AUGUST 21, 2018
The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on August 21, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman, Commissioner Chris Branch Vice-Chairman; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member; and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Member of the public George Thornton arrived at 8:55 a.m. to take notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
David Gecas, Stella Columbia, Joe Poulin, Perry Huston

Attorney Gecas stated an executive session to discuss potential litigation regarding a claim received.

Motion Executive Session RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i)
Commissioner Hover moved to go into executive session at 9:00 a.m. for 10 minutes inviting Attorney Gecas and Risk Manager Craig to discuss potential litigation to which the agency is likely to become a party. Motion was seconded all were in favor, motion carried.

Executive session ended at 9:10 a.m. no decision was made.

David Gecas reported on cases he is involved with. Some were real property issues with court hearings are expected soon.

Joe Poulin provided the board with quotes for the HVAC system compressors at the Fairgrounds. Previously quotes included total replacement costs, but the board asked to go back and get quotes for only the compressor replacements. Previous bids did not all include compressor replacement costs

Kruse Electic


Cascade Mechanical
$3580.44 for unit #1 York Heat pump

Motion Bid Award Fairgrounds Compressor Replacement
Commissioner Hover moved to award the telephone quotation to DIVCO to replace the two failed compressors at the fairgrounds due to having submitted the lowest bid. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Joe Poulin explained a request to promote a staff member due to excellent performance that includes supervising other employees work. Commissioner Hover explained the job description should be reviewed and a tiered approach for required and preferred abililies to assign a value to those skills in order to consider/justify which step someone should be hired at, and for up to date with minimum requirements hierarchy for qualifications and pay.

The fairgrounds was brought in under the maintenance when the employee was being directed by Mr. Poulin, but now since then the department has expanded and basically split the work between the courthouse complex and fairgrounds. Kyle has taken on the fairgrounds and now supervises maintenance workers. Commissioner Hover stated he needs to know why the county needs the position and what does it cost.

Mr. Poulin discussed who is authorized to use the tractor and equipment at the fairgrounds. One of the Fair Advisory Board members wishes to use the tractor to do things on the fairgrounds to prepare for the fair. A list of users should be created and only those on the list will be authorized to use the equipment. He will need to check with Risk Manager to ensure property paperwork is in place. Commissioners do not have a problem with the person requesting to use the equipment but this should be run through the authorizing process.

There is an issue to be resolved regarding the garbage at the fair. Mr. Poulin stated maintenance will be at the fair to take care of the garbage.

Stella Columbia explained the sewer septic does not need to be pumped every year. She suggested checking them every other year. None of them had much of a cap, less than 4 inch cap. The bathroom cleaning bid was sent out requesting quotes. She will follow up with those who did last year. She thought Clear-view may have the time. She if finding people are too busy.

Commissioner Hover is the commissioner involved with the fair and Fair Advisory Committee. He asked what else needed to be done for fair. Sawdust is a challenge since three loads are requested. The water trucks were discussed with Tollefson and they said yes?

The Okanogan High School senior class would like to do the parking this year for fair. Commissioner DeTro said it is a great idea. It was thought to be volunteer. Ms. Columbia stated the Kiwanis will be meeting this week to decide whether or not they will attend to the fair gates. They have indicated their wish to put the funds back into the fairgrounds to create an ADA access around the fairgrounds.

Member of the public Salley Bull arrived at 10:00 a.m. to take notes.

Finance Committee Meeting – Leah McCormack
Cari Hall, Perry Huston, Laurie Thomas

Ms. McCormack provided her agenda and discussed the items listed there.

There is only about 4 million left to collect in the second half of the year. It is a questionable time and would like to hold off and consider paying the loan off later. We have already paid out the hefty part of the interest. There is about $516,000 still remaining to be paid.

