JULY 3, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on July 3, 2018, with Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

George Thornton, member of the public, arrived at 8:55 a.m. taking hand written notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Stella Columbia, Joe Poulin, Kyle Haugen

Ms. Columbia discussed the costs of hooking into the Shoretell telephone system at the fairgrounds. She asked where the costs would be paid from. Central Services was wondering which fund to bill thinking the fairgrounds, but the Fairgrounds is within Current Expense.

Commissioner Hover explained he will be meeting with a Taste of Three Valley’s event organizer to go over the event and expectations. They had complained about the condition of the tables and chairs because the event is a fancier occasion and the tables and chairs are in bad shape.

Commissioner Hover discussed the Fairgrounds race track, race horse barn and arena work are with three different vendors. Would it be considered three separate projects and bid that way? For bidding purposes it should be considered as one whole project. Director Huston stated the bid specs is where we have trouble articulating the details of the specific components. The specs are needed first before publishing the bid RFQ.

Director Huston explained his understanding of how volunteers doing the labor work must be carefully tracked. There was no in-kind match only cash match for the USDA grant. The project components may not be separately bid out, the whole project will need to be bid out instead of bidding out each separate component.

Ms. Columbia said the RV campground attendance is slow. She thought additional advertising would help. Commissioner Hover asked if the camp hosts have a phone. Yes, but not fairgrounds phones. She stated the third cell phone is missing. Online payment options for the RV campground was discussed. Commissioner Hover urged Ms. Columbia to discuss the gate ticket ideas with the Treasurer.

Joe Poulin updated the board on the fairgrounds maintenance. He created a list of tools needed to complete the work to be done. (attached) Commissioners discussed the options and requested that the best prices be obtained. Kyle Haugen has been on the Fairgrounds providing the maintenance and irrigation work on the grounds. The new well system was discussed.

The tractor was ordered and set up for annual payments due July 1st each year. The old John Deer tractor could be surplussed. The Old gas Massey tractor will be looked at to see if it is worth fixing. It has no bucket or hydraulics. The old Ford tractor does work. Commissioners requested a list of surplus items that are no longer needed on the fairgrounds. Commissioner Hover asked that inventory be taken at the fairgrounds of small and attractive items as well as a Capital asset items and ensure all items are marked. Commissioner Branch noted that a separate inventory list of both small and attractive and capital assets be taken.

Mr. Poulin explained Pete Peterson is schedule to put a camera down the pipes of the Juvenile admin to see where the sewer problem is. The carpet will be removed that was soaked with sewer backup and new carpet will be placed.

Mr. Poulin explained applicants will be interviewed soon for the maintenance tech positions. He explained the situation with the interpreter moving into the old Probation building. He is taking up the whole building, Mr. Rabidou had offered the upper floor for maintenance use. There are six people in the Maintenance Dept. and only one interpreter. Director Huston reminded the Commissioners that they are responsible for providing employees with office space. It was suggested that Mr. Poulin, Mr. Rabidou and commissioner take a look at the space.

Attorney Gecas explained he revised the interlocal agreement for building inspections and plan reviews for cities requesting assistance. He added clarity to the code enforcement section. There have also been a few times where the Building Official has been asked to attend meetings, but he was not compensated. The contract was amended to allow compensation consideration for attending meetings. Commissioner Branch asked about the provision that excludes code enforcement and asked whether that included enforcement of the building code in the inspection process. Mr. Gecas further explained other changes. The draft was provided for commissioners’ review.

Yakama Nation attorney Ms. Voelkers contacted Mr. Gecas about which policy issues the county will be addressing. The Yakama’s commented and the County responded. Mr. Gecas went over the issues relayed to him by Ms. Voelkers. Yakama Nation will draft a response to our response. Commissioner Hover provided his perspective on responses.

Update Clerks Office – Charleen Groomes
Susan Speiker

Clerk Groomes explained the Portal is up and running and $1,600 has been collected so far. She relayed that staff is being trained. There are openings to be filled with many on vacation, so they are bogged down right now.

The Odyssey program is up and running. It is a much different program than the previous program, so employees needed to attend training. The State Archives grant was not awarded, but the Clerk did discuss language with the Dept. of Archives about what is needed for future grant applications. File archiving was discussed and the plan to send off files o archive. Ms. Clerk stated it is her plan to become paperless. Work Source job training program has provided workers to help with the files. Ms. Speiker explained the files get audited and certified and after reaching the proper retention schedule the files can be destroyed. There are approximately two shred bins being filled each month. It is a process but they are getting there. The hard copies may be destroyed once the process is completed.

Ms. Speiker thanked the Commissioners and Risk Management for visiting the Clerk’s office to appreciate all the hard work that went into the conversion. It meant a lot to everyone.

Ms. Speiker said they are still working on reimbursements for the scanners. The Clerk put in budget for overtime but didn’t need to use it so those extra funds were used to purchase the scanners. She explained eight scanners were purchased, but still short one. Ms. Speiker said they did get an upgrade for the printers because Odyssey isn’t compatible with all systems.

