AUGUST 14, 2018

The Okanogan County Board of Commissioners met for its regular session on August 14, 2018, with Commissioner Jim DeTro, Chairman; Commissioner Chris Branch, Vice-Chairman; Commissioner Andy Hover, Member; and Laleña Johns, Clerk of the Board, present.

Member of the public, George Thornton, taking hand written notes.

Commissioners’ Staff Meeting
Director Perry Huston, Stella Columbia, Joe Poulin
Chief Civil Deputy Gecas was absent today due to court hearings he needed to attend to.

Stella Columbia indicated that a group has not been found to run the Fair gates yet. Commissioner DeTro provided some contacts for members in Rotary Club that may be able to coordinate. Ms. Columbia spoke to Matt Dieback thinking that FFA kids that don’t have animals in the fair might be able to help. The Good Samaritan Riders were suggested by Director Huston. Commissioner Hover said that the best idea is have a company that runs the tickets and gates that is familiar with the process. Ms. Columbia calculated 485 man hours would be needed for the various shifts if they run into the issue of needing to hire a contractor. Commissioner Hover agrees that a contingency plan is necessary.

Ms. Columbia discussed the septic tank bids that she received. Commissioner Hover indicated that based on the price, the lowest cost quote should be used. The BOCC does not believe the project should be piecemealed and would like her to select the one that would complete all the work. According to Ms. Columbia the best quote would be the Herriman quote, which had the best price of $3,400 for all tanks and hand washing stations. (attached)

The board discussed the previous waiver which authorized OBHC to use the Agriplex for their Recovery Month event in September. Commissioner Hover thought they were hosting the event outside, but Ms. Columbia explained that the waiver says Agriplex. The waiver did not include the use of the kitchen or Annex, but OBHC is wanting to use them both as well. She wants to make sure that the Commissioners are okay with the waiver being applied to the whole thing. Commissioner Hover believes that Jim Novelli of OBHC should come back and discuss specific Fairgrounds facility usage with the Commissioners.

Ms. Columbia provided a mock billboard draft (attached) for the Fairgrounds for the BOCC to review. Commissioner Hover likes the look but wants her to look into different fonts and colors that will be easier to read from the road.

Joe Poulin, Maintenance Supervisor, discussed the bids that he brought in last week for the Annex Agriplex HVAC systems. He wanted to see if Commissioner Hover had a chance to review them. Commissioner DeTro and Commissioner Branch had determined it was a better idea to go with two new HVAC systems rather than two compressors, but wanted to give Commissioner Hover a chance to review as well. Commissioner Hover disagreed and would rather purchase the compressor for $4,500, which will last for several years rather than spend the $17,000 for the new units that we don’t have budget for now. This way the potential $16,000 can be budgeted during the time frame that the new systems are operational.

Mr. Poulin provided irrigation updates at the Fairgrounds. Commissioner Hover confirmed that the irrigation is not something that people can get to. Mr. Poulin mentioned potable water hoses that will have signage. According to Mr. Poulin, following the Fair, they will be looking for clean dirt for track and manure to get grass growing and address sand issues. They do not want sawdust because it is not breaking down. Commissioner Hover and Director Huston agree that it will break down if it gets spread out, but that they do need to get other material. Commissioner Hover and Commissioner DeTro will both call around. Commissioner Hover suggested Ms. Columbia talk to Tracy Reagles, Fair Advisory Committee, about a potential tractor to get the arena and track cleaned up and rocks removed.

During the ride in parade someone ran over a post with domestic water line in front end. Dug it up over the weekend and fixed it and positioned it near a telephone post to hopefully prevent this from happening again. Commissioner DeTro confirmed that Mr. Poulin is turning in all this to GIS. Commissioner Hover said that Mr. Poulin is doing a really good job with the irrigation work at the Fairgrounds.

Ms. Columbia asked if there was something the BOCC had in mind for her to apply for the LTAC Capital Improvement funds. Commissioner Hover thought it made sense for her to apply for marketing, but discussed that the committee, which he serves on really focuses on how the capital improvement will increase stays. She has one item she’d like to propose for the campground. She would like to see about getting a splash pad put in since there isn’t really anything set up for kids and believe it will bring in more campers. Commissioners think it sounds like a good idea and thought she should write up the proposal.

Mr. Poulin discussed a breaker box that had gone out at the Fairgrounds. These are sub boxes that are for the RVs. He has put together a solution for now, but they will need to look into potentially rewiring next year.

Director Huston discussed the voluntary stewardship program which had been sent out for review. He emailed comments to the Commissioners. The outreach strategy was an item of concern that will be discussed Thursday night. The workgroup will go over all the comments on Thursday and they will respond back to the advisory group by the 24th. Director Huston discussed two vacancies. Commissioner Hover would like to know what steps will be taking place and the importance of filling those positions now. Director Huston is not suggesting that the positions not be filled, but doesn’t believe there is urgency to do so now. Commissioner Hover said that at this point the comments came back and there has to be parties to respond to the comments, but with the turnaround time, may be difficult to add positions now. George Thornton has nominated himself to fill in on a temporary basis to provide feedback on the comments. Commissioner Hover would feel comfortable with that. Director Huston will forward Mr. Thornton the information.