Public Health has a large balance of cash on hand, they usually don’t have that large a balance at this time of year. Current Expense was budgeted for a $20,000 contribution to public health. She discussed the investment portfolio for everything is sitting at around $88 million but that includes the school districts money too. Brewster has a lot of money tied up due to voter approved capital projects. The funds get invested when not in use, and will only pull out what is needed for that month and then reinvests the rest. Interest rates have gone up. 10 years ago it dropped to .1% and before that it was 6%. Current expense interest was bringing in over $1 million. When it dropped out it went to .1$ and we brought in about $25,000.

It appears the revenue is right about on target, and expenditures are very close too.

Fund 160 has a $102,000 balance and Juvenile started invoicing for their current expense cash flow. How are they doing in terms of spending that will be reimbursed from 160. Ms. Hall said she asked that reimbursements be monthly after all expenditures have been paid first, then process the invoice for reimbursement to current expense.

Ms. McCormack explained the timber tax appears to be less because of 2017. She explained distribution to the various entities. Have the commissioners heard whether or not it would go up or down. Commissioner DeTro stated state harvest should go up but we won’t see that until 2019. Federal harvest has a different formula and comes through timber counties. He sits on that board. Paul Jewel would be the contact. The assessed value of the timber info is with the Assessor. She wasn’t sure what to budget for that line.

Commissioner Hover asked for the last ten years of timber harvest revenue.
Update – Central Services
Randy Clough

Mr. Clough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there. (attached)

He discussed the highlights.

The department intends to replace 2-3 servers next year, which is typical. On guard door system and basically ready for signature. The system quote was just received and includes the upgrade for.

Commissioner Hover moved to authorize Randy Clough to authorize the OnGuard System upgrades Agreement. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried. The renewal will be around $5,000. The software database is for the access cards which is sitting on a very old server, so the Aronson staff will change it out to a new server.

Criminal justice system compliance was discussed. The state just received their FBI audit and received several findings. Mr. Clough is going through them to ensure we are using the correct method to capture the information which is separate from other stored info.

The Sheriff’s patrol care lap tops purchase in 2013 needs to be replaced. Cycling those in chunks might be less of a burden. It would work well and provide spares for the ones that break. Getting them replaced all at once would be ideal. The Sheriff was looking into a technology grant. Steve Brown was looking into it. Commissioner DeTro stated there is over $650,000 sitting in the Drug Task Force budget what it that being used for and can it be used to replace the lap tops.

There was discussion about usb plugs in each car so the power is cleaner. It is still going to be about $30,000 to replace only the laptops all. With peripherals it will increase to around $50,000. We can get through this winter with what we have but they are failing.

It was thought that military grade lap tops would last longer but that isn’t really the case. They are not battle zone lap tops and only last about 5 years, no longer than the other type.

The phone system push to Public Works is complete and worked well. They are about to deploy three switches that includes the fairgrounds and two Public works shops for a total cost of $1000. He will pick up the costs of the fairgrounds since that fund is now in current expense.

Looking into wireless infrastructure that needs to comply with the CJIS compliance. Have been shopping for easily managed systems.

Working to create another level position with human resources help. The organizational chart for Central Services what would be the middle position classification. Commissioner Hover asked what that position responsibilities. The middle employee manages 4-5 complex systems where in other entities would take one person per system and maintains high level IT responsibilities. Commissioner Hover said now is the time to begin considering the 2019 budget and the costs involved with reorganizing the department. Mr. Clough is working with HR and they have all the information he created. Commissioner Hover explained one thing he would like departments to do is to create a tiered compensation with specific base qualifications that would relate to base wages, with preferred qualifications and extended experience might come in at a higher step/salary.

Mr. Clough explained if someone is brought in it will be important to consider bringing someone in prior to staff retiring so the required training can occur to ensure consistency. The other option is promoting from within.

Commissioner Hover left at 10:52 attend to union responsibilities.

Public Hearing – Speed Limit Evan’s Road OCR 1598 – JoAnn Stansbury
Engineer Josh Thomson

The hearing was opened up to staff.