The Clerk thanked the commissioners for making time today.

Vendor Demo - Website – Randy Clough, Steve Rowe, Tanya Craig
Maurice Goodall, Karen Beatty, Debi Hilts

The website demonstration was presented by Central Services via projector.

The web presenter was Philip Carselowey with CivicPlus Zoom, based out of Kansas. Mr. Carselowey, via telephone conference call, explained he would our contact through the process. He then went through the Municipal Web Design & Software Built for Local Government. All products are government related with government in mind with one stop shopping being their goal.

Subscribers can received pushed information. Emergency management Everbridge website can be integrated with this program. Many third party software vendors can be eliminated by using just CivicPlus product.

The calendar fields were displayed and what field information shows up on the site. Tools for the different modules are drag and drop so building our new website is easy where we can drag and drop from our old site to the new site builder which builds cohesive pages across the site. The cost is affordable, but price factors include how many users, how much info to be transferred, and an amount would be arranged based on that. Commissioner Hover asked what we get for the $30,000. We would get unlimited support, receive any updates they push out, servicing, hosting, security, and all the above. Mr. Rowe asked about SSL security certificates. Phil said, yes that is taken care of as part of their all-inclusive package. Ms. Craig stated other vendors offer the intranet, does CivicPlus? Phil said for the entire site it is included with some differences to be selected. Is the FTP available? No, they do not allow that due to security reasons. Transferring or uploading… it would be uploading of information such as public records requests. That is not allowed, but they do have some other options for some uses. Is there a limit on the amount of data stored on the website? Yes, there will be an agreed amount of storage available, with the option of purchasing more? Archiving once retention schedule has been met. Archiving options were discussed as well as how that works for retaining and retrieving the information Meta data. We can set it to be automatic. The normal storage is about 20-25 gigabytes. The time frame for activating the site is by reservation. 16-24 weeks from the date of the contract with 24 being the more realistic timeframe. Does initial cost get our website into the CMS? Yes. A-Z everything.

Mr. Clough asked if there is a list of other municipalities that use the product and can we receive the list. Yes, one will be provided. Ms. Craig stated she knows Whatcom County uses the product. The group thanked us for our time. They will be in touch.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough
Perry Huston

Director Huston explained he would set a date for an open house around three weeks from now. He relayed what information he will need prior to that meeting. Commissioner Hover thought the ORV signs should be placed on the ORV open roads. Doing this will bring in recreation and people who stay at RV parks and hotels.
Mr. Rough recommended the board discuss with Engineer Thomson the enforcement issue and this situation.

Ben Rough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Recruitments-Open Position
The Engineering Tech/Assistant still open.
Mr. Rough explained the plan to leave the M2 truck driver open until a sufficient experience pool is gathered then interviews will be scheduled.

State Auditor
The State Auditor appears to be focusing on cash flow at Solid Waste. Mr. Rough is looking at this as a good thing as we have made significant changes already and it would be good to see how those changes are viewed by the auditor. A gas card policy would be a good thing to address. He said there is a draft but it was thought the Administrative Policy be completed first. Each vehicle is assigned a gas card and each employee who uses the vehicle is assigned a pin #. Commissioner Hover asked how those are audited. The odometer readings are reviewed regularly internally and every area has a list of vehicle and every month the odometer readings are taken and then reviewed by management staff. There isn’t an actual policy to follow.

Landfill Break-in & Improvements.
Mr. Rough explained that in January the Landfill was broken into. The doors were damaged, computer stolen, and various other smaller items taken. He relayed the items stolen, and listed those for the insurance claim, but it would increase our insurance premiums so it was recommended that we not claim the loss. We do need to get some new doors with reinforcements, Kent’s computer replaced, and the various other affordable items.

Solid Waste Management Plan-Status
Preliminary approval from DOE was received. There were zero issues except for the Apple Maggot area. Para Metrix is working on adding that section as well as the SEPA review section. We continued the hearing out so a comment period will be put in the notice. DOE will need to approve the changes and the process for county adoption followed.

Apple Maggot Quarantine Area Update
July 19 is the apple maggot hearing. Is there anything else the board would like him to cover besides the three main points for Dept. Agriculture: Support implementation to support commercial tree fruit industry, Request allowing a limited grace period, request common sense approach to enforcements and Commissioner Hover said to support private industry.

Tabor Land Purchase
Mr. Rough explained addition request to boundary line adjustment which may or may not require us to move our fence line. The other issue through conveyance documents originally there is a small strip of land that extends into the Taber property and he would like the county to convey that as well. Commissioner Hover stated he wants to ensure the proper process is done we cannot just do a boundary line adjustment for someone regarding our property. Director Huston explained the surplus process would need to be used depending on the value. This is not tax title property it is just county property. Mr. Rough called it a Dog leg adjustment. It is in the best interest of the county to hold a public hearing to make sure all bases are covered.

