JANUARY 8, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on January 8, 2018, Chairman Commissioner Jim DeTro, Commissioner Chris Branch, Commissioner Andy Hover, and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Briefing Among Commissioners – Discuss Individual Weekly Meetings & Schedule

Finance Meeting – Sheriff – Cari Hall, Laurie Thomas, Leah McCormack, Frank Rogers, Joe Somday

Commissioner Hover updated the board on Sheriff’s concern about his budget not being viable. In all the excel spreadsheets the stone garden grant section was not registering in the total. Since, we were counting the revenue from the grant we cannot cut their budget by $200,000. The issue was researched and the sheriff s budget is off byt the amount of the grant. The good news is we carried over $1.769 million which is more than we budgeted for.

Sheriff vehicle was not budgeted enough money; however Joe Somday believes they cannot cover the light bars and fittings for the vehicle. Joe Someday explained the amount they usually budget for those fittings, but it was thought that due to not paying out wages and benefits for the deputy position would offset the costs of the fitting the vehicle. There was some Sheriff’s budget carryover around $77,000. The Sheriff explained they will work with the situation.

Sheriff Rogers explained other costs his department is responsible for that are unexpected. Commissioner Hover stated the Sheriff has enough budget to run for the next 9-10 months. A conversation will be needed later in the year to address any shortfalls.
Since there was significantly more carryover he believes an additional Sheriff’s vehicle would be afforded. The group discussed the addition budget consideration that will be needed to supplement the various budgets. The Under Sheriff won’t order until he hears it is okay to do so first. Everyone is clear about proceeding with the supplemental.

Commissioner Hover briefed the finance Committee on the Fairgrounds staffing situation. Leah stated in the past departments brought under Current Expense tend to utilize Current Expense funds first instead of figuring out how to operate under its own revenue.

Debi Hilts and Tanya Craig updated the board on personnel. Commissioner DeTro asked if someone does not attend their lauder mill meeting how should he handle the situation if the person approaches him in the public. Ms. Craig stated the meeting is not required. Commissioner Hover explained the situation is not about the person it is about eliminating the current position. And, a new position will be created as Fairgrounds Coordinator. Ms. Hilts will contact the previous fairgrounds staff to inform them of the new position.

Ms. Craig explained Debi Hilts is being cross trained to be able to process some of the smaller claims. She just completed her first one.

Executive Session - RCW 42.30.110 (1)(g) – Employee Review
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at

Discussion – Jail Maintenance - Joe Poulin, Lisa Schreckengost, and Melissa Thompson, Joe Somday

The group wished to meet with the commissioners to receive direction on which invoices would be paid from Maintenance budget and which from Jail budget. The line where Jail used to pay those costs from is now zero in the Jail budget. Ms. Lisa stated there are copier and software contracts for administrative functions that were being paid from the bars line for repairs and maintenance within the Jail budget. She asked if those invoices would be paid from Maintenance of Jail budget.

The Clerk of the Board would prefer the administrative copier and software contracts be paid from Jail budget as those have nothing to do with building maintenance.

She said that those invoices might be paid from a more appropriate line perhaps in the administrative section within the jail budget. Joe Somday explained the bills for leases and software will be paid from Jail $0.00 budget lines then he will work with Cari Hall to appropriate funds later so only one supplemental for Jail Sheriff is considered. The group thanked the commissioners for clarifying the issue and exited the meeting.

The commissioners discussed the capital Improvement Plan and the projects it identifies. The Clerk of the Board explained the various funding sources identified in our plan and the notion those projects are prioritized. The county would need to list those identified projects in its Capital Improvement Plan in order to utilize grant funds and other sources. Director Huston thought the Infrastructure fund might be a more appropriate for the Fairgrounds Well.

Director Huston stated he would draft a resolution authorizing use of the REET funds for the well. Does the board wish to fix the current well or drill another one? Commissioner DeTro stated he would like to repair the current well as a solution was identified earlier in 2017. Commissioner Hover discussed the irrigation system and what may have caused the sand problem. There are two systems on the grounds one irrigation and one potable water system and each are to be treated differently. The board provided $50,000 for the well in the Capital Improvement fund 134.

Discussion – Dispatch/Communications – Mike Worden
Mr. Worden explained why he wished to meet with the board. He provided a white paper summarizing the situation. (attached)

Washington State military funding was explained and how it is disbursed among the counties. State funds are being considered.

Mr. Worden stated he needs county level pressure on the State legislators to agree to stop cutting the state funds. He further explained the impacts and rubs to smaller counties versus larger counties. It we were pressured into dispatch consolidation into another center it is doubtful all agencies could afford to pay the fees. The fund is called the State 911 fund, but it may have a formal name.

Commissioner Hover thought a letter to the legislators would be helpful. Commissioner Branch believes through the state budget process he could discuss this issue during legislative session.

Mr. Worden has been also coordinating the issue with River Com to gain support and information. It would be better if we have a facility here we could consolidate a center here rather than consolidating with another.

Continued Public Hearing – Lake Management District
Members of the public Salley Bull, Emily Sisson, Laura Super

Leah McCormack, Anna Lyon, Angie Hubbard

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up stating no verbal testimony would be taken only written.

The changes made since the last hearing was that all secondary lots went away. There were also the undeveloped lots that were not triggering the Assessor’s overlay as developed. There is also the wet land lots which are not subdivided or anything. The statute says we can remove lots from the proposal but not add any.

Veranda Beach is water front and qualifies to be included, but some fall behind that. It was suggested they not be added as they have their own aquatic eradication program. There are 184 lots in Veranda Beach and would have a vote. If we include them we need to go back out to public hearing and have that conversation.