Director Huston discussed a question that had come up from a member of the public yesterday about a realtor indicating a well needed to be drilled prior to selling property. Director Huston confirmed that a well is not required to sell, but the realtor is likely recommending the well be drilled to make it easier to sell.

Staff exited at 10:07 PM.

Commissioner Hover discussed his concerns with a potential conflict for him approving consent agenda item: Contract – Professional Services – Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board. It will likely be pulled since Commissioner Branch is absent.

Cancelled - Update – Treasurer – Leah McCormack

Public Hearing – County Surplus County Property – Public Works
Director of Planning Perry Huston, Sr. Planner Char Schumacher, Admin Officer Ben Rough

The recorder was turned on.

Commissioner DeTro opened up the hearing to staff report. Director Huston presented the RCW’s via projector screen. The RCW’s that come into play were provided in a list. Attached. Some questions to be answered is the property surplus to the county needs fee simple not tax title, set a value, and if they are comfortable with the process. 36.34 controls how counties dispose properties. 36.34.020 publication of notice of intention to sell. The total property to be disposed of consisted of .399 acres. This is pieces of existing parcels. This is the only mention of property value less than $2500. There isn’t specific language mentioning subsection 3. Still have to adhere to public auction, but he doesn’t because we are exempted from the publication to sell then we rendered the construction of code as odd and fairly poorly constructed. The board can enter into personal negotiations with a buyer.

Mr. Rough explained the actual proposal. There are three pieces subject to the request property A, B, and C with the B being the original piece the Tabor was interested in. Property C and A were discovered later when the Tabor was taking a closer look at property history. There was a discrepancy in the legal documents when originally purchased. Ok. Co didn’t realize the county owned the particular sliver up the middle of the orchard shown as property A. Property C would make the property line go straight across the north end of the property. It would benefit the county as well to have a straight property line. Property B does not impact the landfill cell. Purchasing all three portions of the property would not impact the current landfill.

Director Huston stated if the board moves ahead the board will need to consider the minimum price. If the board would rather, the board may order the Treasurer to conduct the sale at public auction. This open public hearing process provided opportunity for public comment and testimony. Commissioner Hover asked about property C being a separate parcel than the one below. Director Huston stated none of the pieces are separate pieces. Mr. Rough explained the property C is a separate parcel from property A and property B and would need to be absorbed via boundary line adjustment. Commissioner Hover stated property A and property B are part of a single parcel the county owns, whereas property C is part of a different parcel the county owns. Mr. Rough explained property C delineation on the map versus what shows on the survey. The survey delineation is correct. Property B would provide access to Tabor property.

Commissioner Hover asked The direct negotiations can occur if any person requested proposed and asked the county to purchase fee simple property if they have an interest and the value is below $2500. Director Huston is comfortable with this process, but other staff he spoke to are not as comfortable. The public was notified, people were given the opportunity to speak and because of the exemption in the first step that the eliminated the requirement to publish intent to sell demonstrates the sale is exempted and can be privately negotiated.

Commissioner Hover asked about fence lines and if there were any obstructing the proposed boundary.

Commissioner DeTro called for public testimony, none given. No written comments were received either. He then closed to public and opened up to commissioners

Commissioner Hover discussed that he had no problem disposing of the property for the reasons stated. The closed cells at the adjoining landfill, what is the responsibility of the county to monitor the cells. We do monitor the cells but getting permission reduce monitoring. We do have a lifetime liability for whatever comes from those cells. The cells location was shown to Parametrix and they said they saw no issue or foreseen impacts to the county if the conveyance happened for the portion shown as property B. There are no known impacts to county operations of the landfill. Essentially selling pieces of two parcels and set a value on the acreage to be sold. It was recommended by the Assessor’s office that the value be set at $1000 per acre but the county sets minimum at $500. Director Huston stated the resolution will need to be amended prior to approving.

Motion County Surplus Direction
Commissioner Hover moved to surplus the property proposed due to no affect, establish the value at $500 and direct staff to amend the resolution to include the correct legal description and value. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Member of the public George Thornton commented on a future issue on the parcel with closed cells. The audio recorder was turned off, per Commissioner DeTro request. Mr. Thornton continued to explain that runoff happens on the property adjacent to Property B where the creek if diverted would place water in unexpected places near the cells. The cells may be above the draw areas where water runs off. Mr. Thornton wanted to make the board aware of the run off issue on that property.

Update – Public Works – Josh Thomson & Ben Rough

Mr. Rough provide his agenda and discussed the items listed there.

Open Position Status
Mr. Rough updated the board on open positions and potentially open positions due to some workers looking for different jobs in the middle of projects. He hopes to bring in someone on an on call basis to help train people. There is so much training to do that another person is needed temporarily. They would be used as needed for any additional work as well as training in area 2 due to reduced staffing.