Consent Agenda items
Mr. Rough asked the commissioners if they had questions on the items listed on the consent agenda. They are the landfill scale replacements authorization and the Pateros Solid Waste Disposal Service agreement.

Woody Debris
In considering Twin lakes gravel pit to divert woody debris from transfer station, it can be considered composting under zoning which is outright permitted. It is wiggly when definitions are in the application. It would be good to conduct the SEPA review on it. It is a matter of processing. He isn’t sure how it will be received by those in the quarantine area.

A cheaper tipping fee was suggested for the taking in of the wood debris brought into the Pit site. An employee would be needed to collect the fee, a port a potty secured etc…..

Commissioner DeTro attended to another matter and was absent until 2:50 p.m.

Citizens Comment Period
No citizen wished to provide a comment.

Motion Methow Valley EMS District
Commissioner Hover moved to adjourn as the BOCC and reconvene as the Methow Valley EMS District. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Branch moved to approve the Methow Valley EMS District vouchers in the amount of $56,296.50. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Oroville Rural EMS District
Commissioner Branch moved to adjourn as the Methow Valley EMS and Reconvene as the Oroville Rural EMS District. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Oroville Rural EMS District vouchers in the amount of $9,680. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Commissioner Hover moved to adjourn as the Oroville Rural EMS and Reconvene as the BOCC Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Update Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Craig provided her department update.

Ms. Craig summarized the meeting she had last week with Alliant. She explained self-insurance and what that looks like. She is running the reports from EDEN to see what it would look like for us. It will take some time to gather all the information for the report. Alliant will give us a report that will give us and idea of costs. She is also discussing a Trust account scenario with Franklin County to see what that looks like. It isn’t self-insurance, but there is a rating system for experience.

Ms. Craig will contact Civic Plus about narrowing down the cost of the website remodel. She will work with Central Services and the vendor on what module would work best for us. Commissioner Hover would like to know the costs of the individual modules and add-ons. What is the cost of a stand-alone website and the individual add-on’s.

Ms. Craig met with Melissa MacDougall with the public defender’s office. The client meeting room is prepared for public defenders to meet clients.

Risk Pool conference is 18-20th. Ms. Craig explained the Janice decision which says in part that employees should pay union dues.

Ms. Craig provided dates she would be out of the office. She further relayed the projects that are in progress.

Discussion – Fire and EMS Service Agreements – Mike Worden, Cari Hall
Mr. Worden explained fund 161 and build into CE a transfer out to the fund and incorporate the fund billing to current expense. You have to bill the same way across the board. The BOCC can transfer the revenues that would be coming into current expense to another fund. Commissioner Hover explained the contract would outline where the funds would go to. It would provide the tightest way to ensure, Ms. Hall stated. It would be written into the contract. It must go first to Current Expense then transferred to a special fund. The downside of the conversation is that per capita cost has been collected from the city. The fair and equitable would require establishing a way to calculate populations. Commissioner Branch considered call volume a more equitable approach. Commissioner Hover asked if the fee could be based on assessed value? That is the worth that district would have to protect. Both the cities and districts make up both halves of this scenario and both have to be fair and equitable.

Mr. Worden and Ms. Hall discussed how the fee could be based on assessed value of the individual districts and cities. Mr. Worden asked about Life Line as they are not a district or city. Commissioner Hover explained how that would work.

Do we need to back out of the situation as it is in order to fix the global situation? Commissioners think we should. Ms. Hall said the State Auditor is happy we are addressing this as long as it is applied the same across the board.

What happens when an entity provides mutual aide how is that calculated? That will create a burden on some fire districts. Mr. Worden replied the problem throughout the cities and district, his ability to tell the difference between county versus city calls. The challenge is that he can only go so far. The city formula is based on per capita for dispatch. Commissioner Hover asked if other dispatchers bills according to call volume. Yes, Mr. Worden replied. Mr. Worden explained both EMS and Fire is dispatched when a fire call comes in. Commissioner DeTro explained a scenario where someone’s vehicle hit a telephone pole and Malott, Okanogan, Omak, five Sheriff Deputies, and Omak fire was all on the scene.

Mr. Worden explained some options to figure it out.

The commissioners agree this should be dropped for this year but worked out for next year.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-8 as amended. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Commissioners Proceedings June 25 & 26, 2018
2. Approval Reimbursable Work Request – Chip Seal Project – City of Okanogan – Public Works
3. Interlocal Agreement – Solid Waste Disposal Service – Town of Pateros – Public Works
4. Contract – Landfill Truck Scale Project – Correll’s Scale Service – Public Works
5. Contract – Peter Dan Repair CRP No 3532-04 – Selland Construction – Public Works
6. Resolution 68-2018 PUD Privilege tax payment for 2018
7. Resolution 69-2018 Budget Adjustment – Current Expense, Jail, & Maintenance - $91,356
8. Resolution 70-2018 Fairgrounds Bid Award

The board adjourned at 5:00 pm.