Jo Ann Stansbury provided her staff report.

Commissioner Branch moved to approve ordinance 2018-11 reducing the speed limit on Evan’s Road OCR 1598 which lowers the speed limit to 35 mph. motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough

Culvert 8-10 week lead time working on permitting for conceptual approval. That is a $76,000 piece of culvert. WDFW approval is still needed.

Budgets have been submitted to the auditor. Budget work sessions will begin soon once preliminary budgets have been compiled and submitted to the board. It would be best to address Public Works budget in sections that would be best.

Annual Construction program will need to be adopted prior to adopting the budget.

Engineer Thomson explained an issue with Davis Creek functions as flow usually goes into the ditch, but with the ditch removal the water will need another place to go.

They would like that portion of the project to happen this fall.

Town of Twisp is starting a focus group to address erosion that is happening to private property along the Methow River. There is private property loss that is accelerating the discussion. A wide net of people are included. There are some pointing their finger at the county for the issues. He believes they are looking for someone to take on the construction of levees and such. The system is dynamic and it is moving in a way people don’t want it to. Commissioner Branch thought some expertise such as an alluvial biologist should be used and back ground information gathered to model what may be needed. Engineer Thomson explained other projects in play along the river bank but those projects won’t happen for several years and the town wants to accelerate this one.

Peter Dan
The 30 day window is closure so the road will need to be reopened. It will be difficult as they are only about half way done. The school district will be consulted too.

Hwy 7 Tonasket Bridge project work did run into an irrigation pipe that was not located, but it is not known where the rest of the pipe location is so that will need to be found. Other options were considered, but it was determined that line will need to be relocated and the project will be kept open for that.

McClure Radio Site
McClure radio site is not accessible yet due to fires.

State funding prospectus will be wrapped up and submitted for signature next week.

Ben Rough discussed his desire to become the SEPA responsible official for Public Works. RCW does require a specific person. In the past the Planning Department was utilized for any environmental projects. There are some projects to be initiated which would require a SEPA determination. For those types, Mr. Rough would like to provide the reviews for. There are other issues like the WATV issues that the Planning Department is best to handle. He did consult with Director Huston about this. Director Huston explained how the process would work if Mr. Rough were to handle the SEPA reviews. Director Huston explained the code could use some tidying up in regards to the record transmittal from the Planning Commission to the BOCC.

Ben Rough provided his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Part time finance technician, not a new position, but a new person would be requested to fill. It would be a new position. After monitoring the work load and have found that a part-time person would get the staff where they need to be without the struggle to get the work completed. There is currently an agreement with the Auditor’s office for extra help, but they do not have the staff to spare. The costs were discussed and what still needs to be figured out prior to job posting. He is working with HR on this.

Commissioner Hover returned at 11:35 a.m.

Mr. Rough discussed the listed open positions. He said three temp employees will be leaving soon. Additional temps will need to be considered for next year to fill the gaps.

A resignation was received for operator position and will be posted internally which would be effective in October if filled internally.

Ellisforde Transfer Station Land Purchase
The resolution approved last week, and conversations happened with Taber representative to lay out the process. They are responsible for all the costs of the Boundary Line Adjustment. Another BARS line had to be created to receive the funds for this exchange.

Solid Waste Disposal Fees
The cost analysis that was previously provided to the board, was discussed. Mr. Rough explained why he thought the tribe’s costs are so high. They are making 663 hauls per year and if they carried compacted trailers they should be down to 107 loads per year which would put them into the average weight we put in our own trucks. He further discussed the costs to the county to run a transfer station to take in the tribe’s garbage.

