JUNE 5, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on June 5, 2018, with Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.
Commissioner Andy Hover was absent due to attending the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board meeting in Washington DC this week.

Member of the public, George Thornton arrived at 8:58 AM to take notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Stella Columbia, Joe Poulin, Perry Huston, Cari Hall, Leah McCormack

Cari Hall explained that the Juvenile Dept. recently purchased a vehicle, but there wasn’t cash or budget to pay the invoice which is now due and will incur finance charges if it isn’t paid today. Ms. Hall further said the invoice could be paid from Current Expense but normally vehicles are expended from the Vehicle Reserve. Treasurer McCormack explained her surprise as she did not think the vehicle would be purchased until June after the sales tax funds are remitted. Right now the Current Expense fund is carrying over $34,000 of CJTA fund 160 expenses until more sales tax revenues come in. The expenses are mounting and it was thought that the sales tax revenue may not cover all of it. Over spending…… Commissioner Branch said it is a done deal. If it isn’t paid it will incur finance charges. It was recommended that the invoice be paid to avoid finance charges. Ms. Hall said an email would be sufficient to request the cash be transferred to vehicle reserve since there was already in place the transfer in and transfer out BARS within each budget. Ms. Hall will send an email to recap what is needed in the email and then she will take care of the invoice.
The Clerk of the Board said she would email the Treasurer requesting the transfer of funds to Vehicle Reserve fund 197 from Current Expense 001.015. Both Ms. Hall and Ms. McCormack exited.

Joe Poulin updated the board on the irrigation system at the fairgrounds. Apparently a valve broke over the weekend and a big puddle was created. The air valve was replaced and now the pressure is better than before. Mr. Poulin said he could only operate 8 sprinklers before and now will see how many more the system can handle. There is also an apparent irrigation leak from a pipe that runs under the pig barn asphalt. The asphalt will need to be cut away to reach the leak for repairs and that will be done this week.

Mr. Poulin said he received a few applications for the seasonal maintenance positions and will begin interviews tomorrow. Will there be a surplus sale this year? Commissioner DeTro said it depends on how much there is to sell. The Clerk of the Board said a bunch of Sheriff Vehicles were surplussed before but were not included in the last sale. She said she would send out an email requesting departments send her their list property to be surplussed.

The garbage truck at the fairgrounds was discussed. Commissioner DeTro would like it to be assessed to find out what is wrong with it and determine from that whether or not to fix it or surplus it. Joe Poulin state the PTO pump that runs the hydraulic is bad. He explained some alternatives to using the garbage truck such as using a roll off truck from the landfill. A 20 yard dumpster would be more useful to hold the garbage during fair.

There is a pile of fill dirt with big rocks that Mr. Poulin would like to use to fill holes and rough spots on the fairgrounds, but a rock screen is needed before it can be utilized.

Director Huston explained how the hourly rates might be considered. There was interest by the Roller Hockey group to use one of the buildings during summer. Director Huston said there is still work to be done to lay out the methodology to justify the rate and show a range. Commissioner Branch asked if each building would be rated. Deposits for use and insurance coverage and how those would be handled still need to be worked out.

Stella Columbia explained a request she received for use of the horse arena, but the daily rate of $75 was too much for the requestor as she only needed the arena for a couple hours. Ms. Columbia asked if she could do a press release about the Dept. of Agriculture grant award for replacing the race track and arena. She would like to inform the public about the award. The Clerk of the Board recommended that a press release be submitted as she thought it would generate some renewed interest from the public. It would also show the public the county intends to put forth the money and effort to make the needed changes. The Clerk of the Board will send Ms. Columbia the information for the release.

Ms. Columbia explained the mess left by the renters over the weekend. The damage deposit of $350 will not cover the cost to clean it up. Commissioners believe if the deposit doesn’t cover the cost to restore the building to a usable condition then the group should be billed for that. Ms. Columbia said she will change the way she does the walkthroughs and moving forward it will be a more strict process. She suggested hiring a cleaning crew which the renter would pay for. Director Huston explained that perhaps there should be both a damage and a cleaning deposit. Member of the public Mr. Thornton, also suggested before and after photos to be taken of the space for the file. Ms. Columbia said the contract covers the issues.

