JUNE 12, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on June 12, 2018, with, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro was absent.

Member of the public George Thornton taking notes, Robert Fuchs.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Dan Higbee, Perry Huston, Debi Hilts, Stella Columbia

Building Official Dan Higbee stated the City of Pateros has asked the county building official to fill in while their building official is out. Mr. Higbee isn’t sure a contract would be necessary as the work entails just inspections, but he said could be plan review too. Commissioner Hover said if his office can cover it an agreement should be the mechanism to outline the expectations. Mr. Higbee stated in the past an agreement took several months to be approved and by then the City’s would be back to work. A template agreement was suggested by Director Huston that would work.

David Gecas explained his conversation with another county and said they have two people armed at 30 hours per week that way there would always be coverage. He has a contract template from Douglas County for reference. The company was contacted and their contract template requested which would be modified slightly for our needs. Insurance requirements were discussed which the company would need. He spoke to Mr. Rabidou about designating an entrance, and there are pros and cons to each.

Commissioner Hover thought the recently received DHAP grant application could be used to address the safety portion of courthouse security issue. The Clerk of the Board reminded the Board that DAHP projects require consistency with their historic preservation goals and sometimes project costs are overrun trying to meet DAHP requirements.

Joe Poulin updated the board. Two current maintenance workers applied for correction positions and were accepted. Their last day is June 26. Two new maintenance workers will be needed ASAP to fill the positions. Ms. Hilts will get the positions advertised. The temp worker hired last week for fairgrounds is working out well so far. Leaks found as a result of valve repairs are still being found and repaired. The water is very sandy. A mini excavator was rented for making the repairs. Additional sprinkler heads are needed for the hand lines, and Mr. Poulin will purchase more of the low flow ones to make a couple more lines. A compressor broke on the VG building that serves the Planning offices and the bid to replace it is about $1900.

Mr. Hilts stated interviews for the two temp positions happened last week, with one applicant being under 18. He can do all the basic maintenance tools without running the larger equipment. She asked the commissioners whether additional temp positions would be hired for the fairgrounds. Commissioner Hover asked whether one permanent maintenance worker and one temp worker was enough? Mr. Poulin explained it will be necessary to hire additional workers for the fair. Director Huston explained the additional people hired for the fair.

Stella Columbia explained her thought on hiring an AmeriCorps volunteer. Some of those worker expenses are paid for by AmeriCorps with only a small portion stipend being covered by the county. She worked with AmeriCorps workers before and has a contact name out of Wenatchee. Commissioners would like her to look into the AmeriCorps details. These type of workers have objectives to learn.

Ms. Hilts discussed a resolution to be considered by commissioners for approval which authorizes a temp maintenance worker under fairgrounds but commissioners would like the maintenance workers to fall under maintenance budget.

Stella Columbia asked if she should take Omak Stampede camping reservations. Commissioners believe we should take reservations for that event. She asked about advertising the RV park via banners or billboard. Commissioners were in favor of looking into it i.e. our own sign or purchasing billboard space. She said the FAC are looking into a sign but not sure if they are looking into the permitting on Hwy 97. DOT will need to be contacted. She also said that fence space can be sold to advertisers. If horse stalls are rented can the renter ride their horse on the fairgrounds as part of their stall fee? They do not wish to pay for the whole day. Commissioner Hover said that rate might be included on the hourly fee schedule. She would need to charge for use of the arena as well as a liability waiver. Director Huston stated he would draft a resolution to consider adopting hourly fee schedule for the various rentable areas of the fairgrounds.

Ms. Columbia explained she is spending a lot of time processing the animal tagging and camping reservations for the fair. She has much more to complete and she cannot find where the camping contract templates are. She would like to do a press release to notify the public about the grant and its uses.

Director Huston will call James DeSalvo about title insurance for the trail or whether additional policy is necessary. The question of the previous board was that the county not incure any hard costs is that the position this board is also taking.

Cancelled Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig

Cancelled Update – Auditor – Laurie Thomas

Cancelled - Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough

Discussion – Solid Waste Program – Colville Confederated Tribe – Lucy F. Covington Government Center, 21 Colville St. Nespelem, Wa.
Commissioner Hover, Commissioner Branch, Ben Rough, Kent Kovalenko, and Clerk of the Board. Various Tribal Council members.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the county's solid waste program and proposed tipping fee increase.

