch did not have an issue.

Anna Lyon explained a neighbor called her about Knox Road and explained to her how satisfied he was with the way the commissioners were handling his request.

Department Head Quarterly Meeting
Kayla Wells-Moses, Anna Lyon, Josh Thomson, Maurice Goodall, Darla Schreckengost, Scott Furman, Laurie Jones, Perry Huston, Dee Wood, Shauna Field-Larson, Leah McCormack, Judge Grimm, Dave Rodriguez, Dan Higbee, Charleen Groomes, Joe Poulin, Judge Henry Rawson,

Commissioner Branch thanked the group for attending and hoped to wrap up by 3:00. Commissioner Hover stated it is important to hear from everyone and review our work plan progression.

Director Huston was asked to facilitate the meeting. He went over the items previously discussed at the last meeting. They were.

1) Courthouse Security/public access (4)
2) Campus security/Office relocations (2)
3) Update personnel manual
4) Communications system/internal emergency warning
5) Salary grade review/revisions (3)
6) Vehicle replacement funding (2)
7) Revised fee schedule (building)
8) Reinstate department head meetings
9) Emergency communications center
10) Radio network expansion/upgrade
11) Medical Insurance

Director Huston explained what progress had been made. The communications center is moving forward and a rudimentary floor plan was created to try and figure out in broad strokes what the price tag is. It would be paid for with a GO Bond.

Vehicle replacement funding was discussed. The sales tax receipts are about two months out from when we see the money. The vehicles related to the tax may be considered first for purchase. Commissioner Hover had asked for anyone who had vehicles to send to the board their list of vehicle types that they have and the board received one response. The commissioners would still like to receive the information. Each fund purchasing from ER&R would have to be stand alone, commented Engineer Thomson. Commissioner Hover explained it is good to be able to budget long term for the vehicles so the dollars are programed in. Engineer Thomson explained how the ER&R works and how vehicle maintenance is addressed. ER&R can be set up to calculate the depreciation which would then allow us to save/budget for the replacement costs. There are many ways to set it up and are options the board is looking at for vehicle replacement. The calculations are based on use and life of the vehicle.

Scott Furman explained the vehicles used to be run through the ER&R about 20 years ago but stopped because the costs were too high.

Revenue enhancement was discussed. The Fairgrounds, Building Department & Sheriff’s Department fee schedules have been completed. Additional review of the code to identify other fee adjustments will be done as appropriate and at the discretion of the department head.

The personnel manual update was discussed.

Commissioner Hover explained is working on a preliminary countywide pay scale and from that, working up a matrix for steps and grades what is being done to address the grade and steps in our salary schedule. The idea is that it will take away the pay scales varying by department individualism of the departments and streamline the salaries. Treasurer McCormack mentioned a previous discussion about doing away with the steps because there is no incentive for employees to do better after year five. Commissioner Hover explained he was looking at a version with ten steps and after ten longevity increases kick in. A group roster will go around identifying who wants to volunteer for the salary committee. Engineer Thomson explained a concern that employees might look at the ten year scenario and think their wage will be reduced over time. Commissioner Hover reiterated that that was not going to happen.

Ms. Craig explained other counties she has contacted to discuss self-insurance. She explained Central Services is working on Shoretell’s ability to provide campus security notifications. Mr. Goodall explained the different emergency messages that can be set up to be sent. Laurie Jones explained that Public Health is set up to notify region wide. The Shoretell system would be used internally whereas Mr. Goodall is talking about county-wide notifications.

Commissioner Hover explained that he toured the courthouse to figure out how to address the safety concerns of the courts. The front main entrance on the eastside of the building seems to be the best entrance to secure. He discussed the idea of a establishing a Marshall who would serve under the courts purview and serve as security. He looked at it from strictly a financial viewpoint. Treasurer McCormack asked about the previous idea for use of the WSU and Noxious Weed offices once they move. She stated public parking is situated on the north side of the courthouse. Scott Furman commented that the commissioners be aware that right now people are in the courthouse with weapons. He is often asked by the public to hold weapons such as knives and guns. Ms. Craig explained that all employees and public will enter the same secure entrance.

Joe Poulin explained there should be two entrances to address the problem of bottlenecking one entrance. He also discussed concern with the Juvenile Prosecutor Admin building back door being only for exiting and front door.

Commissioners believe the security team should be working on the entrance issues.

Engineer Thomson explained a law regarding bio fuel reporting and compliance.

The Clerk of the Board reported on the new laws regarding Public Records Requests. ESSHB 1594. There are reporting requirements for entities that spend $100,000 or more fulfilling requests, and entities must keep a log of the requests with specific reporting criteria as provided by JLARC. All attestation and reporting must be entered by July 1, 2018.

Ed Thiele came in at 2:45 pm.