The information will be provided to the Tribe once an additional meeting has been set. Commissioner Branch said there is a benefit or off set to the tribe bringing the trash to the landfill and whether the county would acknowledge that in the county fee charged. Does the board recognize that savings or offset? Commissioner Hover said if the solid waste manager provided some savings with the scenario presented for operational changes then that is a good off set. Mr. Rough stated the caveat is the information was based on the county’s information, it could be that bins don’t go through their transfer station and could be a reason their costs are so high. But there are some operational changes they could make to save money, and Public Works is willing to work with them on the changes. Commissioner Branch explained his position in that there are two separate things. Mr. Rough provided that the information includes the solid waste management plan, however we do not have an interlocal agreement with the tribe to take garbage off the reservation and could add to the background to this issue. Commissioner Branch said it can be complicated and the fact there is no agreement is irrelevant as this conversation may lead to one. He wants to look at this fairly. When this issue comes up it is relevant to the agreement working well. Commissioners discussed their positions on this topic.

CCT SWAC Update July 26 meeting
Mr. Rough discussed the meeting he and Kent Kovalenko attended in July. It was a good meeting. They met their Solid Waste manager who updated him on the tribes plan to build a solid waste system on the reservation. The conversation has not be about the county taking on their transfer station.

Snow Grooming
Mr. Rough explained the area to be used is further away than where it has been. It will cost more in fuel the county will need to address. We expected not to be plowing the camp ground.

Apple Maggot Status
Meeting next Tuesday with Jim Marra, Derik Sandison to outline our requirements and whether any deviation from the deadline can be considered. He asked if a commissioner expected to attend.
Engineer Thomson commented on long term maintenance shop location. There was a rumor DOT was relocating their shop, but it was verified to be only a rumor.

The Town of Twisp requested the county to be the champion on a project of erosion on along the river. Commissioner Branch stated it will take a lot of professional expertise

Motion HART Intercivic Verity Master Agreement
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the HART Intercivic Verity Master Agreement for software support services and verity system and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Citizen Comment Period

Stella Columbia said there is an event over the weekend.

Athletic Director at Okanogan High School Kevin Daling requested the use of the Agriplex for school football practice due to it being so smoky outside. He has 108 kids right now that could use the Agriplex for football, soccer, cross country practices. Monday will see an increase in the number of kids needing to practice. Right now the high school gym is being used from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. that time could be reduced if another space such as this was available.

Commissioner DeTro stated is comes down to safety, the state auditor won’t let one fund benefit another. Commissioner Hover would like to review the policies to see if this can be allowed. If Omak wants to use the Agriplex too, then how would all requests to be handled. The commissioners asked Director Huston to address the situation. He recommended a resolution be created in support of this. The commissioners directed Mr. Huston to create a waiver for this purpose even though it is not part of the fee schedule. Commissioner Branch suggested the statute be reviewed and referenced. Mr. Huston stated the previous resolution version did have language he could use for a resolution. A resolution would be created for Omak School if they wished to use the Agriplex for the same thing.

The Athletic Director Daling and Stella Columbia exchanged contact information in order to relay Agriplex reservations for other scheduled activities. Ms. Columbia will notify him once the resolution is received for the use waiver.

Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts
Ms. Craig provided her update.

She stated Director Huston would join the discussion. Two organizational charts were drafted for commissioners’ review. One showed Public Works which will need to be adopted via resolution in accordance with CRAB requirements. The other one is current expense departments showing the commissioners on a level field with other elected officials. (attached) She explained another chart which is what the organization actually looks like to get us thinking about things. Director explained level of service. Most county governments have three organization charts such as this. Commissioners thought it important to have the chart broken down more to show the departmental organization.

Commissioners discussed the County Engineer position responsibilities. Commissioner Hover discussed Public Works needing Human Resource assistance. The Public Works Administrative Officer position responsibilities were discussed in terms of the Human Resource. Commissioner Hover stated there are other things that Public Works needs in terms of human resources and thought it would lighten up Ms. Craig’s work load if someone else handled some of those tasks. Commissioner Branch stated he did not expect to come up with a chart today, but rather an opportunity to discuss. There is also the SEPA reviews that Mr. Rough envisioned this morning for his department. Management by objective was discussed by Director Huston and how that process can be used to discover and identify deficiencies. Commissioner Hover asked how much time the Planning Dept. spends on things related to Public Works. Director Huston stated some projects require SEPA for road projects, and Public Works does pay for that. It is a small percentage of time spent on those.

