AUGUST 7, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on August 7, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman; Commissioner Chris Branch, Vice-Chairman; and Laleńa Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Commissioner Andy Hover was absent today due to attending the Governor’s Orca meeting.

George Thornton, member of the public arrived at 8:55 a.m. to take hand written notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Dan Higbee, David Gecas, Perry Huston

Attorney David Gecas provided his update on cases he is working on. The commissioners thought an executive session to discuss the French Creek situation was requested.

Dan Higbee asked about the status of the interlocal agreements for building inspection services of the cities that need assistance. Mr. Gecas stated Town of Twisp was the one lagging signatures. Once the signatures are obtain the document should be presented to the commissioners with an agenda bill.

Stella Columbia updated the board on fairgrounds. She discussed a group is needed to attend to the gates as SAR is not doing it again. Security at the North end gate will be secured for the fair. It is unclear who or how the gates will be handled at this point. It is really busy right now with Stampede gearing up, so Ms. Columbia doesn’t have a lot of time right now.

Joe Poulin asked if the temporary person could work overtime at the fairgrounds over the weekends.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Branch moved to go into executive session at 9:05 a.m. for 15 minutes to discuss French Creek Road litigation to which the county may be a party and invited Attorney David Gecas and Perry Huston. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session was extended at 9:20 a.m. for another 10 minutes.

Executive session ended at 9:30 a.m. no decisions were made.

Director Huston provided his department update. He explained he set aside some time on September 10 at 1:30 p.m. to meet with Brad Thompson, Sheriff and commissioners to establish the following: a clear agency message, standing order for 1st response, schedule training protocols to make sure people attending the phone calls send resources. This would be the work product, but what should be relayed in writing. Mr. Thornton commented on his employment with forest service and said no one warned him about wolves or provided him with protocol when he went into the woods for his job. Commissioner DeTro stated the woman treed by wolves was not provided enough protocol to ensure her safety either. Director Huston stated that would be the focus of the meeting. Public outreach HAVA, ideally, would be an option as most people are not used to seeing or coming across these types of animals. Commissioner Branch and Commissioner DeTro felt this was a good approach and what the board was looking for. Commissioners thought WDFW should also be invited to attend. Director Huston discussed strategies to accomplish the stated goals. It is an educational process. Mr. Thornton explained it is best to leave the older wiser animals in the forest as they teach the younger animals where not to go.

Update – Human Resources/Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Hilts explained Ms. Craig was unavailable due to attending to an emergency situation at the landfill as a customer fell into one of the bins while dumping their garbage. The person fell about 10 feet. Ms. Craig will be out on vacation tomorrow and wont’ be back until next Tuesday and Ms. Hilts will be gone until August 20. There will be a few days where no one will be in HR. Commissioners asked Ms. Hilts to let county staff know of her absence.

Update – Communications/Dispatch – Mike Worden
Mr. Worden provided the board with a spreadsheet which showed the various entities using the county dispatch services. The sheet showed the different methods of calculating the fee which the board asked for. The columns show: current per capita, population per capita-all agencies, call volume, and assessed value. This compares the separate methodologies.

A major problem is educating the entities involved. To help with that he provided the spreadsheet to the entities which showed what everyone else was paying.

Ms. Craig arrived from the landfill incident and explained the details of the accident that happened earlier.

Ms. Craig also explained a resolved issue with our payroll system in terms of how overtime is calculated for some employees and the amount to be resolved for 2017.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson
Engineer Thomson provided the board with his agenda and discussed the topics listed.

Maintenance and Road Conditions
Engineer Thomson updated the board on current fires and access. There is a bridge deck over the Okanogan River that needs rehab work.

WDOT US 97 Okanogan River Bridge Work
DOT project on the bridge south of Omak was discussed as was the detour route.

2019 Preliminary Budget
65 miles of chip seal targeted
Culvert activity was increased
Increased budget for striping white paint for fog lines.
Grading numbers are back up due to lack of water and dealing with fires.

USFS Maintenance Agreement
Crawfish Road is a high priority but the agency did not wish to contract with the county for that work. The road is in bad shape and Commissioner DeTro was concerned the road would be lost before the work starts.

Elmway Levee-Construction next summer
Met with the Corp last week and they were going to push to get the final repairs done this year but they decided to finish next summer. We are responsible for 20% of the work, but it is a much smaller project than originally discussed.

Buffalo Lake Rd CCT project
Have not heard back from CCT on the jurisdiction changes. An MOU could be drafted for this. Still waiting on the letter regarding right of way.

Peter Dan Rd slide repair
Still coming along, road is still closed though.

WATV Proposed Routes
Talked with Cody Disautel on routes on the reservation, he said stick with the conversation that happened in 2014 about the four original roads. He did not wish to bring this forward to the council at this time. Commissioner Branch stated he may meet with the council in September or October and may have that conversation then with the council.

McClure Radio Site
T-mobile is prepared to repair the grounding site in the next couple weeks.

Consent Agenda
The Roll off truck purchase approval, with purchase cost coming from 2019 budget.
Cattle Guard newals.

Engineer Thomson will be out next week on vacation.

Citizen Comment Period
No citizens were present to comment.