David Gecas reported on an Attorney General opinion he request about the vacation process of a particular road that the county isn’t certain of its ownership. (attached)

He requested executive session to discuss potential litigation.

Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1) (i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 9:52 AM for 30 minutes inviting Perry Huston and David Gecas to discuss potential litigation the county reasonably believes may be commenced by or against the county. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 10:12 am with 10 minutes left to run out. The board took a break to use up the remaining time. No decisions were made.

Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Craig explained the county website demonstration will be conducted next Monday. The Jail trailer was purchased last week and delivered. She said she sat down with Stella Columbia and provided her guidance on the management and responsibilities of the fairgrounds.

She will attend a conference put on by Alliant Insurance. She will sit in as a guest to learn how they work. She will report on the results.

The Grant for public defense funding was received, but the form gets longer and longer and requires more and more of her time each year.

Ms. Craig updated the board on claims received.

Ms. Craig explained the resolution regarding the salaries of elected officials is up this year. She provided the board with information from comparable counties but did not have the salary info from Douglas or Stevens counties. (attached) She stated the board must adopt a resolution as the current resolution expires at the end of the year. The laws do have restrictions to be considered such as when the board may adjust their own salaries. Commissioner Branch would like to review the meeting minutes where the previous board discussed the matter.

Update – Communications / Dispatch – Mike Worden
Joe Somday

Mr. Worden explained he met with the EMS and Fire Districts on May 23 to discuss dispatch fee increases. The EMS and Fire Districts were not happy, but nevertheless it was a necessary change. Commissioner Branch said there is a cost to provide dispatching services, but a meeting such as that helps the districts understand what they are paying for. Mr. Worden stated the poorest district was on board with the fees as it gives them a chip in the game and now they have a stake and can discuss more freely their concerns. Commissioner DeTro said he encouraged those he spoke to. The commissioners had asked how the proposed fees compare to the agency budgets. He provided the base information to the board. (attached) Mr. Worden commented that it appeared some districts were budgeting all their cash but then they only spend a fraction of it.

The agreements with the legal language will be drafted by Mr. Worden then provided to the board for review.

Mr. Worden provided an update on the communications budget. Joe Somday gave the Jail budget update as of the 29th the Jail is still over budget about $89,000. He said the Sheriff will need additional funds to outfit their new vehicles at $10,000. It was noted that the Disaster Recovery funds will be about $335,000 and will bring the budget to the positive.

Mr. Worden explained the Fire Homelessness bill funds was approved and the county will get around $22,000 from that. The funds will be used to purchase basic battery operated desk top radios for the dispatch center.

Mr. Worden informed the commissioners that he will try out the new 911 network this week. The HB 2010 update was given by Commissioner DeTro. He said Commissioner McCart is heading that bill up.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough
Dan McCarthy, Kent Kovalenko

Mr. Rough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there. He invited Pest Control Agent, Dan McCarthy to help support the discussion regarding the Apple Maggot quarantine area. Mr. Rough provided a summary of the situation on the back of his agenda. (attached)

Mr. Rough asked since Mr. McCarthy is on the front line, what he thinks about the pest. Mr. McCarthy said this whole process will help slow the pest from spreading to other parts of the county, but on the waste enforcement end, he does not see how that can be accomplished. Mr. Rough said the food waste is exempt, by verbal confirmation only. A special permit would outline exactly what and who would be exempt as well as other restrictions.