Director Huston stated his job title is Director of Planning and Community Development and he has not been very involved with community as most of his time is spent planning. The previous Director of Administrative Services participated in the community development through the Economic Alliance.

Commissioners thanked Director and would like to pursue this direction. Commissioner Branch would like to work on it every week to refine. The board would like each department organization chart for the discussion.

Public Hearing–Cattleguard Franchise #01-18–OC Cattle Company–Shasta Stidman
Anna Randall, Josh Thomson

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing to staff. Ms. Randall read from her submitted staff report. The franchise application was submitted by Derek Olma OC. Cattle Company. The guard does comply with current county standards for cattle guards. The county pit up there is played out so it is not used at this time and would need to go through a process if opened up again.

Engineer Thomson stated the road is a primitive road. Commissioner DeTro opened up for public comment, no one wished to comment. Commissioner DeTro opened up to commissioners’ discussion.

Commissioner Hover asked what the county standard width is. Ms. Randall replied the guard is 16 feet wide.

Motion Cattle Guard Franchise No.01-18 Co. Cattle Company-Derek Olma
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Cattle Guard franchise No.01-18 of CO Cattle Company-Derek Olma for a franchise over OCR 4623 Fancher Road at M.P. 0.610. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Work Session – Comprehensive Plan
Angie Hubbard, Perry Huston, George Thornton, Salley Bull, and Lorah Super, attorney Melanie Rowland

Ms. Hubbard projected the plan via the projector screen to show the working document of the Comprehensive Plan. Director Huston explained which sections of the plan he needed direction on.

As a reminder Director Huston explained the beginning draft, Checklist, Threshold initiation so draft goes out with check list, then scoping identify significant issues, then draft EIS revision of alternatives, then Planning Commission hearings, then finally FEIS to BOCC.

The group discussed the logistics of the public notices that will initiate the whole process. Commissioner Branch thought the Yakama Nation had expressed some concern.

Commissioner Branch noted that he had brought up concern regarding population projections as the SEPA Alternatives for the comprehensive plan. He pointed out that land use scenarios would be more appropriate alternatives.

Alternatives stated in population projections were discussed by Commissioner Branch as he thought it appeared to discourage people from moving in. A rigorous discussion followed.

Ms. Rowland was in the audience and offered comments, in agreement with Commissioner Branch’s concerns, on the alternatives and made some suggestions as to what SEPA is all about. You plan first on what you are doing. She explained impacts associated with the alternatives should be tied to the alternative. If this happens then this is what you can expect, then compare the alternatives to decide which ones to work with. Planning is a huge part of the picture and is needed before you know what the plan is going to be. What is in the plan will affect population in different ways. Commissioner Branch replied with a different scenario which includes how we accommodate the population without the population being tied to the alternative to be applied. If there is a population chosen, the alternatives should include how we address the population base and where they will go. There are meaningful alternatives that people will look at. It is a critical piece, but we will get challenged no matter what we do. You do not guess how many people will come; there will be growth, what is the alternative to accommodating the growth. What are the environmental impacts to growth in urban areas, rural areas, what will it do to the environment, water, etc…..

Ms. Melanie Rowland noted that we should consider what development can we accommodate regarding supporting water, and what development can we accommodate regarding supporting water, and what does that leave us for residential uses. Take a can of resources then decide how those resources are applied, and if there are more people who come here how do you allocate a resource that has been used up.

Nancy Soriano commented about the rural resource next to a creek that will need to be addressed.

Lorah Super also weighed in on the draft and suggested not wasting time going back and forth and only allowing people to comment on the substantive stuff.