Maintenance Joe Poulin used this time to present two quotes for replacement of the two HVAC units serving the Annex and Agriplex. DIVCO quote included one full replacement unit at $10,227 plus tax or two full replacement units for $17,119 plus tax. Kruse Electric quote included full replacement of two units at $14,476 plus tax.

Commissioners discussed whether or not to replace the two compressors or replace both units which would include everything. Commissioner Branch would like Commissioner Hover here to help with the discussion and recommended he return next Monday when he is present. Commissioner Branch is in favor of full replacement.

Public Hearing – Utility Franchise – Barkley Irrigation Company, Franchise #U01-118, Twisp-Winthrop ES Rd., Evans Rd.-Public Works-Shasta Stidman
Anna Randall, Josh Thomson

The recorder was turned on.

No comments were provided regarding this application.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing stating the hearing is to consider a Franchise application for the Barkley Irrigation company for a water line. Portions of the following three roads are involved Balky Hill Road, Twisp-Winthrop ES Rd., and Evans Rd.

Ms. Randall read the staff report.

The company is working with the county to improve their infrastructure, reported Engineer Thomson.

Motion Resolution 81-2018 An Order Granting a New Utility Franchise U01-18
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 82-2018 granting franchise agreement U01-18 for the Barkley Irrigation Company to construct, operate, and maintain utilities across portions of Evans Road, Balky Hill Road and Twisp-Winthrop ES Road. Motion seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Public Hearing–Utility Franchise–Coleman Butte Water Association, Franchise #U02-18, Various roads on Omak flats–Public Works-Shasta Stidman
Anna Randall, Josh Thomson

The recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing stating the hearing is to consider a Franchise application for the Coleman Butte Water Association for a water line involving various county roads in the Omak flats area.

Ms. Randall provided the staff report. Coleman Butte’s plan is to place water lines which their franchise did not previously cover. All roads are in the Omak flats area. No comments were provided regarding this application.

No public comment wish to provide comment.
Commissioner Branch asked about the advertisement. Ms. Randall stated the two papers of record are Methow Valley News and Gazette Tribune published for two consecutive weeks.

Motion Resolution 82-2018 An Order Granting New Utility Franchise U02-18
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 82-2018 an order approving the utility agreement granting a new utility franchise to the Coleman Butte Water Association to place a utility involving various county roads in the Omak Flats area. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Public Hearing – Utility Franchise – Cascades Holdings Group, Franchise #U03-18, Paradise Hill Rd., Sines Rd.–Public Works-Shasta Stidman
Anna Randall, Josh Thomson

The recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing stating the hearing is to consider a Franchise application for the Cascades Holdings Group involving a waterline over Paradise Hill Road and Sines Road mile posts as indicated on the map.

Ms. Randall provided the staff report. No comments were provided regarding this application.

Motion Resolution 83-2018 An Order Granting New Utility Franchise U03-18
Commissioner Branch moved to approve resolution 83-2018 an order granting a new utility franchise U03-18 to the Cascades Holdings Group to place utility Paradise Hill road and Sines Road which are both county roads. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Discussion Payroll Overtime Issue-Auditor Laurie Thomas
Cari Hall

Auditor Thomas explained the issue the state auditor found. The number of employees affect is minimal, but Gadd is asking if the county intends to pay the 2017 and asked if commissioners will go back further than 2017 to rectify. The larger amount involves Public Works employees. The system had been set up by staff down there and perhaps some confusion existed on how overtime is calculated. Deb Poulin reconciled all employees involved and it took about two full days due to manual calculations.

There is no report that can be run from Eden to show paid overtime as a report has to be done manually for each pay period for each employee. Commissioner Branch thought it was an interesting question from the State Auditor as they were asking what the county planned to do.

Ms. Thomas explained she previously spoke to Ms. Craig about the situation.

Commissioner DeTro suggested that an average be calculated rather than spending a lot of time trying to calculate exactly. It will be a financial burden and slow things down. Ms. Hall stated if the employee really didn’t earn it, it could create a bigger issue with L&I. It has to do with the calculation of longevity to give the board an idea, he suggested a snap-shot and give one month in the winter 2016 and 2015.

Ms. Hall said it may take less time to look at 2015 and 2016 than it did for 2017. There could be bargaining units upset if the county doesn’t at least look at 2015 and 2016. She is a firm believer in recognizing the error and fixing it so it doesn’t happen again. She explained a checklist is to be used in the future and someone who double checks and signs off in order to provide the internal control. It will provide the checks and balances needed and will tighten up the process. Ms. Hall said Deb Poulin is very detailed oriented and worked hard to manually figure out the issue so kudos should go to her for tackling this.

Ms. Hall explained once the process is created, her office will work with the other departments to get it implemented.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-5 as presented. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings July 30 & 31, 2018
2. Interlocal Cooperation Agreement – To Form Workforce Development Area – Adams, Chelan, Grant, and Okanogan Counties
3. Bid Award – Rolloff Truck Purchase – SWS Equipment – Public Works
4. Cattleguard Renewal – Ben Treebeard, CGF#18-81
5. Resolution 84-2018 Amending Wages for Public Works Temporary Positions

The board adjourned at 5:00 p.m.