Mr. Rough explained the impacts if the department had the responsibility of separating the woody debris from homegrown food scraps. He explained what would need to be separated and retained in the Methow valley and what could be transported through the quarantine area. We were first told green municipal waste was just woody debris, but over time the definition changed to include food waste. Commercial hauler Waste Wise expressed concerns at a meeting with Public Works and Dept. of Ag on May 24 where the group discussed the issue with the definition. The overall operation costs of Waste Wise would increase their expenditures would increase and their revenue would decrease. He would like to know from the board how he might move forward in terms of restricting certain raw plant based waste. Commissioner Branch asked how one would determine the difference between store-bought fruit and homegrown fruit. Educating the public will key to a successful process. Someone will be onsite to inspect, but it is really the educational part right from the start that will help the most. There are many unknowns as to the quantity of waste to be sorted and disposed of. There is a Public Hearing scheduled by the Dept. of Ag on July 19 in the commissioners hearing room where this very issue will be discussed.

Commissioner DeTro explained the issues with the fairgrounds garbage truck and the idea that roll off trucks be used instead of the garbage truck. Commissioner DeTro stated the roll off boxes would be best and a goal to look forward to for fair this year. Mr. Kovalenko asked if it would be better or more affordable to have public works periodically drop off a box during the fair? Mr. Rough will speak to Joe Poulin about the situation and come up with ideas to address the problem.

Mr. Rough explained he received the draft resolution from the Clerk of the Board regarding the disposal fee waiver that Colville Tribes requested for the clean-up project on the Salmon Creek property. He and Mr. Kovalenko went to the site to the level of garbage there. He said he read through the resolution and agrees with the reason for wanting to help out.

Mr. Kovalenko would like to see some language in the resolution about household waste being first separated from other waste so that it can be dealt with appropriately. Waste cans that are more than a gallon containing household hazards shall be separated from other waste before disposal. He will keep an accounting of the costs for the waste.

Mr. Rough gave the leachate pond project status update as the project just about done with final checklists and final back fill finishing it out. We still need to purchase the valves and extend the pipeline to reach the site.

The SWAC update was given. Membership was discussed and how to address alternative positions and why those are needed.

Open Positions
Mr. Rough said he is moving forward with filling the engineer tech assistant position and is looking at candidates from the last go around. Interviews will be set once applicants are selected for interview. He continued informing the board about department resignations and that position being open to be filled. The Area 3 shop is in the greater Twisp Methow valley and it has been difficult to fill the position due to the remote area and most not able to live 20 minutes from the shop. The beginning salary was increased this year to attract applicants. He believes our salary range is pretty comparable to other drivers.

Citizens Comment Period
Commissioner DeTro opened up citizen comment. George Thornton commented on the water availability study and his unease about the commissioners burning up time when they know the senate bill has a limited time frame for use of the funding. Now, it is going on 6 months and we still have no enabling document. He doesn’t want to be in a rush situation when it gets down to the deadline and then have to redo it or take too much time to then not have access to the funds when we need to complete it.

Cari Hall and Treasurer McCormack came back to discuss their concern about resolution 56-2018 regarding costs of reclassification of the food coordinator position, as the costs have not yet been budgeted. A supplemental appropriation to the respective budgets will be needed later on and with the Juvenile Dept. vehicle purchase issue the board should be aware of the impacts to Current Expense due to these unplanned expenses. The Board discussed a need for a checklist flow chart which would be attached to resolutions and would show the board the item has gone through all the necessary preliminary processes before the board approves it. The Clerk of the Board said she would create a flow chart attachment for the board’s review.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the consent agenda items 2-6 excluding item #1 as further review time is needed. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings May 29, 2018
2. Interlocal Agreement – Solid Waste Disposal System – Town of Winthrop – Public Works
3. Local Agency Agreement Supplemental #2 – Peter Dan Road 3532-04 – Public Works
4. General Services Agreement-Fairgrounds Camp Host-King & Timm
5. Agreement –CDBG Public Services Grant-Dept. of Commerce
6. Resolution 56-2018 Reclassification of Collections Coordinator

**No Quorum in the Afternoon**

The board adjourned at 12:30 pm.