Commissioner Branch thankted the council for their time. He explained the County's Solid Waste program is an enterprise fund which supports itsself through revenue collected from fees. Both the County and the Tribe is concerned about illegal dumping. It is a public health issue as well as a visual concern. The Council does not see the fee being applied equally or without consideration that the tribe hauls and pays for their waste 100%. The Tribe does not charge a tipping fee to cover their cost. Tribal Council Chairman Marchand noted since the reservation is part of Okanogan County, the county should consider managing their fees accordingly. Ben Rough provided the fee proposal to the council members. He explained the details of the issue will likely need additional time to discuss. The fees are applied to everyone who uses the landfill. The Tribe thought it was possible the increase would not be affordable and citizens who would be compeled to dump illegally, and that is already a big problem.

The Tribe is also concerned about the County's landfill filling up. What is the process for opening up another cell, what is the life expectancy of the our current landfill. The Tribe would feel better lobbying for something that will last awhile rather than lobbying for something that is used up. The Tribe would like to work on this issue with the county. The Tribe covers HUD housing project, Disetel, Malott, Elmer City, Coulee Dam, Monse, Brewser, and Nespelem.

Enforcements were discussed as the county does not have jurisdiction on the reservation. The Tribe explained their desire to clean up areas on the reservation that are unsitely and unhealthy due to illegal dumping. They already started cleaning areas up due to the river flooding. The amount of garbage generated will be tremendous and with the proposed increase in tipping fees, the clean up will be much more difficult to accomplish, especially since the Tribe hauls and pays for the waste 100%. Commissioner Branch explained the County recently approved a resolution to waive all the tipping fees for garbage hauled off the Salmon Creek property that was a huge illegal dumpsite. The Tribe purchased the property in order to clean it up for improved fish habitat.

Appointment process and eligibility requirents for the SWAC were discussed. The Tribal Council felt an alternate position would not provide the level of representation as a full member would.  It is very important to the Tribe that it is represented on the SWAC. Right now, they do not feel an alternate position holds the same authority as a full board member because the alternate would not have a voice at the table at every meeting. Mr. Rough explained the authority vested in the alternate positions and how they would have a voice at the table and be able to vote.

Commissioner Hover recapped the main issues. Keeping communities clean. Tipping Fees. Another meeting will be needed to develop an MOU regarding these issues. He felt good about the two agencies getting closer to understanding eachother. In closing, Tribal Council Chairman Marchand said many issues were touched on today. The reservation consists of around 1.4 million acres. They are reevaluationg their solid waste responsibilities, and assessing their service areas. He hopes the county will consider another meeting to discuss the issues in more detail to collaborate on solutions.

In closing, Tribal Council member Leonard said, the Tribe invests heavily into the valley and plans to build a $20 million dollar new clinic and community center with an olympic size swimming pool. They are introducing salmon back into the tributaries and are committed to those investments. This is about people not just money. The Tribe is asking for a seat on the SWAC to enhance the relationships between the communities and develop the necessary cooperation to be successful in these endeavors. We need to get past the idea we are on separate sides and increase the confidence in eachother. He commented that he was imressed with the Emergency Operations Center and their efforts to keep people safe on both sides of the river.

Communication/cooperation between the agencies will be critical to funding of projects and could bump us up on grant opportunities. Together, we may make it to the top of the funding lists for federal funding which makes it more possible to improve our communities.

Cancelled Citizens Comment Period

Board of Health – 1234 S. 2nd Ave, Okanogan
Commissioners attended the public health meeting.

Public Hearing – Supplemental Appropriation – Public Works
Josh Thomson, members of the public George Thornton, Bob Fuchs

Commissioner Branch opened the hearing up to staff report.

Engineer Thomson explained the amount for Road fund was for the Peter Dan Road repairs project and the other was for the Conconully Sewer Fund.

Conconully Sewer project budget was set but did not budget for this project. The ending fund balance was used and the least expensive option was worked out with the town. There was sufficient funding in the ending fund balance.

The Peter Dan slide project required that more slide area be removed and the department agreed to pay for the extra expense though the Washington state department of transportation. Commissioners Branch closed the hearing to staff and asked for public comment. No one wished to comment, commissioner branch closed to public.