Director Huston state two more maps need to be drafted. What alternatives does the board wish to respond to those? Commissioner Hover stated there are many who will look at it and will provide comments. He isn’t sure what the time line is regarding Yakama nation, he doesn’t want to keep trying things than a month down the road it gets changed again. Should we instead provide it to the public, gather comments, and use those to make the changes. Director Huston stated in the perfect world, people will send letters thanking the board, we are talking about a perspective. When the alternative maps go out all hell will break loose. We are going to sort through the stuff. What he needs to know is whether to break out and prioritize and consider all the other entities plans.

Ms. Rowland explained what scoping is and is basically generating ideas, it looks to her the board has already gone past that. The alternatives should be articulated enough for people to comment on. What is the board planning? Commissioner Branch agrees with the approach to SEPA. When he came to the seat there was already challenges to the plan and when he stepped in he wanted to see if those issues could be fixed rather than going all the way back and completely redoing it. There was already a lot of work done. Commissioner Hover is not worried about scoping anymore, if we are to do this, and coming up with things heard within the community address those right up front.

Director Huston explained the course of action. Establish the Population projection with alternatives to plan around that with different approaches to review around. Writing around the significant impacts is what scoping is. In this case, he suggested writing around population projections and what impacts that will have on the environment. If we morphed into something else, then write around how you can direct the pattern.

The commissioners would like Director to take another shot at it.

Ms. Soriano commented that Tunk Valley should be designated as resource lands. Right now the draft alternative map for #4 shows yellow development along the creek. Ms. Soriano state this map is no different with high density along the water. Commissioner Branch stated her comments are miss directed as this alternative will be different when the time comes to actually submit comments. He encouraged her to be patient as she will likely see that we will address some of her concerns.

Nancy Soriano stayed a while longer to discuss her resource designation comments further with the commissioners and show on the map where her concerns are.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-2. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.
1. Commissioners Proceedings Aug 13 & 14, 2018
2. Contract – Professional Services – Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Commissioners discussed the UCSRB professional services agreement as it authorizes Commissioner Hover to be paid for travel costs as it relates to his position on the Killer Whale Task Force. Both Commissioner DeTro and Branch explained the compensation is for his time as performed, nothing extra above and beyond that.

Motion 2019 Fair Entertainment and Judges Contracts
Commissioner Branch moved to approve the 2019 Fair contracts 1-20, as listed, and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Contract - 2018 Fair - Swine Judge – Mark Heitstuman - $800
2. Contract – 2018 Fair – Stage Manager – Elaine Cardenas - $1,230
3. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Briana Renae / BR Production Company - $1,580
4. Contract – 2018 Fair – Main Stage Entertainment/Singer – Brittany Jean - $520
5. Contract – 2018 Fair – Roaming Acts & Stage Acts – Joe Stoddard - $3,030
6. Contract – 2018 Fair – Goat Judge – Kablina Elliott - $230
7. Contract – 2018 Fair – Hypnotist / Magic Stage Show – Jeff Martin - $2,860
8. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Branch and Dean - $2,850
9. Contract – 2018 Fair – Stock Contractor – Kelly Bowcutt - $10,000
10. Contract – 2018 Fair – Old World Oxen Living History Co. – Sheryl Curtis - $3,230
11. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Judy Johnson – The Mood Swings - $550
12. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Carlota Duarte - $550
13. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Nashville Country Star - $1,460
14. Contract – 2018 Fair – Horse Judge – Aemi Miller - $720
15. Contract – 2018 Fair – Rabbit Judge – Doug Sprague - $420
16. Contract – 2018 Fair – Music – Gregory Johnston - $310
17. Contract – 2018 Fair – Casey Martin – The Company Band - $4,120
18. Contract – 2018 Fair – Karaoke – Robert McElderry Jr. - $620
19. Contract – 2018 Fair – Sheep Judge – Jeremy Falk - $720
20. Contract – 2018 Fair – Technical Support/Showorks – Eric Fritts - $2,030

The board adjourned at 5:00 p.m.