Anna Lyon Noxious Weed Office explained how the no spray zone would be handled and what changes and what kind of buffer was established. In order to get any treatments done on the lake the buffer had to be provided, but there is no concrete document that says what the buffer is. It doesn’t mean the Okanogan County based water quality board could not be contacted to allow this. Even though the verbal agreement was that no treatment would be done in the buffer zone, the conversation should still be had. Additional discussion should be done about that. No formal discussions have happened, only informal.

Commissioner Branch would like to ensure the conversation between Canada and Okanogan and the water quality board on the informal agreements be done. Their concern originally on the treatments in 2011 was about a Northerly drift that happened. Currently, chemicals generally drift in a Southerly fashion.

The Board discussed the issues to be resolved and the clarification needed to proceed with their consideration of the district creation. Commissioner Hover said it makes sense for the Noxious Weed board to manage the district operations and should be considered. Ms. Lyon replied that her board is interested in having that conversation. Commissioner Hover thought there are also additional opportunities to partner with the Tribe and other agencies. Ms. Lyon said those other agencies have been supplied in the past with over $50,000 of funds for projects in Okanogan County. Commissioner Branch responded that a management plan be established because there are people concerned about the chemicals. Ms. Lyon would like to see it as an integrated weed management process to utilize what we have with what we can. Each part of the lake will need to be treated differently. She doesn’t want to be locked into using specific bottom barrier or set of chemicals.

Leah McCormack discussed creating the role, making sure all parcels are included, and those rolls get certified by the Board etc….. So, those are set up as a tax roll then the treasurer bills from there. All must be in place by November 1. If it is set up like an irrigation district then billings are processed through the treasurer.

Commissioner DeTro considered if Veranda Beach were included in the district then they could possibly terminate or change their current program in order to be part of the lake management district like others on the lake. Commissioner Branch wants to keep in mind who the voters would be. Treasurer McCormack asked if it were possible to bill then do a separate agreement for Veranda Beach above and beyond the homeowners association to where they pay a certain set amount per year on top of what they already pay. Our Noxious Weed dept. holds the DOE permit, but she believes Veranda Beach has their own weed management plan back in 2012ish. Commissioner Hover sees there may be inequities. He is sure good points have been brought up, but would like to defer to the other board members. The formation of a district would be good but there are many complex issues to be resolved. Commissioner DeTro stated the decision the board has is whether or not to put it to ballot the folks up there will then decide when they vote. Commissioner Branch believes the main thing is the district not create an unfair situation. Director Huston anticipated representation from the Lake Management group. The projection was based on what they knew at the time and have morphed since then. There is no magic in any of it.

Ag lots were discussed. Commissioner Hover stated the undeveloped ag lots should be removed from the assessment. Other lots that are not buildable should also be removed. The buffer parcels should also be included. Subdivisions and developments and how those will be included or excluded in the future, are still questions.

Commissioner Hover moved to close public hearing and not form the district at this point. A better laid out plan is what the board wants to see so everything is answered at once and not piece mealed as they go. Commissioner DeTro asked what the best way to proceed would be. Director Huston suggested continuing the hearing, generate a new map of what parcels will be in and which ones will be out. Veranda Beach is still a question as to whether to include or not. Commissioner DeTro doesn’t feel Veranda Beach be included. Treasurer McCormack clarified that the Governing Body would be the County Commissioners like the EMS district. There could be an interlocal agreement with Noxious Weed to provide management of the district should one be formed.

Is there time to complete all iterated tasks during the public hearing process timeframe. Treasurer McCormack stated the earlier the vote happens the better in terms of her ability to get the billing process underway and established. Director Huston suggested the answer could hold bearing on whether or not Veranda Beach is included, he would not put the current deliberation out too far.

Motion Continued Public Hearing Lake Management District
Commissioner Branch moved to continue the hearing on the proposed boundary to a future date. Commissioner Hover moved to amend the motion to state the continued hearing date to Monday, January 29 at 1:30 p.m. leaving the record as is for written testimony. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Update Planning – Perry Huston

Comp Plan
Director Huston provided the board with the Comp Plan timeline from 2012 through 2014. He suggested a better idea for redrafting the 2014 plan. He discussed three alternative scenario options. He discussed the drafts he circulated in the past. He will send those again. In August 2017 the discussion oriented around legal reviewed received, ground water and resource lands.

Draw out information folks are concerned about and ensure that information is brought forward. The changed draft is planned to go out to the board by January 22. Our 2018 commitment regarding Yakama Nation must be considered by then.

Marijuana Advisory Committee
Director Huston believes the group is about done with the document. There are still issues noting moving forward. He explained the challenges with buffer areas. They will come up with a proposal the board can look at. He told the group the county will deal with those who feel their issue has not been addressed. Those folks are encouraged to participate in the public hearing process to testify on their concerns. Commissioner DeTro asked if the advisory committee knows what advisory means. Director Huston has had the conversation about what an advisory board does and he believes they are clear on that. He reminded the Commissioners that the advisory committee would be submitting their recommendation to the Planning Commission and they will provide the board with the official recommendation. Both sides agree the issues with odor is the same as industrial hemp and the advisory group was reluctant to treating it different. There are consequences to either type of plant growing next to the other and if cross pollenated could ruin either crop.

Director Huston explained an email went out to departments to request work flow perspectives from Dept.’s in order to establish a priority list for 2018. The idea is to set the meeting on January 22 during the Planning study session time.

Commissioners reviewed the draft amended Fairgrounds fee schedule.

Motion Resolution 5-2018 Amended Fairgrounds Fee Schedule
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 5-2018 adopting an amended Fairgrounds Fee Schedule. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Review Meeting Minutes
Commissioner reviewed the meeting minutes of January 2, 2018.

The board adjourned at 4:45 p.m.