Motion 64-2018 Supplemental Appropriation Public Works Fund 407&102
 Commissioner Hover moved to approve the resolution 64-2018 a budget supplemental in the amount of $33,000 within fund 407 and fund 102 of $873,000. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Engineer Thomson provided information regarding Sinlahekin Road and with the washout being significant and it doesn’t sound like it is eligible for FEMA funding. He met with WDFW and they were going to try and find funding. Another option is the CRAB board for RATA funds but it also decreases our award for other projects later on. If there isn’t another way to fund it, we have been successful in getting additional funding if costs in the end are higher. It is a very popular hunting route to Loomis, Loomis is really hurting economically due to the road being unusable. The area of the washout was viewed on Google maps. Commissioner Hover asked Engineer Thomson to inquire of the Tribe whether there is any help they can provide. He will explore the options prior to applying for the RATA Funds with CRAB.

Discussion – Oroville Rural EMS Levy – Assessor Scott Furman
Dee Wood, Larry Gilman

The commissioners asked the Assessor’s office to come discuss the Oroville EMS district levy calculations to discuss the capacity of the district for levy increase to cover the contract with Life Line.

Dee Wood explained a lid lift of $.50 which is the maximum. It doesn’t affect neighboring districts by pro ration. Commissioner Hover did not wish to have a big levy shift happen if the board put forth an issue to increase the levy collection and have it shifted to the tax payer.

If we increase the levy, the revenue generated by the levy fluctuates like the value of the properties. Assessor explained a lid lift and how that established a new starting point. It would reset the dollars to be collected.

Is Loomis covered by an EMS district, Commissioner Hover asked? He believes everyone should be part of a fire and EMS district. He heard in Bridgeport they created a utility for outside the EMS district, he doesn’t have the info in front of him. If a lid lift of $.30 on $1000 and somehow the district gets larger, does the amount people pay get smaller. Assessor Furman explained, yes it does, and discussed how that is calculated. Commissioner Hover asked if the amount collected went up to $200,00 then the district gets larger and the $.30 goes into the district the first year, then the rate drops to collect from the whole. To stay status quo we need to collect additional $20,000 to maintain.

Commissioner Hover requested a map that shows all the EMS district boundaries and requested analysis of what the $.30 and $.50 levy would look like.

Motion 63-2018 Creating Temp Maintenance Position Under fund 0100.009
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 63-2018 authorizing a temp maintenance position for fairgrounds under maintenance budget and authorized the position to be filled. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion 61-2018 Creating Temp Clerk Position under fund 001.028 for Fairgrounds.
Commissioner Hover moved to pull the resolution 61-2018 from the consent agenda and approve it for the creation of a Temp Clerk position for the Fairgrounds and authorized the position to be filled. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Discussion – Dept. of Transportation Projects – Kelvin Dortha
Mr. Dortha provided project information on DOT projects near Brewster. He explained the project area and plans to restripe US 97 south of Brewster and will include a two way left turn lane. Collision history was discussed and Brewster Grange road crashes due to left hand turns have generated the need for these changes. Brewster Grange road is a county road so DOT wanted to discuss their plans with many indications of “close calls”. The speed limit will also be considered as it is currently 60 mph.

Changes in the DOT strategies now include coordination with other agencies on DOT projects to ensure they are providing the right fix and being engaged. The City of Brewster was engaged and in favor of the changes. The department would first like to look at the speed limit to make sure it is serving the situation appropriately before making a recommendation to change it.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items excluding items #4, 5, 6, & 8. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings June 4 & 5, 2018
2. Reimbursement – CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Grant – Request #12 – Community Action Council
3. Reimbursement – CDBG Public Services Grant – Request #9 – Community Action Council
4. Letter – Re-appointment LEOFF Board – Kreg Sloan
5. Letter – Re-appointment LEOFF Board – Kevin Bowling
6. Audit Engagement Letter – 2017 - Office of the State Auditor – Pat McCarthy
7. Resolution 60-2018 Granting Signing Authority – Fairgrounds Event Coordinator
8. Resolution 61-2018 Creating Temporary Fairgrounds Staff positions for Maintenance and Office Clerk

The board adjourned at 5:00 pm.