DECEMBER 11, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on December 11, 2018, with Chairman, Commissioner Jim DeTro; Vice Chair Commissioner Chris Branch; and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissioner Hover absent due to attending to personal business.

George Thornton, member of the public representing Okanogan Watch Group, taking hand written notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Stella Columbia, Perry Huston

Attorney David Gecas updated the board on several issues he is handling.

Mr. Thornton, representing TV District #1, explained he posed some legal questions to Mr. Gecas and the Board about TV District #1 and KSPS offering to do most of the service work under contract with the district. He wanted to know how it would work if KSPS were managing the district. The county manages the voluntary contributions through its treasurer and mails the invoices out. He asked Mr. Gecas if KSPS could manage the district because they have the most at stake in the delivery of signals here. What he learned was that KSPS would like to take over the district but understands payment for their service would pass through the TV District to KSPS. The district would still exist but KSPS would be contracted to run it. Conditioned that KSPS would need the revenue to operate the systems including the Pickens Mt revenue and billings that come through the county, said Mr. Thornton. Director Huston cautioned the board in their consideration to keep to the current mechanics and not make a statement the entity would receive everything collected, he thought more precise language on the arrangement would be necessary.

Commissioner Branch pointed out that the district has not dissolved and that these are decision of the district commissioners not the BOCC . the District Could transfer ownership of Pickens to secure it in case of dissolution but that would be up to them, New district commissioner Thornton noted that the standing board was sensitive to this issue,.

The Clerk of the Board recommended the district go through an RFQ process in case there are other outfits able to provide the service better. Then once an outfit is selected negotiate the price.

Stella Columbia gave her Fairgrounds update. She said she consulted with Mr. Gecas on review of entertainment contracts for the 2019 fair as there were some changes. Ms. Columbia explained some ideas for generating revenue for the fairgrounds which are dependent on whether the arena is completed by June or not. The board believed it would be completed by then. Director Huston explained that he and Commissioner Hover had discussed the project quotes needed to begin construction. Ms. Columbia doesn’t want to lose the Sheriff’s Posse event due to the venue not being up to par. Ms. Columbia explained she visited with Mr. Mike Egerton, FAC chairman, about the Fair budget, and then attended the FAC meeting to go over the budget with everyone together to understand where it went sideways. The budget was worked out and everyone realized more donations should be solicited for. The meeting helped clear things up for the FAC, hopefully going forward. There were tentative plans to discover how to keep tract of the funds among the members authorized to spend.

Ms. Columbia explained the Rotary Club is coming in for Business week soon. She explained that last year a discount was given and the group paid around $1700, but then the following year they had to pay $5700. There were no meeting minutes to show why they were given a reduction last year. The commissioners explained from now on all completed lease agreements will be submitted for commissioners’ acknowledgement and for the record. The agreements signed this year were requested to be compiled for the record and submitted for board acknowledgement and for the record.

Director Huston gave his staff report. The MOU with the City of Oroville on the franchise was briefly discussed in terms of the Champerty Shores. Director Huston will work on formalizing it. Director Huston had previously consulted with the county Engineer and he said he didn’t want to change the franchise process, but had given some other options. Director Huston will make that contact but we will likely still need someone to help with gathering the project info and front loading it for the LID or bond issue. It could be pretty costly.

Commissioners discussed the Facility Dude training that was requested by the Maintenance department. Commissioner Branch was in favor of sending people to training as it not only provides them training to do their job efficiently but helps moral and sends a message to the employee that they are important. Commissioner DeTro agreed the training is an investment in the employee and thought a conversation with Commissioner Hover would be good so everyone was in agreement.

Update Human Resources/Risk Management-Debi Hilts, Tanya Craig
Ms. Craig explained responses she received regarding the exempt leave changes for those employees designated as exempt. She would like to first meet with those concerned to go over the policy before asking the board to approve.

Ms. Craig stated there was a suggestion on increasing the exempt leave time after five years of employment.

Debi Hilts explained Civil Service testing will happen on Saturday, December 15. This will be to build the roster for dispatch, records, and corrections.

CANCELLED Update-County Auditor
This meeting was cancelled yesterday by Cari Hall because she would be absent attending the New Auditor training in Olympia this week.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-6 as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Commissioners Proceedings December 4 and 5, 2018
2. Appointment Letter-Water Conservancy Board-Anna Burica
3. Amend Resolution 133-2018 Taxing District Levy Certification for 2019
4. Resolution 136-2018 Budget Amendment-Auditor & District Court
5. Right of Way Procedures- LPA -001 Federally Funded Projects-WSDOT
6. Letter- 90 Day Notice Pit Agreement Termination-Pit P6-65 Thompson

Update Public Works-Engineer Thomson, Admin Officer Rough

Engineer Thomson provided his agenda and reported on the items listed.

Maintenance & Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson updated the board on road conditions.

Road Log
Engineer Thomson said he coordinated with the CCT on roads that are on the reservation that are shown on the county’s 1955 map that were not clearly designated as county roads or tribal roads. The concern heard from citizens was that if the roads were turned over to the tribe that the roads would not be maintained. Commissioner DeTro explained the county doesn’t have jurisdiction over those roads, so we are not giving anything up as we did not have the right in the first place. The citizens expressed concern that the county was giving up a road in its jurisdiction, but that is not the case. Commissioner DeTro received the call and provided the above explanation. Commissioner Branch discussed the concerns he heard about in terms of access to cemeteries etc….Commissioner DeTro stated he thought all the roads could be considered after checking with the prosecuting attorney. The county cannot give public access to private property.