Solid Waste Trustee Labor
An extra attendant is needed in the Twisp area. A conditional job offer is made but not accepted yet. He explained temps would be leaving at end of August beginning of Sept. He would like to find one or two people willing to work 2-3 months.

There have been no trustees at the landfill and that has impacted litter around cells etc…. After the fair he would like to begin utilizing the trustees again. He acknowledged the county fairgrounds need the labor too, but will discuss with Joe Poulin to ensure the arrangement timing is good.

Apple Maggot Status
Mr. Rough explained the status of the Special permit, what kind of leniency they will provide, and that language would be in the permit itself. There is a meeting by WSDA at the Public Works offices on August 28 at 10 a.m.

Kent and Ben went to Tribal solid waste meeting after the meeting here. He though meeting with their swac would be all about tipping fees but that was not brought up. It was well organized and discussion was not clouded by the tipping fees. They discussed enforcement protocols when they have cleaning events. They did not bring up the coordinating issue with public health. They did bring up the plans they had several years ago to build a super transfer station behind tribal trails. That was dead after the analysis at that time, but no plans to bring it forward again.

Solid Waste Disposal fees (attached)
Commissioner Hover asked how many transfer stations were on the reservation. There are four, replied Mr. Rough. The one in Inchelium is closer to Ferry County landfill, why don’t they take the waste there? Mr. Rough replied, tipping fees are higher in Ferry County so the waste is brought here. There is no interlocal agreement on where waste is to go. When Okanogan County picks up waste to be transferred to the landfill our bins are compacted in order to get the tonnage into the roll-off bin and bin trailer. It appears the tribe is not running trailers and that is half of why their costs is so high, the other half is that they do not compact the waste to accomplish the tonnage. There appears to be an efficiency issue that if addressed could help lower the tribe’s cost to transfer.

Mr. Rough explained what the required notice publication period was for adopting the fee schedule this year. Do the commissioners expect to adopt the fee schedule this year? Commissioner Hover suggested the proposed fee schedule be submitted to the tribe first with the suggestion that we then help them obtain the efficiency needed in their program to save them $400,000.

Union Negotiations begin this month.

Preliminary budgets were submitted to the auditor on time.

Public Works supplemental appropriation is scheduled for later today.

Board of Health – 1234 2nd Ave S, Okanogan, WA.
Commissioners attended the board of health meeting at the public health building.

Update – Human Resources / Risk Management – Tanya Craig and/or Debi Hilts

Public Hearing – Supplemental Appropriation – Public Works Fund 402
Admin Officer Ben Rough

Commissioner DeTro opened the hearing up to staff. Mr. Rough explained that an invoice was charged to the Conconully Sewer fund instead of Liberty Woodlands sewer fund for work on Liberty Woodlands Sewer system. To correct the error a supplemental appropriation was needed.

Motion Resolution 85-2018 Supplemental Appropriation Liberty Woodlands Sewer
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 85-2018 a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $33,750 within fund 402 Liberty Woodlands Sewer system. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Mahindra Tractor Lease/purchase Agreement Substitution
Commissioners approved and signed a lease/purchase agreement on July 24, 2018 with Okanogan Truck and Tractor for the lease/purchase of the fairgrounds Mahindra tractor. Okanogan Truck and Tractor requires the equipment to be fully insured. The county is self-insured and does not individually insure its equipment. It would cost the county $5,000 to provide individual insurance coverage for this equipment. The Company will provide insurance at a lower cost of $3965. An amended lease/purchase agreement, with the insurance costs included, was drafted and considered by the board.

Motion Fairgrounds Mahindra Tractor Lease/Purchase Agreement Amendment
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the Okanogan Truck and Tractor amended lease agreement for the Mahindra tractor which now includes provisions for insurance coverage over the life of the lease to be provided by the assignee in the amount of $3965 and authorized the chairman to sign. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Motion Resolution 86-2018 Declaring Real Property Surplus Ordering Its Sale
Commissioner Hover moved to approve resolution 86-2018 declaring portions of county owned real property, outlined in the legal descriptions and survey, surplus to the needs of the county and ordered it sold by direct negotiation with the adjoining landowner, Dave Tabor. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

Approve Consent Agenda
Commissioner Hover moved to approve the consent agenda items 1-5, not including item #3 as Commissioner Hover abstained approval of item #3 due to a conflict. Motion was seconded, all were in favor, motion carried.

1. Commissioners Proceedings Aug 1, 6, & 7, 2018
2. Reimbursement – CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Grant – Request #14 – Community Action Council
3. Contract – Professional Services - Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board
4. Services Agreement – Homeless Housing Services – Okanogan Behavioral Healthcare - $20,000
5. Cattleguard Relinquishment – Les Tugaw, CF#88-73

The board adjourned at 4:00 p.m. as there was no more business to attend to.