Discussion – Review Fairgrounds Plan – FAC Sam Buchert
Members of the FAC: Carol Sivak, Sam Buchert

Commissioner DeTro explained Commissioner Hover has been assigned the task of the Fairgrounds. The group was asked to prepare a proposal for the Fairgrounds specifically the arena and race track. Ms. Sivak stated she priced out PVC pipes at around $12,000, but that was for 2 in pipe. Mr. Zacherle explained whatever the material used for the track should break away easily to reduce injuries if a horse hits it. Commissioner Hover explained some research he did on race track rail materials. He calculated the cost around $15,000. The group wants to be involved and has some ideas for addressing the north end. 12-Tribes is interested in having a meeting with the commissioner to discuss use of the race track for relay races. Bill Smith works with the 12-Tribes. Commissioner Hover thought perhaps they could help with the costs. A covered arena that have stalls on the outside and an arena on the inside. Commissioner Hover explained right now the Saw Dust Makers Trust wants the trust money to be used for equestrians.

Sam Buchert reported on the quotes received for the arena. The commissioners reviewed the quotes. Combination arena, walkers, bleachers, announcement stand, and a play area for kids. Commissioner Hover asked Mr. Buchert to work with Ms. Tanya Craig on the project and to determine in-kind value for the grant application. Commissioner Hover stated he does have enough information from Mr. Buchert to apply for the grants.

Commissioners explained the meeting in October 2017 with the Saw Dust Makers Trust

Ms. Sivak explained who met with her at the fairgrounds to discuss the condition of the race track and solutions. Equestrian and races were discussed.

Boots and Saddle club originally owned the north half of the fairgrounds, but when the horse barns were to be built the barn could not be built on leased land. The barns were built but the horse race stalls were supposed to be kept in perpetuity with the barn. When the paperwork was completed it was found the document did not have the perpetuity language.

Rescheduled Public Hearing – CDBG Public Services Application – Lael Duncan
Leanne Montoya and Sam Barton Community Action Council Representatives; Lael Duncan via telephone conference call

The audio recorder was turned on. Citizen participation information in both English and Spanish was available as a handout. The Clerk of the Board posted notice of the public hearing at the two entrances of the courthouse. Community Action posted the information on Facebook and other social media.

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up stating the purpose of the hearing was to review community development and housing needs, inform citizens of the availability of funds and eligible uses of CDBG funds, particularly from low-income persons living in the area and to hear comments on the county’s and Community Action Council’s program and past performance of the use of the 2017 CDBG Public Services Grant. Commissioner DeTro called for public staff report.

Ms. Duncan thanked the commissioners for accommodating her on the phone. The state grant is specifically designated to community action councils. The specific category is food nutrition, housing and other direct services. She referred to the Annual Report for 2017 that showed a snap shot of what has been accomplished.

Shane Barton explained a community needs assessment was worked on over the last several months. The needs assessment identified housing as the big issue with the food, nutrition, and transportation service needs being the top four. Ms. Duncan explained surveys were gathered for the needs assessment. There were 500 that went out and 319 were received back.

Commissioner DeTro called for public testimony, seeing no one wished to comment or testify Commissioner DeTro closed the public hearing and opened up for commissioners discussion.

Motion CDBG Public Service Grant Application Project Summary and Budget
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the CDGB Public Service Grant application for funds 2018/2019 and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 30-2018 Certifications of Compliance
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 30-2018 with the certifications of compliance for the CDBG Public Services Grant for 2018/2019 funding. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Title VI Certification
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Title VI Certification for CDBG Public Services Grant for 2018/2019 funding. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Resolution 32-2018 Creating Maintenance Tech Position
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 32-2018 which creates another maintenance tech position within the maintenance department. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

MOU Appendix A WSU Extension
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the MOU, Appendix “A”, of the WSU Extension agreement for and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Appointment Letter-TV District No 1 Position 4-Victoria Velategui
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the appointment letter of Victoria Velategui to position No 4 on the Television Reception District No 1 Board of Directors. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 36-2018 Shoreline Master Program Transmittal to DOE
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 36-2018 transmitting the county’s shoreline master program to the Department of Ecology for final adoption of the revised draft. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 2-8 excluding item number 1 which need further review. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings March 19 & 20, 2018
2. Special Occasion Liquor License # 093402 – Vintage Faire Apr 28, 2018 – Jacki Cornelius
3. Certificate of Eligibility – Contracted Public Defender Access to Jis-Link System – Noel Merfeld
4. Digital Submittal Certification – 2018 County Road Administration Board Reports
5. Bid Award – Public Works Sign Materials & Road Sign Purchase – Newman Signs Inc.
6. Bid Award – Public Works Pickup Trucks – Jess Auto Sales
7. Agreement – On Call Survey Services – Erlandsen & Associates – Public Works
8. Resolution 34-2018 – Amending the Purpose of Public Works Solid Waste Cash Funds

The board adjourned at 4:40 p.m.