Culverts & Fish passages
Geo updated and converted to shape file to overlay over the roads and can sort by ownership. There were 47 culverts identified as total or partial fish blockages. You can see what has been studied along the state roads. Most of the drainages in Methow have been looked at but in Okanogan area most have not been mapped. This gives them a place to start. Commissioner Branch asked whether the areas and entities have prioritized.

Josh Thomson met with DOT on some coordination of projects over the next two years. They will finish the structure retro fits on bridges over the Methow. Pave overlay and some chip seal are planned for HWY 20 over the next two years.

There is a state traffic study being done from Sand Flat road to the casino on HWY 20.

The consent agenda items were discussed. The right of way procedures must be adopted and submitted so we can do some of the right of way work ourselves.

Ben Rough provided his agenda and discussed the topics there.

Open Position Status
Mr. Rough updated the board on recruitments and open positions. He explained the engineering position closes this week with interviews scheduled soon.

The new position of Solid Waste Clerk will be discussed with union and HR before the authorization is requested.

The Solid Waste membership terms were discussed. Originally the terms need to be staggered but for some reason the procedure was not being followed. Too many members expire the same year. The membership was reviewed and it was determined that some need to be reappointed to create the needed staggering. A spreadsheet was provided showing the terms. Mr. Rough explained requests for appointment. He was certain letters of interest would be forthcoming for reappointment of members expired November 1, 2018.

Commissioner Branch explained the board discussed the 2 Alternate positions which currently are designated people who fill in for members that cannot attend the meeting. Substitutions were discussed. What makes sense to Commissioner Branch is when using a substitute that person must know the position of the member they are substituting for.

Commissioner Branch said the reasoning behind having both an Alternate and a Substitute for members who are absent. Alternates are available when a member or substitute is not in attendance. Mr. Rough explained the by-laws are under legal review right now but when it comes back the Board might strike out the recommendation if the Board wishes to consider something different. Mr. Rough will consult with Attorney Gecas on the issue.

The commissioners would like requests to continue serving on SWAC in writing.

SWAC is pursuing changes to the existing Conditional Use Permit for only the portions of tribal lands served.

Computer Network-Fiber Connection
Mr. Rough stated the phone and computer connections are very bad due to the aging fiber available. On December 13 NCI and PUD is meeting to go over the issues to see what the cost is to connect to the PUD line. The cheapest way is to repair the current line but really need to know if it is actually viable. Central Services is working on these issues with the same goal in mind. It is a problem and creates a great deal of frustration for employees. They are working towards a solution.

Commissioner Branch asked whether Public Works uses Facility Dude for these types of maintenance requests. Mr. Rough explained he does for most things but didn’t for this. He said he and Joe Poulin went through the Public Works building with D&R Glassworks to get costs of installing weather stripping for the Public Works windows and doors. Quotes will be obtained. Public Works uses Facility Dude for most things but did not use it for this. It works and they are satisfied with it.

The state auditor’s office does want to use two offices in the Public Works building that are around 200 sf. He explained to SAO that the commissioners were considering a flat rate charge for small space rentals.

*No Quorum in the Afternoon

Public Health Board Meeting – 1234 2nd Ave S, Okanogan, WA 98840
Commissioners may not have attended this meeting.

Public Hearing Supplemental Appropriation –Fair Fund 112 to be Continued…
No public present.

The Clerk of the Board opened the hearing. She stated that due to no quorum of the board that she would continue the hearing.

The Clerk of the Board announced the Public Hearing on a budget supplemental appropriation within the Fair fund 112 was continued to Monday, December 17, 20108 at 10:50 AM.

Bid Opening-Lubricants & Fuels –Public Works-Jerry Paul, Clerk of the Board
Josh Thomson, Jerry Paul, Wilcox & Flegel team

The Clerk of the Board announced the time for receiving bids for fuel and lubricants is here. She opened the bids and read aloud the overall base amounts of each bid for both fuel and lubricants and recorded the following proposals in the minutes. She commented on the bound bids of Wilcox & Flegel stating she would need to unbind the bids in order to make copies and scan.

Wilcox & Flegel Spokane, WA
Supply & Delivery of Lubricants
Two bids were received *one was for better quality lubricants.

Overall Base Bid $113,201.15
*Overall Base Bid $140,109.51

Coleman Oil Company Lewiston ID
Supply & Delivery of Lubricants

Overall Base Bid $118,539.04

Coleman Oil Company Lewiston, ID
Supply & Delivery of Motor Fuel

R. Unl. $1.8095 per gal
Dsl $2.1528 per gal
Landfill Dsl $2.1678 per gal

R.Unl. $1.8095
Dsl $2.1528

R. Unl. $1.8245
Dsl $2.1678

A&I Distributors-Spokane, WA
Supply & Delivery of Lubricants

Overall Base Bid $95,512.46

Co-Energy –Pasco, WA
Supply & Delivery Lubricants

Overall Base Bid $88,594.51

Co-Energy –Pasco, WA
Supply & Delivery of Motor Fuel

R.Unl. $1.7816
Dsl. $2.0342

Whitley Fuel LLC –Okanogan, WA
Supply & Delivery Lubricants

Overall Base Bid $94,983.37

Whitley Fuel LLC –Okanogan, WA
Supply & Delivery of Motor Fuel

R.Unl. $1.8131
Dsl. $2.0770

R.Unl. $1.8131
Dsl. $2.0770
Landfill Dsl $2.0970

Coulee Dam
R.Unl. $1.9131
Dsl. $2.1770

R.Unl. $1.9131
Dsl. $2.1770

R.Unl. $1.8631
Dsl. $2.1270

R.Unl. $1.8131
Dsl. $2.0770

The Clerk of the Board made copies of the bid submittals for the commissioners’ record and review then provided the original bid documents to Public Works ER&R shop manager Jerry Paul for review and award recommendation.

The clerk adjourned at 4:00 p.m.